Saudi Arabia, ready to host an Israeli embassy in Riyadh?

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The King of Saudi Arabia Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, in Ryad 21 m
BANDAR AL-JALOUD (Saudi Royal Palace / AFP / Archives)

In a forum published in the Saudi media Al-Khaleeg, a local journalist said Saudi Arabia was ready to normalize relations with Israel and to host the Israeli embassy in Riyadh.

A message in response to the intervention of Israeli MP Yossi Yonah, who on Wednesday called from Benjamin Binyamin Netanyahu's parliament desk to invite the Saudi Crown Prince to the Israeli Parliament (Knesset).

"I call on Prime Minister Netanyahu to send an official invitation to Mohammed bin Salman, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, to offer him to come to the Knesset to put the Saudi [peace] initiative back at the negotiating table," asked the deputy of the Zionist Union, in Arabic.

The journalistAl-Khaleeg He also said the Saudis would be "very happy to see an Israeli embassy in Riyadh," saying that Saudi Arabia would be ready to open an official building, "in the Israeli capital, West Jerusalem."

The status of the holy city and its boundaries are often debated, as the 'Israeli' borders of Jerusalem are not recognized by the international community, which regards the eastern part of the city as having been annexed by the Jewish State in 1967 to the outcome of the Six Day War.

Only the United States and some Central American countries recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish state, Tel Aviv remains to this day the diplomatic alternative for the rest of the world.

A sensible subject: in its statement on the status of thea holy city and the announcement of the relocation of the US embassy, ​​Donald Trump ulcerated the Palestinians on December 6.

Brendan Smialowski (AFP)
US President Donald Trump, July 3, 2018, West Virginia
Brendan Smialowski (AFP)

In his gallery at Al-Khaleegthe Saudi journalist reiterated that his country is "a defender of peace" and "opposed to terrorism".

According to him, movements such as those of Hamas - in power in the Gaza Strip -, Fatah - headed by Mahmoud Abbas -, Hezbollah, or the Muslim Brotherhood, use the Palestinian cause to legitimize their terrorist actions and "shimmering dreams to their people".

The journalist also denounced the financing of terrorism by Iran, a "common enemy" of Israel and Saudi Arabia. He also strongly criticized the danger represented by "the Ottomans", in other words, President Erdogan's Turkey, currently trying to expand its influence in the region.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan prepares to deliver a speech on June 24, 2018 in Istanbul

In response to Yossi Yonah's intervention in the Israeli parliament, the journalistAl-Khaleeg said that Jerusalem and Riyadh should continue to work on the Arab Peace Initiative - proposed at the 2002 Arab League Summit in Beirut by Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, and confirmed at the 2007 Arab League Summit in Riyadh.

"Saudi Arabia believes that a just and comprehensive peace is a strategic and legitimate international choice," said the journalist, adding that "Israel and its people want peace, and live in peace, just as the Saudi people ".

In his gallery, the journalist also said that "the ball is in the camp of the leaders of the Hebrew State," concluding "Mr. Netanyahu, if you want peace, go ahead! Mohammed ben Salman will not let you down. "

If these words can be perceived as a step forward in diplomatic relations between Riyadh and Jerusalem, the comments of Internet users, very critical of the journalist and the "open" positions of Riyadh, have shown that this Saudi positioning is not to everyone's taste.

The tribune, put on line Friday, had, within a few hours, been removed from the site ofAl-Khaleeg, Saturday afternoon.

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