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Richard C. ABITBOL President

My dear France, forgive them, because they no longer know what they are doing!


These words of the Gospel illustrate, alas too well, what happened in recent weeks during your vacation!

First, there was this scabrous story of "hens and sheep" that would be "stolen" by Jews and Muslims in search of fate.

Perhaps you do not know this little summer anecdote: at the approach of the holidays of Eid-al-Adha and Yom Kippur, the prefecture of Hauts-de-Seine, by the voice of its Director of the DDPP , Patrick Drouetcalled the department's educational farms to be cautious.

And for what good reason will you say to me? Simply because, according to this sad sire, the risk of theft of animals, including "chickens and sheep", is very real.

For all practical purposes, a letter was sent on August 7 to all owners of sheep, goats and poultry in the Hauts-de-Seine.

And in this letter, the Department of Population Protection (DDPP) asked them "the greatest vigilance" vis-à-vis the risk of theft of animals before the religious holidays of Eid al Adha, and Yom Yom Kippur in September and invites owners "to implement the necessary means" to cope with potential theft, and to immediately prevent its services if facts were proven. "It's about prevention," explains Patrick Drouet, director of the DDPP Hauts-de-Seine. Owners are asked not to let the animals roam, as malicious people may try to capture them for clandestine slaughter. "

The DDPP recalls that during the Muslim festival of Eid al-Adha, which will take place this year in early September, the Muslim rite orders to sacrifice a "beast of flock", usually a sheep. Similarly, on the eve of Yom Kippur's Jewish holiday, which falls on September 29, a white chicken is sacrificed.

In the Hauts-de-Seine, the vast majority of chickens and sheep are found in the seven educational farms in the department.

At the Moulin du Moulin Joly in Colombes, the initiative is appreciated as Laurent Senftleben, head of the urban ecology sector in the city of Colombes, says: "It's a good initiative," he says. And he added, "But we were cautious upstream, choosing to buy goats rather than sheep, which are more often the target of theft. ! And we add one layer: "The site is already protected by cameras and is not subject to special surveillance before these two religious holidays ...  There is already guarding regularly set up in the evening, throughout the year, "says the manager.

On the other hand, on the Chanteraines farm, managed by the departmental council in Gennevilliers, specific measures are however put in place during this period. "The sheep are systematically sheltered, every night, inside, like the poultry which they are all year round," says one departmental council. And they add, " Because the risk is real. In 2013, the investigators of the departmental security had uncovered a traffic of stolen sheep in a Roman camp of Châtenay-Malabry. Some 200 animals were stolen and sold illegally, between 100 and 150 € head. That is to say half less than the prices they can reach in the trade at the time of Eid al-Adha. "

Here we are, Jews and Muslims are thieves. They steal for some chickens and for others sheep to pay less! Euphemism to say not to pay them at all!

Because it is of course, everyone knows, Muslims are thieves and Jews rapiots!

Questioned by the Jewish institutions, the Prefecture of the Hauts-de-Seine reacted by a communiqué with the following terms: "As part of a general policy to fight against delinquency, such a letter is sent to educational farms every year since 2013. The departmental security had investigated that year on a case of livestock theft that had occurred in the the period before the Eid celebrations. "

So if flights of turkeys or capons take place at the approach of Christmas and New Year's, it is on the side of needy Christians that it will be necessary to inspect!

Funny communitarian approach of the penal code by the prefecture of Hauts-de-Seine!

Thus, once again, a news item allows a state institution to stigmatize communities!

But even stranger, said statement recalls "a case of cattle theft that occurred in the period leading up to the Eid celebrations. "

Now, we do not see where the crime of theft of chickens is, let alone how the Jews should be involved in this scabrous affair.

All the more incomprehensible because Jewish ritual slaughter is strictly regulated and can only be carried out by a person trained for this purpose. And, therefore, that all clandestine slaughter in the Jewish ritual is impossible !!!

Even though the discredit of the entire Muslim community is disgraceful, even though some theft may have been committed by Muslims on the occasion of the Eid festivities, we do not really see how the Jews would be concerned by this annoying affair!

Are those who jump like kids by shouting day after day: "No amalgam, no amalgam" would be falling into the throes of the most sordid amalgam?

Would they feel obliged to incriminate Jews to the extent that they implicate Muslims? Would the incrimination of one without incriminating the other be impossible?

Would we be sinking? And after the sly anti-Semitism of individuals "Psychiatrically disturbed" and others "Socially disturbed"should we know about state anti-Semitism that does not say its name?

After the guilty silence in the Sarah Halimi case, would this hateful case of "volatile hens" signify the hateful beginning of an infernal cycle where "the Jew would be guilty" simply because he can no longer be "the only one" innocent!

What are they doing? Have they gone crazy? What did they do with our France?

But France is magnanimous, so say him: "My dear France, forgive them, because they do not know what they do!"

But, We, we can not forgive without excuses! We therefore solemnly apologize to Mr. Patrick Drouet and the Ministry of the Interior!

The continuous instillation of these nauseating thoughts and the permeability to anti-Semitism in all strata of French society requires at least that!


Richard C. ABITBOL


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