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While videos of unreliable Macronist candidates on television sets circulate on the Internet, many of them have refused the debates between two rounds.

"A kind of depression and democratic collapse". The candidate Republicans (LR) Hervé Novelli does not mince his words after the refusal of his opponent LREM Fabienne Colboc, top (34.39%), to debate against him by the second round. The televised confrontation of the first round "had to play in its refusal to debate, because it was clear that it did not control the files," said the candidate who comes to Indre-et-Loire, "I think there has the will not to take risks ". A reference to a debate including excerpts, broadcast on Youtube by the detractors of the candidate, have become objects of mockery of social networks. In this militant video, we see her struggling with a question about the French social model. "My strength is the ground (...), that's why I refused the other debate", justified the candidate with France Bleu Touraineafter recognizing TV Tours to have missed the debate.

Cascade refusals

Same situation in the Rhône, where the candidate who came first (32.08%), Anissa Khedher, declined the invitation tolocal media to beat the iron in front of the cameras. "It's the Republic on the run," said his opponent LR-UDI Alexandre Vincendet, which broadcasts the video of the first debate where the candidate LREM, stammering, reads a sheet of language elements of Emmanuel's party Macron admits his incompetence to position himself on the suppression of the parliamentary reserve. Anissa Khedher motivated on Facebook his choice to boycott the exchange with his competitor: "It has unfortunately become a habit, opponents peddling gossip, defamation, seek to slander me by calling me incompetent, claiming inexperienced and even submissive (...). So yes, I can not accept a televised debate where I know in advance that my arguments will give way to the invective, where defamation will prevent any exchange as very well imagine some documents currently broadcast.


Like Hervé Novelli and Alexandre Vincendet, several LR candidates complain that they can not debate with their opponent LREM. This is the case of Guillaume Larrivé in Yonne, Nicolas Florian in Gironde, Jean-Michel Fourgous in Yvelines, Arnaud de Courson in Clichy and Nicolas Dhuicq in Troyes where the only triangular is held with three candidates present in the second round. FN Jean Messiha, in Aisne, said he was facing a "ghost candidate" after the debates against him, on television and in the local press, were aborted. Eric Coquerel, from France Insoumise (FI), deplores the dismissal of the candidate Macroniste Sébastien Ménard. "I do not even know if LREM candidates are able to defend the Macron program," says Jean-Luc Mélenchon. In his camp, the candidate FI Pascal Le Brun, in the Rhone, returned the refusal of his competitor in a blow of communication against him: he organized a dummy debate where a voice-over simulates the answers of the candidate LREM. "We feel very well that there is a national directive that should result from the benefits of a rather average quality candidates," said LR Guy Geoffroy, largely outpaced by a candidate LREM in the 9th constituency of Seine-et-Marne .

"Men and women who respond to everything worry me," says Jean-Paul Delevoye

No "instructions" of the party were given to these candidates, it is an "individual decision", denies Jean-Pierre Delevoye, president of the commission charged to choose and to invest the candidates macronistes. And to blame incompetent trials that target them: "What pretension of the system to think that only experienced candidates can access the function of deputy!". "The men and women who respond to everything worry me," he says to the Figaro"Candidates who display their weaknesses, that interests me". "What I expect from a parliamentarian is common sense, listening, empathy (...), it is certainly not superior".

The refusals to debate "do not shock" Jean-Paul Delevoye. "It strikes candidates from all parties, it's not only on the move !, and so we should not generalize a phenomenon," he said to the Figaro, preferring that "the debate takes place with juries citizens (...) rather than in the form of a theatrical scene in which the debate brings nothing".

LREM candidates are not the only ones to exclude scrapping in a debate before the second round. Minister Richard Ferrand, LREM candidate in Finistere, has lamented the "sad dereliction" of his opponent LR. "Pitoyable evasion," denounced Jean-Marie Le Pen in similar terms, after the refusal of Jacques Chirac to participate in the debate between the two rounds of the presidential election in 2002.


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