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Le défi de l'organisation de l'islam de France

Emmanuel Macron announced in an interview in the Sunday newspaper that he will lay the foundations for the organization of Islam in France in the first half of this year.

A new reflection on "The Islam of France" for a new head of state: for more than two decades, the exercise has become almost agreed even if the issue remains essential. In an interview at Sunday newspaper, the President of the Republic announced that "It is during this first semester of 2018 (he) that he wishes to lay the foundations of the entire organization of the Islam of France". Emmanuel Macron reveals nothing of his preferences but explains his method. Basically, the main issues are in any case well known, since they have been at the heart, without much success, projects of successive presidents: creation of truly representative bodies of a religion known for its divisions, regulated funding of places of worship and reinforcement of the controls of their accounts, formation of imams "of France" to replace the religious coming from elsewhere or the imams "self-proclaimed", independence of "the Islam of France" compared to the foreign states ...

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Emmanuel Macron, who will "continue to consult a lot", obviously wants to give time to time. "My method of progress on this subject," he explains, "is to move forward one touch at a time. (...) I will not reveal a proposal until the work is completed. "To the question of a" new concordat ", he replied that" whatever the option chosen, (its) objective is to find what is the the heart of secularism, the possibility of being able to believe as not to believe, in order to preserve national cohesion and the possibility of having free consciences ". He also wants to "demine" certain sensitive subjects by estimating that "the risk, in all this business, is to brandish connoted objects, which have their own history, or to make shortcuts by plunging everyone into the same bag" . In his presidential program, the candidate Macron, not wishing to extend the prohibition of the veil to the university, had planned to organize "for ministers of religion a university training in secularism, the values ​​of the Republic and the language French ".

"The Salafist current has taken the ground in France. There is a void with the problem of imams who do not speak French "

A Muslim leader from Bouches-du-Rhône

In The Sunday Journal, Emmanuel Macron alludes to his greetings to religious authorities, January 4th (our editions of January 5th). On the law of 1905 establishing the separation between religions and the state, he had declared: "It is part of a treasure that is ours (but) it did not think the religious fact with and by Islam because he was not present in our society, as he is today ". And to recognize a "trial and error" on the question of Islam because "France has become accustomed in its dialogue to a religion(Catholicism, Ed)which is structured much more vertically ". He added: "I will never ask any French citizen to be moderately in his religion or to believe moderately or as he should in his God. It does not make much sense. But I will ask everyone, constantly, to absolutely respect all the rules of the Republic. "

Emmanuel Macron succeed where his predecessors failed? The urgency is in any case very real. Last December, a Muslim leader from Bouches-du-Rhône told the Figaro: "The Salafist current has taken the ground in France. There is a void with the problem of imams who do not speak French ... "


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