The CSA revokes Mathieu Gallet, the president of Radio France

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VIDEO - For now, the regulator's decision has not yet been motivated. However, it seemed difficult to keep the leader in his position when he no longer had the confidence of the state-shareholder.

The Superior council of audio-visual thus decided and chose to dismiss Mathieu Gallet. "The Superior council of the audio-visual one, meeting today in plenary assembly, decided to withdraw its mandate to the President of Radio France Mathieu Gallet and this, as of March 1, 2018. The reasoned decision prescribed by the law will be published later in the day, explains the regulator in a statement. Although it may not have been easy to take, this decision seems logical: the leader no longer having the confidence of the state-shareholder, it greatly complicated the smooth running of Radio France.

The case dates back to the time when Mathieu Gallet was president of the INA (National Audiovisual Institute) between 2010 and 2014. Justice suspected him of having favored two consulting companies, to which the public establishment paid more than 400,000 euros. Mid-January, the Court of Creteil finally sentenced the leader to one year suspended sentence with a fine of 20,000 euros for "favoritism".

In the wake, the government, through the voice of the Minister of Culture Françoise Nyssen, had judged his continued presidency of Radio France "unacceptable" in the name of a duty of exemplary leadership of public companies. Mathieu Gallet, who has chosen to appeal the judgment, has always firmly refused to resign. Even before his conviction, he said he was ready to go all the way. The CSA, which alone holds the power to appoint or revoke the bosses of the public broadcasting, found itself de facto to have to handle this thorny file. Unpublished, "the situation proves that we can not appoint someone and control," said Senator LREM André Gattolin,.

Mathieu Gallet on the departure, the interim will be provided by the senior director of Radio France, Jean-Luc Vergne. The time that the CSA designates a successor to Mathieu Gallet.

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