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The bastard of Meudon


By Albert Soued, writer,  for

1st September 2011


No, it is not Swedenborg Sweden who was only a poor enlightened person who took himself for the Messiah. This is another individual who was celebrated on the 1stst July the 50th anniversary of death. Not with great fanfare as would have wished our Minister of Culture - who has changed by canceling all the official events - many nostalgic of the time of Vichy and many ignorant, in love with the so called "genius célinien ". Because we are talking about Louis Ferdinand Destouches said "Céline" who had opened a medical office in Meudon where he lived for ten years and where he died in 1961.

Do we have the right to consider as brilliant an ampoulé style distorting the language and creating neologisms voyeuristic, bullies and hate? Certainly yes, according to his tastes. But to go so far as to say that the man, mediocre writer, active collaborator of the Nazis, racist and revenge, is "awesome" seems to me at the same time surrealist and of bad taste.

Antoine Peillon has managed in a 70p booklet to apprehend the writer and the man and gives us a quick, rigorous and documented overview of the depth of the Nazism of Destouches aka Celine (see Ed Edge of Water - Celine, an exceptional anti-Semite).


The cultural activity of recent years only confirms a massive craze for this writer who is sick of his anti-Semitism and the continued celebration of his "genius" is a disturbing cultural symptom that reflects both the mimicry of "culturally correct" and the perversion of thought.

Celine saw Jews everywhere, especially in the high financial, cultural and political spheres and he could not stand it. He made it a morbid fixation to the point of offering his cooperation to the Nazi occupier and taking care of the "Jewish questions", which gave him the possibility of "debasing the cackling" to those Jews who spoke too loudly. In fact, aware of his mediocrity, he channeled his hatred of others to the Jew. And in the years 20/40, years of fascism, it was an easy task, the ambient society encouraging him.


When one is "bad in one's skin" or "one feels miserable", one seeks to be noticed, even through immoral acts. Some kill their families, others water the crowd with bullets, others blow buildings, trying to emerge, to leave the anonymity and to rally admirers to them. Blows of brilliance. By provoking by the verb, distinguishing itself by a deviant writing, a prose where words are distorted and where others are invented, while spreading his hatred of the other without restraint, Celine managed to seduce publishers like Denoel or Gallimard, as greedy as he is, and readers in search of an alibi for their hatred of the Jew. Celine sold her books during the fascist period and her books are still selling. In France, in times of crisis, particularly socio-economic, there is always:

- nostalgia for the pagan, Greco-Roman era, which was disturbed by Hebrew monotheism, and its strict commandments.

- a fervor for Aryan theories of the pre-eminence of a race, which has found strength and vigor in the 1era half of the 20thth s.

- the detestation of the one who succeeds, especially financially, represented by the Jew!


And Celine's writings bring these ideas and feelings together in a raw and virulent way. In fact this man is a little bastard whose writing can please some.


le salaud de Meudon


Note from the 10/1/18

See the excellent book on Céline by Pierre-André Taguieff and Annick Durafour published in 2017  "Celine, the race, the Jew "



See also the current Alain Soral


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