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Where have the Giscards, Barre and other Monories gone to the right than the Gaullists?

The media and the friends of power are pleased to talk about the crisis of the Republicans and to relay the idea of ​​their isolation on positions considered extreme, analysis all the more plausible that personalities such as Pécresse, Bertrand, Juppé, comfort of inside this vision. At the same time, the Republicans keep a solid base of elected officials, and determined activists in their line, as shown the election of Laurent Wauquiez.

The center-right in crisis

Paradoxically, it is the center-right, and with him all those who wanted themselves more moderate than the Republicans and who had however felt filled by the defeat of François Fillon, which is in a crisis of existence much more fundamental.

It's not just that these centrists offer the face of confusion. The Udi is a federation that does not federate much with the departure of the new center and the radical party. Constructives and other small groups are divided on votes in Parliament. The modem member of the majority has no face since his ruling couple Bayrou-Sarnez has experienced the fall of Icarus believing to approach the sun. And the image of the constructive Solère was destroyed in a few days.

The deepest problem of the center is that it has long since given up existence. When the UDF existed, it grouped movements that had an identity. A Republican Party with Leotard or Madelin Liberal and Atlantist; a Girondin and European party, a radical republican party and often sociologically close to the Gaullists, a Christian Democratic party closer to Catholic positions. Like it or not, the RPR has been more successful in reincarnating than the UDF.

An identity distinct from the left

If we remember Giscard, Barre, Méhaignerie, Monory, it is easy to remember that they held a speech that had its internal coherence as a right-wing discourse different from the Gaullist speech but also clearly opposed to the left - even social-democratic - and sitting on sociological realities and local traditions. In many ways even centrist leaders were more right than Gaullists, and centrist electoral regions (Great West, Alsace) were often among the most conservative. In any case, one could adhere and be seduced by speeches that had their identity in oneself.

This is no longer the case today because the center committed suicide by facility. If we listen well to the speech and the only implicit message of everything that claims to be at the center, from Juppé to Solère de Lagarde to Hénart, from Bayrou to Riester, and even from Pécresse to Bertrand, it boils down to seeking to appear to the left and to the media more sympathetic than the right by displaying his distaste for the right or his "right-wing".

The right lost the battle

It is as if these personalities had understood that the right had lost the battle of respectability and that the royal way to exist was to make its popularity on the back of its camp. It's still a paying strategy in the polls - which made Rocard popular on the right and Juppé popular on the left - but still losing.

The most delicious thing is that all this is often based on a sham. There is every reason to believe that if Juppé had not lost Chirac's war of succession and that he was still the head of the RPR, he would be as right-handed as the secretary general of the RPR who had the national preference approved and who trampled willingly its centrist allies. But, seeking a space to quench his thirst for return, Juppé chose, like his colt Maël de Calan, to base its popularity in the media on the scorn of "radicalized" militants.

The weakness of all those who are now between the Republicans and the executive is on the one hand that their speech is summarized too transparently to a strategy of personal image and the desire to escape the lawophobia and even profit from it by standing out. It is a strategy of coquetry not very noble and that of Barzach to Carignon, of Bachelot to NKM or Jouanno, has produced only ephemeral personal popularity and no political success. It is to be feared that, intoxicated by the glory which the denunciation of Wauquiez gives in the press, Valérie Pécresse and Bertrand sawed the republican branch which bore them for a fleeting profit.

Scarecrow Wauquiez

But the main weakness of the center since Bayrou to the different parties that dispute it today is that they have renounced to exist on their own, to try only to value themselves over others and against the right in particular. Unlike the leaders of the various UDF parties, most new centrists are unable to explain their corpus, how they differ from each other, or how they differ from Macron. In short, they are loquacious and at ease only to boast of their detestation of Wauquiez.

The comfort that these centrists feel screaming with rightophobes-they would be right-throws them into a terrible trap because it is a profound human law that must first exist for itself and by its singularity and then recognize by another, its difference, and not merely to be less odious than the neighbor. For a right-wing man, hoping to succeed in a context of denigration of the right by boasting of being less right is a poor project.

Now it is clear that this is what the Center condemned the unsubstantiated personalities who directed it and made the center inaudible. What do the French think except that the centrists do not like the right and that Macron is for them a lesser evil than Wauquiez? At what point, in a regime dominated by the presidential election, do they for a moment even foresee that a president carrying their ideas would necessarily be better than Macron, which would be normal if they existed? Do they serve their legislative candidates who are sold only as diluted syrups or non-alcoholic beers? The former UDF excluded itself from the major election. All that his heirs can say is inaudible because their role play of suppletants is known in advance. They have no other use for power than to contribute to dirtying the opposition by taking up the ritual accusation of the left of flirtation with the FN. Paradoxically, we will be interested in what the Republican rivals say that the day they declare themselves hostile to Macron and resume the ambition to challenge the Republicans the absolute opposition to En marche.

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