"The comra-macronian's syringe no longer produces its anesthetic effect"

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«La seringue de la com' macronienne ne produit plus son effet anesthésiant»

FIGAROVOX / ANALYSIS - Arnaud Benedetti takes stock and perspectives of Emmanuel Macron's communication after one year of governance.

Arnaud Benedetti is associate professor at Paris-Sorbonne University. He has just published Le Coup de Com 'Permanent (Cerf eds, 2017) in which he clearly describes Emmanuel Macron's communication strategies.

Will Macron re-use the communicating scepter to escape the air-hole, which, at the beginning of summer, is stirring up its political apparatus? Until now confronted with difficulties, the president has always responded with a counter-offensive calculated with the cord, with a systematic recourse to the good old "compol", that which relies on the traditional media (written or audiovisual press) and who uses the standardized format of the interview. At the end of the summer of 2017, in the winter of the same year, in the Spring of 2018, when the obstacles arose, the Elyos answer was never other than the return to face-to-face media, the leader of the State arching his com 'to better domesticate a situation that seemed to escape him. Communicative epiphany or magic of com '(it does not really matter), but suddenly the image straightened up to "reboost" the capital pollster. What has worked for twelve months can still operate, while again the long shadow of the worried opinions extends on a castle prey to the test of the relevance of its action? The question of political fundamentals arises all the more when the exercise of power becomes commonplace, losing all at once: the freshness of its legitimacy and its capacity to delight the perceptions of editorialists and other commentators. These are the latter who have mainly guaranteed the communicative success of the first twelve months, by creating an editorial climate positive about the behavior of Emmanuel Macron. Optimistic in its spirit, vertical in its symbolism, innovative in its uses of com ', Macronism, the time of a year, has dispelled a certain state of mind marked by decline and detestation of power and its elites.

The vagueness of visibility around unexpected sequences broke with the discipline that had so far preserved presidential communication.

It is the latter, very "old France" for the rest, who is about to wrap the country again in its depths, as attested by many opinion studies, that on the surface of his mirror media.

The gadgetisation of visibility around unexpected sequences (music festival at the Elysee, video on the cash of crazy ...) broke with the discipline that had so far preserved the presidential communication. The synchronous shrug of tone of all partisan oppositions on the eve of congressional address, the taking of distances from implicit companions of macronism (Bertrand, Bussereau, etc ...) infuse as a feeling of general reversal. Facing this headwind swollen with skepticism and incomprehension, is the President able to bounce back before widening the loopholes of an ominous tectonics? To tell the truth, there are three solutions to it without any of them constituting, far from it, an optimum.

The president, first hypothesis, can continue as he has never stopped doing since his accession to the Elysee in storyteller by favoring exclusively communicative responses to critics and doubts: use of com politico-media, interviews with the press, use of atypical formats a bit as was the case with the maintenance-river of the "Point" last August or with the 1 pm of Jean-Pierre Pernaut, your offensive, determined ... and determining in that it projects the image of a man who does not yield to the moods of the moment! The medication has been positive several times, except that it now runs up against its repetition, a recurrence that allows critical agents to adapt and circumvent its supposed efficiency, in a way to develop a form of "anti-resistance As there is an "antimicrobial resistance" ... In other words and to say it in a trivial language: "it does not take anymore". The hyper-personalization of the hyper-com '(a macron "superhero" communicating a quinquennate making the com' his weapon of deterrence and exclusive political legitimization) touches on its quasi-physical limits, it that is to say those of a temporality which is no longer satisfied, at the end of a year, of postures but which requires results, actions and coherences readable ...

Second run, the host of the Elysee tries to return to a communicating economy, mixed "pilhanesque" scarcity and "evangelical" dissemination. The speech of the Congress which must say the balance sheet and draw the perspectives, picking up in the same moment the recent past and the near future, offers the opportunity opportunely. After this exercise that he has imposed like a rite inherent to his mandate, Emmanuel Macron can always make the choice of a cure of silence, visibility reduced or concentrated to the only officiality required by the function while delegating to his political apostles the task of lavishing, explaining, spreading the word of the king. The temporary withdrawal cauterises the wounds linked to overexposure while conferring on other - Prime Minister, ministers, parliamentarians - the explanation of the presidential messages. This depersonalization of the "compol" of the power of the collective, "democratize" the image of a presidential majority too often reduced to authoritarian loneliness or managerial solitude of a single man. However, this device is not without risks with regard to Macroniste brand software: it is potentially a carrier of dysfunctions, quibbles - phobia of the Elysian staff - clumsiness synonymous with a weakening of communicating control; it could accredit the weak experience of a certain number of political relays of the President who, confronted with the dough of opinions, exhibit a certain semantic amateurism bordering on contempt: Madame Loiseau and her "migrant benchmark" or Mrs. Buzyn and her "report announcements of the poverty plan because of the World Cup "have both illustrated, each in their own way, this symptom of political inexperience ...

The hypodermic syringe of com 'macronienne no longer produces its anesthetic effect, even less soothing.

The third hypothesis would come to settle the all-communicating, which until today has served as an immune system to the head of state, preserving the swerving of opinion on the one hand, those of the media of 'somewhere else. The convergence of doubts and criticisms has for some weeks been substituted for the one, chimerical and never accomplished, of struggles. More insidious and corrosive, it comes to install a climate of growing mistrust of an executive beginning his year 2 of power. It confronts him with a reality that is primarily political where conflict does not evaporate with communicating incense ... The hypodermic syringe of Com 'macronnienne, to quote the American political scientist Harold D.Lasswell to characterize the action of the mass media on society, no longer produces its anesthetic effect, even less soothing. On the contrary, it brings back power to an envelope whose com 'would be the exclusive engine ... The walker is as suddenly stopped, his movement suspended the rise of doubts that invade the public space. Between politics and com ', the President could at the moment be summoned to choose by giving precisely the body politic to its device. To this end will inevitably arise the question of the reshuffling, the end of the governance of experts and the return of elected officials, that is to say, policies that, them, functional necessity requires, make "realcommunication" bread their relationship with the field. Nothing proves that this is a lasting solution, but at least we will be done with the unbearable lightness of this fiction of a so-called "new world"!

The editorial advises you:

«La seringue de la com' macronienne ne produit plus son effet anesthésiant»

Arnaud Benedetti

Source: "The comra-macronian's syringe no longer produces its anesthetic effect"

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