Partial legislation in Belfort and the Val d'Oise: the LR and LREM candidates respectively top

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Both polls were marked by a strong abstention. In the first round, in Belfort, Ian Boucard took the lead with 39% of the vote.

The right was imposed during the first rounds of the partial legislative in Belfort and the Val d'Oise. The candidate Republicans (LR) Ian Boucard, whose election was invalidated in December, arrived at the head of the first round for Territoire de Belfort, Sunday, January 28.

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Ian Boucard was at the top of the poll with 39% of the vote, against 26.70% for the departmental adviser Christophe Grudler (MoDem-LREM), who also qualified for the second round. The polls mobilized little voters, with 29.50% participation.

"My constituents mobilized, thanks to a field campaign very close to people", the candidate LR, who is the favorite for the second round of the election Sunday, February 4, rejoiced. He also credits his advance to "Fed up with the social policy of the government and forgetfulness of rural life". For Mr Grudler, his opponent benefited from the "Outgoing bonus" and "A remontada is possible". "It will be the Republic or the cheaters", thinks the man who hears "Motivate voters".

The highly scrutinized duel between front-runner Jean-Raphaël Sandri (7.50%) and MEP Patriotes Sophie Montel (2%) was largely won by the FN, which however failed to mobilize its electorate. The Patriotes argued in a statement that they were "Settling into the French political landscape". The contender of La France Insoumise, Anaïs Beltran (11.60%), is in third place. With 2.6%, the PS (9.10% in June 2017) practically disappears from the local political landscape.

LREM stands out in the Val d'Oise

Isabelle Muller-Quoy, candidate LREM à la législative partielle de la 1ère circonscription du Val d’Oise lors d'une réunion publique le 22 janvier à Pontoise.

In the Val d'Oise, the candidate La République en Marche (LREM) outgoing Isabelle Muller-Quoy, whose election had been invalidated in November, ahead her rival LR in a vote marked by a very strong abstention.

Only one in five (20.33%) voters in the 1re constituency of this department of the great Parisian crown marked on the right moved for this election convened after the cancellation by the Constitutional Council of the poll of June, because of the ineligibility of the substitute of Mme Muller-Quoy.

The majority candidate, whom Prime Minister Edouard Philippe came to support in person on Thursday, won 29.28% of the vote against his rival LR Antoine Savignat, a UDI ally, who won 23.67% of the vote. .

Fourth place in June, Leïla Saïb for France Insoumise (11,47%) passed before the representative of the National Front Stéphane Capdet (10,11%) who suffered from the competition of two other candidates of extreme right, that of Patriotes of Florian Philippot and the Union of Patriots, the party of Carl Lang and Jean-Marie Le Pen.

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