Juppé-Wauquiez: two irreconcilable visions of Europe

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Laurent Wauquiez, président de la région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes et Alain Juppé maire de Bordeaux

POLITICAL SCANNING - Alain Juppé's proximity to Emmanuel Macron's pro-European policy contrasts sharply with eurosceptic positions developed by the Republican presidential candidate.

Positions on Europe, new fracture line right? This is what seems to be two years from the next European so visions on the future of the Union seem divergent within the Republicans. This Friday, Alain Juppé said he was in tune with Emmanuel Macron's speech on Europe, delivered at the Sorbonne last September. This proximity contrasts with the clear distances taken by Laurent Wauquiez on the subjectt. The favorite of the race for the presidency of LR assumes eurosceptic positions, a shift started from 2014 in his book Europe: you have to change everything published by Odile Jacob. Back on the lines of divergences that divide these two lines.

● The proximity to the Macronist vision of Europe

The first and most obvious point of divergence between the Wauquiez and Juppé lines over Europe remains the relation to the positions of the majority. Emmanuel Macron implements most of the European positions that Alain Juppé insisted on during the right-wing primary. The mayor of Bordeaux does not logically see "incompatibility" between his vision and that of the president. Intransigent opponent of macronism, at a time when part of the right is said to be sensitive to the adventure of "Constructives", Laurent Wauquiez took reverse positions, Sunday, on France 3. "We do not share the same vision of the European Union as Macron". Among the divergences put forward, Macron's perspective of seeing Europe extend to the Balkans: "enlargement has killed Europe", says Wauquiez.

● Progress towards a federal Europe

"I am defending the pattern of a confederation of nation-states. Today, we are witnessing the collapse of European federalism ", said Laurent Wauquiez in the columns of Release in June 2016. Conversely, Alain Juppé is one of the few right-wing politicians to support the idea of ​​federalism, despite the failure of the 2005 referendum and the bad press of European issues in public opinion. On France 2, in September 2011, the mayor of Bordeaux has for example pronounced in favor of a "true European federation". In 2016, however, he agreed that "EU enlargement" must be stopped, particularly with regard to Turkey.

● The teachings of Brexit

About the Brexit of June 2016Wauquiez and Juppé agree on one point: the same vote organized in France would give the same result. But their reactions to this earthquake are different. The mayor of Bordeaux wants to revive the "engine" Franco-German and to revitalize the European project on new convergences "for innovation, for investment and for growth". Laurent Wauquiez makes a completely different diagnosis: "Europe discontents peoples. Everybody knows it. But the current political class, with its profound mediocrity, has done nothing to change it. After the Brexit, we can no longer hide and deny this reality: Europe no longer works. It's time to kick in the anthill. After Brexit, we will no longer be able to pretend to believe that all European countries want the same thing. "

● The perimeter of the Union

Laurent Wauquiez wants to dismantle the Union to 28 countries and return to a hard core of founding countries. "We pretended to believe that we were of the same opinion and that we could move forward," he accuses in June 2016. Two years earlier, in his book Europe: you have to change everythingLaurent Wauquiez even mentioned a Europe of six. "Unthinkable", then decided Alain Juppé, in an interview with World . "On the other hand, I am in favor of a two-speed Europe: the eurozone, which must be the hard core and in which we need even more integration, notably greater tax harmonization, and a Europe of twenty-eight plus flexible, "explained the former prime minister.

● The survival of Schengen

Another point of notable divergence between the two men, the future of the Schengen area. In February 2016 from BrusselsJuppé notes that "Schengen, in its current state, is a failure", but he argues for strengthening the control system at the external borders of Europe, to save the circulation space. "If we do not succeed, we condemn ourselves to the historic regression of the reestablishment of internal border controls," warned the former foreign minister, before emphasizing: "How can you imagine that after 60 years of European construction, border controls between France and Germany, for example, are reappearing ". Laurent Wauquiez, he is not at all of this opinion, and simply wants "out of Schengen right now", and the dismantling of the device.

● The role of the European Commission

Juncker et Juppé en février 2016
Juncker and Juppé in February 2016 - Photo credits: THIERRY CHARLIER / AFP


Finally, in the idea of ​​reforming the European project from head to toe, Laurent Wauquiez supports, in June 2016 on BFM, that "the European Commission must be abolished, because the legislative initiative can no longer be left to an administrative structure". Here again, Alain Juppé's position is different. Her positions have been regularly called "Junckeriennes", from the name of the President of the European Commission, so close are they of the roadmap assumed by the Luxembourger. Juppé argues, unlike Laurent Wauquiez, for a strengthening of the powers and prerogatives of the Commission and a clarification of its mandates and missions, a position particularly developed during the debates on the transatlantic treaty (Tafta).


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