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The Ministries of Finance and Public Accounts were reassuring Tuesday, presenting the trajectory of government spending 2018 and 2019.

The axiom was recalled by the head of state during his speech before the parliamentarians gathered in Congress in Versailles on July 9: "There can be no decline in taxation or investment development without a slowdown the continued rise in our spending. "Can taxpayers trust the executive to save money, and thus to sustain their tax cuts?

Ministries of Finance and Public Accounts reassured on Tuesday, presenting the trajectory of government spending 2018 and 2019. As usual, Bercy has handled the indicators highlighting its results and forecasts. Especially in terms of savings. The big money makers of the State decided to put forward an indicator in particular, the evolution of public expenditures "by volume". And for good reason, this indicator will be close to zero this year, welcomed Bercy. "By volume", this means that once the effect of inflation has been removed, state, social security and local government spending should be maintained at their 2017 level. In 2019, public spending should start going up, 0.6% - still excluding the effect of inflation.

However, these figures mask the real and staggering reality of public spending. The latter should indeed inflate about 20 billion euros this year, out of a total expenditure of nearly 1270 billion euros, and nearly 25 billion next year, acknowledged Bercy.

This is not to say that the executive is letting the expense slip by staying idle. With regard to the state, it appears that 16 of the 30 missions will see their real loans fall next year. Indeed, while Bercy announced Tuesday that it expected inflation of 1.3% in 2019 (excluding tobacco), all the missions of the state that have obtained lower increases in resources will see their "power of action. To go down. In the same way that retirees whose pensions will be frozen next year will see their purchasing power nibbled 1.3% by rising prices.

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Certainly, among the 16 losing missions, some suffer the "strong and courageous choices" announced by Emmanuel Macron in his Versailles speech. The Ministry of Labor will see its loans cut by 13.6%, with the drastic reduction in the number of jobs helped for the second year in a row. The contemporary payment of LPAs will also reduce the means of the territorial cohesion mission by more than 6%.

Alongside these spectacular cuts, and despite its denials, the government also handled trompe l'oeil. The culture mission, with an increase of only 0.74% of its resources, will see its real budget decrease by 0.56%. Overseas missions and "media, books and cultural industries", with 2019 budgets unchanged from 2018, will lose resources. As for school education, the increase of 1.44% of credits seems very low for its status of priority government, when it is reported at inflation of 1.3%.

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