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Tuesday night, at the Great Synagogue, Jewish leaders have alerted the President of the Republic on Islamism.

Every great religion has its own calendar. With
the Rosh Hashana festival which means "head of the year" on the 9th and 10th
September 2018, begins for the Jewish community the year ... 5779! Is
six millennia, according to this tradition, since "the creation of the
world". "Channa Tova", "happy new year" say the Jews wishing themselves
a "sweet" year, sweet as honey in which one soaks a
apple, symbols of the "creation of man", and "the fault". Joëlle
Bokobza, head of the community journal Eden 94, Explain:
"This holiday is a precious moment. She wants to be a break, a
freeze frame for a flashback over the past twelve months that
allow man to project himself into the future. "

Then enter the Great Synagogue of Victory of Paris,
where this Jewish leader sits among 1500 faithful, Emmanuel
Macron. President honors religious community
Jewish - a historical first - which invites him for the presentation
official greetings.

The Jewish community is gravely concerned for its future in France

Make a "break" ... Would this be an opportunity for the elected representative of the
nation going through a difficult pass? In fact, Emmanuel Macron, very
greeted individually, is rather loosely applauded by the crowd.
Unlike a Nicolas Sarkozy who raised half enthusiasm
- time earlier. "Break" of the remainder, for the Head of State: the
secular protocol requires him not to speak in this
religious enclosure where the assembly will pray for France. Scene of
rare silence for a policy that the chief rabbi of France, Haïm
Korsia, with a touch of humor but who sets the tone of the
ceremony. "You are like the Western Wall," said Wailing Wall
in Jerusalem, ed.] to whom we entrust our sorrows and hopes, without
that he does not answer us when we know that someone

Because the Jewish community is seriously worried about its future in France. The rise ofIslamism"From"antisemitism"
and "hatred of Israel" will be repeatedly denounced in front of the most
high authority of the Republic. Chaim Korsia recalls the recent
aggression, on the bridge Alexandre III of Paris, on the night of Sunday in
Monday of a young man, beaten, his cross of David torn from injury
of "dirty Jew". He calls a follow-up of the case of "l'iman de Toulouse"
and so many other things. "To be ourselves," he observes, "we
need serenity ". "The rule of law" must "extirpate the roots
fanaticism and intolerance "with" decisions that are
executed. "

Joel Mergui, president of the Consistory, also makes
part of the "doubts" of the Jewish community: "Our children leave" because "the
France, land of asylum, is becoming a land of exile for
Jews. " With this crucial question: "How far will the bad
conscience of our society, to accept everything, to forgive everything? "
afraid to stigmatize, to commit a guilty amalgam, France has
lost years in his fight against radical Islamism ". And this wish
final letter to the President: "We want to believe that you prefer
acts to speech. "

 The editorial advises you:

Jean-Marie Guénois

Journalist, Editor-in-Chief of Religions

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