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After the attack on Friday, the opposition castigates a surveillance system of radicalized people out of breath and calls for firm measures.

Once again, the profile of Radouane Lakdim, who died in Aude Friday on behalf of the Islamic State while it is stuck "S" since 2014, raises a wind of controversy on the monitoring of radicalized in France. Aware of the immense emotion that has won the country and without waiting for the national tribute made Wednesday Invalides to Lieutenant-Colonel Arnaud Beltrame, the opposition organizes the sling. Like Laurent Wauquiez, President of LR, she denounces the "guilty naivete" Emmanuel Macron and claims, pell-mell, the return of the state of emergency, the expulsion of strangers S or their placement in detention center.

Returning to the attacks that plunged Friday Carcassonne and Trèbes in the Aude, the prosecutor of the Republic of Paris, François Molins, confirmed Monday night that the terrorist's companion was also stuck "S". Converted to Islam at the age of 16, this 18-year-old Franco-Moroccan, placed in police custody on Friday evening, presents "all the signs of radicalization": "She shouted" Allah akbar "during her arrest by the police, "revealed the magistrate, stating that" she has no criminal record ". If the police have not found any telephone links with Radouane Lakdim since January 2018, she posted on March 23 at 6 am, shortly before the attacks, a sura indicating that the "disbelievers were promised to hell" . In spite of that, says François Molins, "she contests at the last stage of her auditions to have been associated with the deadly project of her boyfriend".

"Contrary to popular belief, the card S was never intended to challenge a sign suspect but, instead, to detect its passage at the border at any given time"

An expert on counter-terrorism

More than ever, the famous "S" cards for "State Security" are at the heart of all the questions. Brandies during each "misfire", they are now a scarecrow for the services that try to make pedagogy to explain what are and what are actually used these intelligence tools. First, the "S" cards do not aim, far from it, that Islamists in power. According to a last count brought to the attention of the Figaro, the number of people pinned "S" is now 26,000, including 10,000 for radicalization. Which means that the others are in the base because of their belonging to the ultra-right, the anarcho-autonomous movement, those of violent activists of the "black bloc" type, hooligans and, of course, spies. As such, the cards had been created during the cold war to discretely mark secret agents, especially diplomats from the East and their entourage, before targeting Palestinians, Iranians, Armenians at the mercy of terrorist mutations.

The status quo map

"Contrary to popular belief, the sheet S, which appears in the large file of wanted persons, was never intended to challenge a suspect signalised but, instead, to detect its passage at the borders at a given time, hammer an expert in the fight against terrorism. When the card is activated during a check, the agent must follow a strict protocol, do not intervene and alert the issuing service, whether the Directorate General of Internal Security or the Directorate of Intelligence of the Prefecture of Police. "The" S "files are aimed at individuals on serious grounds, having for example the desire to go to the combat zones. or appearing in internet traffic every night on jihadist websites.

"The services are regularly solicited to screen the suspects already registered to groom the file, says a police officer. But the choice is difficult: to take responsibility for erasing from the list a Salafist who has done nothing for months represents a risk that we can always blame us in case of acting out. "Judging for his the fact sheet S became a "police tool exposed to very political criticism and source of many misunderstandings," the former boss of the Raid and MP (LREM) Jean-Michel Fauvergue recommends to "sort it out". depending on the level of dangerousness of the registrants. "The elected representative also suggests using the" home visits ", formerly called administrative searches, provided for by Gérard Colomb's anti-terrorism law in the fall to" serve as a last resort the case ". some S cards on which the services have no information. Basically, no change of scale is looming on the horizon. As if, against all odds, the executive had decided to play the status quo card.

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11 Partages

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  1. Chauchaud   28 March 2018 at 8 h 43 min

    It is the pro-Arab policy of France that is to question.
    The spokesperson of the file S, a certain attorney M ... .s is to transfer, because inefficient or then accomplice.

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