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I'm innovating so I'll be

By François Celier

Pastor and Special Advisor

By paraphrasing René Descartes, whose finality of thought I do not endorse with a race to pursue intellectual ancestry, theHomo erectus to theHomo ergaster then to theHomo Adamic (endowed with the consciousness of good and evil), until theHomo sapiens current.

We now know that the gray matter of an average brain of 500 grams represents only one cloud more than a billion nanoparticles invisible to us.

The analysis of a man's brain spiritual, touched by faith in God, or that of another man fundamentally atheistboth break down what they feel from their senses connected to their brains.

They radiate ideas, images and intuitions allowing them to act in the world thanks to the active connections of billions of synapses circulating at the speed of lightning.

This extraordinary capacity of which we are endowed, not by chance, but by the Eternal, the prodigious Entrepreneur of all that exists in the Universe, encompasses the immeasurable, as well as the entrepreneurial spirit of a start-up doing the a technologically, economically or religiously.

The civilization of Western countries shows how the advent of its 21st century is darkened and lost in existential angst:

random geopolitics, ethical relativism, massive rejection of God, mixing inappropriate exogenous populations, exponential demography, materialistic slavery, consumerism Pavlovianplundering of natural resources, arrogance of univocal thought and other mortal plagues destroy us.

The world new What we will pass on to our children by revealing a systematic destructuring of the old.

Generator of darkness and blood, chaos is spreading across our beautiful blue planet. Whatever he thinks of it, it was entrusted to him by his Creator to his free responsibility ...

Having failed, a torment of diffuse fear is spreading in the ulterior motives of elites and civilized populations, known as advanceds. The same is true of nations engaged on this path of development progressive. On the other hand, some Middle Eastern peoples, the soul poisoned by a

atavistic rancor, excited to criminalize their mystical belief inherited from a cruel medieval obscurantism Mahometan.

Nowadays, it appears that the greedy and calamitous political genius of the West is alarmed, as much as that of a despotic Middle East reveals its deadly lies and its duplicities. (1) In fact, these two antagonistic civilizations are incapable of resolving the conflictual crises that they themselves have generated. Their double game in the poker-liar is revealed by the voice of bloodshed.

It was the same in 1913 and again in 1938. Our last resort would be to find a new way to stop the generalized chaos that is taking place, a prelude to the mass murder of a generalized war.

The purpose of this article is to present this bold path, that of undertaking the process a masterly questioning of current life. It involves refurbishing good sense the vital components of people's management. This apolitical project would challenge the elites of the economy, the currency, and awaken if possible, the humanism of Kings, Heads of State, elites and great silent leaders.

This alternative is based on the need to innovate in all directions, in international relations, in governance, armaments, education, media, moral rearmament and, for believers, between faith in their religion or have faith in the Lord, Creator of life. Admittedly, this alternative way represents a gigantic planetary site but would allow the opening of a new chapter of the humanity.

This improbable project can be achieved by the genius of man when placed back against the wall or when he repents in truth and confides in the providence of the Lord.

The foresight of certain elites, as well as the good sense of peoples conscious to disappear, if no idea of ​​great magnitude was attempted, other than a devastating third world war could still be remedied by the proclamation: Humanity is in danger of annihilation. Otherwise, we would only have to whisper the epitaph of François Villon: Human brothers who after us would live, do not have against us the heart too hardened...

Before this apocalyptic end comes, trying the impossible is the only alternative. Peoples must be consulted by a worldwide referendum. This is possible thanks to the new tools of communication. The world could then delay this biblical deadline of a fatalist der der.

To return to I'm innovating so I'mit would be possible to create a gigantic global start-upspecific and adaptable for its adaptation to each country concerned.

It would bring together a number of intellectual and financial means in order to question the extension of the extraordinary human adventure. This requires a determined willingness to recognize one's mistakes, to try to remedy and innovate constantly to find a panoply means of repairing the evils caused by advocating the good of healing.

Such an idea seems childishly idealistic, which reminds me of what I once wrote: The poet and the child are bigger than the politicians.

Some suggestions would be useful for a large number of people, especially for the youth who dream of doing battle with the Non-future who is waiting for them. They need to practice premonitory creativity to develop new process from which a fundamental idea would spring up, attracting the support of all those who would be involved. To achieve such start-up date and to concretely objectify it, it is necessary to target a project focused on the Good and the denunciation of Evil. With the current IT tools, the speed of the race for innovation can only increase. This stimulates and signifies the requirement of sustained tension, the ability to anticipate and adjust to the times vital needs.

To innovate, in a society that is changing at full speed, needs to anticipate and adapt, always having a step ahead

in view of the constant changes in economies and technologies. The race of a solo start-up is more adventurous. She takes all the risks, knowing the sanction of the failure. However,

it never means to be off-side because failure can become a way to bounce back stronger in cognitive energy and go further.

The important thing is the desire to break the deadlock, to dare to imagine otherto find synergies leading to more flexibility, more strength and simplification. In addition to the purpose of a project, its ethics must impregnate it.

In stages, it is necessary to re-focus its trajectory for the entire team, so that it is always positive and upward.

Failures along the way are only rebound levels. However, during a serious financial blocking, technical or aggression of a powerful group, it is necessary to immediately apply a back-fire previously scripted and tighten the links to form a testudinem formate (the shields of the Roman turtle).

In the field of innovation, the fight is incessant. The style of entrepreneurial group that will succeed in distinguishing itself depends on the genius of its leader and the loyalty of his team. Recruitment of the surviving team members and partners must be based on the precedence of their respective experiences, the speed of execution of their tasks, the authenticity of their psychological commitment and the ability to say no to what is too consistent with the uses. The path of winning innovation requires the state of mind of a marathon runner. A good entrepreneurial profile is like the finely muscled body of an Ethiopian runner. The latter causes the flexibility of his muscles, control his suffering and sometimes his hunger. Similarly, an inventor must train the creative fertility of his brain, for example, to have an original idea every day.

Personally, atheist that I was, faith in God seized me at thirty-three because The sky fell on my head (3) Then the testimony of Jesus overwhelmed me. I was then in the fullness of freedom, to love and to innovate. This spiritual reality planted in my heart, has inhabited my neurons for half a century. Since this new birth, two sentences of the Bible summarize my state of mind:

"You have been made known, O man, what is good; and what the LORD asks of you is that you practice righteousness, that you love mercy, and that you walk humbly with your God " Micah 6-8

" Jesus answered, "Truly, truly, I say to you, unless a man is born of water and the Spirit, he can not enter into the kingdom of God." John 3-5

François Celier

  1. Third part of my trilogy on innovation.
  2. Islamists terrorize, exterminate or dhiminisent non-Muslims, especially Jews, Christians and apostates. This religious ideology scares politicians and the media. In exponential numbers, the jihadists undertaking by cunning and saber the domination of the world.
  3. The book was published in 1982.
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