There are salutary indignations that turn into unworthy crusades. An oratorical precaution is necessary to avoid attempts of intent and, above all, to unnecessarily injure the victims, male or female, of sexual harassment or aggression: it is obviously out of the question to accept, tolerate or accommodate modestly of any form of sexual harassment and even less of sexual assault or The trauma, physical and / or psychological suffered by the victims suffers no justification or mitigation.

A quasi-Soviet erasure

That being said and sincere, let's take a look at the surrealist case of Kevin Spacey. Accused of sexual harassment, the actor will be completely "erased" from Ridley Scott's latest film For all the money in the world whose release is scheduled for late 2017 and the scenes in which he appeared again shot by another actor.

We do not believe his eyes. And this quasi-Soviet erasure is only the last avatar of a pillory which reveals every week its lot of bad news. Before that, the Netflix channel had decided to end the House of Cards series, followed closely by the Emmy Academy, which gave up an Emmy of Honor. Soon the removal of his star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood?

Nobody knows the facts!

For Kevin Spacey, the account is good. Those who praised yesterday yesterday change sidewalk. This is the specter of social plague, of professional death, while an investigation has just been opened and we know only the version of the putative victims. And it is not insulting to them to consider that no element in his favor will be found there.

The problem is that we do not know at the moment what it might be, really or not. We do not know because he did not recognize anything because the police have not yet had the time to investigate. But that does not stop Netflix from deciding the end of a series whose success has not wavered in five seasons. The sixth being shot will be the last. Ditto for the Academy of Emmy Awards which was to reward the work of a lifetime. But no matter, the essential is elsewhere. The bottom line is that in an America and a world in which a new wave of puritanism is unfolding, it becomes unthinkable to be associated in any way whatsoever with a person accused, sometimes even anonymously, of sexual harassment. His work ? what work? his Oscars, his Tony Award, his 83 films and series. Disappeared. Everything seems to be gangrened by these accusations dumped on the canvas like in a dung pit.

Sentenced on the Internet

Because that's where it's happening. On the Internet. The police stations? Useless. Courts ? Exceeded. Here comes the time of the digital "immediate appearances": study, instruction and judgment in 1 hour top chrono. It is the time of obligatory immediacy and truths set in 140 characters. At the expense most often of accuracy and the accused, of course. But this is the time that wants that. It's the fashion.

However, if there is no justification for sexual assault of any kind, if there is no justification for forcing the unwilling to do so, the good administration of justice requires that all factual elements of a file. The good administration of life in society imposes, meanwhile, not to participate in the cure, the unleashing of media, social killing that is not information but editorial.

Ave Paria!

Kevin Spacey has become an outcast. And an outcast, scandal press aside, it's losing audience shares, investors, and therefore money. Too bad for the presumption of innocence. It is better to shoot many scenes of a feature film again with the added costs (turn in an emergency, rehire the technical teams and the other actors, rebuild the sets, move back to the natural settings, put the film together). ...) rather than risk a movie outing with this awesome actor who has become untouchable. And the same reasoning to apply to the series House of Cards and the Emmy Academy, which fears losing its private sponsors, its public subsidies.

Too bad, especially, for Kevin Spacey and all the others caught in this torrent of public denunciations in which we do not bother anymore of the anonymity of the interested parties. How to repair, if any, the slander and insult of a #balancetonporc published then shared with, let's face it, an unhealthy pleasure. We know the broken lives for which a possible non-place will never come to wash the indelible task, this withering that will forever remain the mark of infamy.

The danger points

It is never good in a democracy to privatize sovereign missions. Justice is one. It is not up to the "twittos" and other fanatics of Facebook to denounce with absolute punishments who is the author of what aggression. When McCarthyism meets the leagues of sexual temper, the danger appears. The danger of being accused without proof, dirty, of being put together a digital wheel, the internet forgetting nothing. This is the risk of opening a witch hunt that must be wondered, before it gets worse, if collateral damage, lying accusations, sordid settling of accounts, petty revenge, suspicion just a click away, well worth it.

To free up victims' voices, certainly, especially for sexual offenses that are known to be difficult to overcome. But with professional investigators and not in the troughs of social networks.