Two-thirds of French people are in favor of maintaining survivor's pensions

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The CFDT has launched the website, which allows to identify until the end of August the deep aspirations of the French on the highly anxiogenic subject of pensions. The survey is aimed at everyone, active and retired. The first results bear witness to one thing: the subject is passionate!

Three weeks after the launch of the Let's Talk Retreats survey by the CFDT to enable French people to express their retirement expectations, more than 83,000 people have already responded to the online questionnaire. And one thing is certain: 66% of assets believe that the current system is not fair!

On the subject of survivor's pensionscontroversial in recent days, 67% of assets believe normal that a widow is entitled to a portion of the pension of his spouse. On the other hand, 21% think that it is normal but only for the small pensions and 12% think on the contrary that the reversion is not justified.

For 13% of respondents, their love life will be better in retirement

While the investigation of the CFDT wants to be very thorough with 153 questions, some personal - and even sometimes intimate the sex life in retirement! - several trends are emerging. On the central subject of the legal retirement age - now set at 62 and Emmanuel Macron has promised not to touch - the French are divided. While 43% of respondents think it is normal for a generation with longer life expectancy to work longer, 57% think the opposite. In contrast, 95% of CFDT survey respondents think it is normal for those who started working young to retire earlier.

59% of respondents say they are worried about their retirement

On the other hand, only 14% want the pension system to take into account the period of studieswhich, however, is becoming longer and is delaying the entry of young people into the labor market. While 23% of respondents want the pension system to compensate for unemployment. Currently, the periods of unemployment benefit entitle you to a retirement pension, on the basis of one insurance period validated per period of 50 days of unemployment.

But the French are worried: 57% of respondents are afraid of being poor when they are old and 60% of not being able to cope with their health expenses. Among the workers, 61% think that their retirement will be lower than that of their parents. However, 60% of them feel that they will own and will have to pay back their housing when they retire.

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