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L'éditorial du Figaro : «Traîtres à la nation»By Yves Thréard

Where to judge the French jihadists arrested in Iraq and Syria? To tell the truth, no one wants to feel sorry for themselves. We are for them only enemies to be defeated. To these traitors, the nation can not therefore reserve the slightest regard. And it is not the random conditions of their trial on the spot that will arouse our emotion. In Baghdad, they are punishable by death. In France, their lawyers and some voices nevertheless demand their return.

The debate is less legal than strategic. In principle, territorial jurisdiction prevails. We do not see why these dangerous individuals who have joined the ranks of Daesh should not first be accountable to those they have fought against. Forty of them were intercepted by Syrian Kurdistan forces. Unlike Iraq, this territory does not have the status of a state. But in the name of what would France refuse to the Kurds, who largely contributed to the fall of the pseudo-caliphate, the right to judge them?

Proponents of a trial in France believe that these jihadists are important sources of information. Their testimonies, they argue, could facilitate the infiltration and the dismantling of networks and networks. This is to forget that our services are already very active in Iraq and Syria. Including to "eliminate", as implicitly recognized in October, the Minister of Defense. To date, some three hundred French people have died, one way or another, in the combat zones.

Regretting their recruitment into the Islamic State group, terrorists would be ready to repent. But what is the word of these fanatical men or women worth? The prosecutor of the Republic of Paris, who speaks of experience, does not cheap himself. As for their children, François Molins does not hesitate to affirm that they represent "time bombs". France has really nothing to hope for their return.

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13 Partages

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