The mosque of Paris invites the controversial imam of Toulouse to continue his mission

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Screenshot 2014 Dalil Boubaker (Credit: YouTube)
The BNVCA, the Union of Jewish Students of France and the Licra had filed a complaint for "incitement to racial hatred" against Mohammed Tatai

The Rector of the Great Mosque of Paris (GMP) Dalil Boubakeur on Monday invited the imam of Toulouse Mohamed Tataï, suspected of "incitement to hate" after a preaching considered anti-Semitic, to continue its mission "in peace, dialogue and serenity".

"Imam Mohamed Tatai strongly protests his good faith. He apologizes deeply to his friends in the Jewish community of Toulouse and France for the decontextualized interpretation of his remarks, "writes in a statement Dalil Boubakeur, after receiving the interested in the presence of the theological council of the GMP.

"Because of its exemplary commitment to Toulouse and the region in favor of living together, the Mosque of Paris wants the Imam Tataï to continue its mission in peace, dialogue and serenity," adds the Paris institution.

The GMP is the seat of a national federation (FGMP) linked to Algeria which is close association managing the great mosque of Toulouse freshly inaugurated, where preaches Imam Tataï.

The Toulouse public prosecutor's office had been seized on 28 June by the Prefect of Haute-Garonne on the basis of Article 40 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of "facts likely to constitute an incitement to hatred" through comments broadcast in a video from December 2017.

The Union of Jewish Students of France (UEJF) had filed a complaint for "incitement to racial hatred" and was joined in this action by the Licra (International League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism).

Imam Mohamed Tatai gives a sermon at the Grand Mosque of Toulouse, France, on December 15, 2017. (Screenshot: YouTube)

In the video, we hear the imam Tataï declare, according to the subtitled text: "(The prophet Mohamed) told us about the final and decisive battle: the last Judgment will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews ".

According to the GMP, the preacher mentioned "a hadeeth in a sermon devoted to the eschatology of the last ends and to the suffering of the Jewish people".

"He has always called in his sermons for the respect of all religious communities, and in particular of the Jewish community that he constantly evokes in favorable terms - Moses is quoted 134 times in the Koran - and with whom he has excellent relations "Says Dr. Boubakeur.

The GMP, however, invites "Imams of France to observe a strict impartiality in their remarks (...), especially with regard to the Religions of the Book (Judaism and Christianity according to the Koran, Ed), in the scrupulous respect of all beliefs" .

26 Partages

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