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Apparently, Jerusalem would not be Jewish

"No, nothing, no, I do not regret anything
Neither the good that was done to me nor the evil
All that I care
No, nothing, no, I do not regret anything
It's paid, swept, forgotten, I do not care about the past »

Who would sing for Piaf today: for Unesco who erases the Hebrew names from the monuments of Jerusalem and Hebron ? For the UN, which, nothing, raises a bronca to the announcement of the displacement of the United States Embassy in Jerusalem, capital of Israel? For the Israelis, who, in their own way, do not bow to centuries of persecution?

Yerushaläyim, a Gallic name

Perhaps it is not a reason to grant by a deafening silence our Western voices to those of the populace who thunder in the Arab countries: that Jerusalem is not more Jewish than Israel, which we can always wonder about. where the invention originated.

According to our scholars, it is quite obvious that Yerushaläyim was never Jewish, as attested by the fact, verified by many historians, that David, no more than his son Solomon, was a Jew. Serious studies show that these two kings, or so-called such, who certainly settled in this village, were from Gaul from where David emigrated with his young son, most probably born in this place which today bears the name d'Ambert, unless it was Issoire according to some.

Jerusalem, then, is not more Jewish, if it ever was, that the two aforementioned villages belong to the kingdom of Zion. A story of friends full of meaning. Nor can Poitiers be retroactively attributed to the Umayyads. So that we reassure ourselves in the cottages.

To the wall

If so many Mohammedans today claim Jerusalem by denying him the right to be Jewish, it is good that they once made the conquest and imposed their law after that of the Romans. The latter had precipitated on the roads of exile the surviving Jews from the annihilation of their city by Titus, after fierce resistance. Shortcut history, of course. We can never salute the military value of this Islam, which took vigorously following this ratiboisage. Who makes think of Erdogan declaring: "The mosques are our barracks, the cupolas our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the believers our soldiers. " This is well said by the president of a large NATO member country.

Besides, yes, moreover, the Jews only have a wall in Israel. And yet, on closer inspection, this vestige of the remains of Solomon's Temple rebuilt by Herod, would be, after all, only the sub-foundation of the radiant esplanade (that they maintain) of the mosque of Al -Aqsâ whose titles of property are otherwise stronger.

Is it not written in Surat Al-Isrâ or Banû Isrâ'îl (17-1) (I quote the translation of André Chouraqui):

Praise to the one who transported
his night servant
of the Forbidden Mosque
at the Al-Aqsa Mosque
we decided for the sons of Isrâ'îl,
in the scripture:
"You will be destroyed twice on earth,
then you will rise in great elevation. "

For the promised destruction, it is, let us acknowledge it, rather prophetic. Although some (too many to be quoted without jealousy) find this still insufficient. But as far as Al-Aqsâ is concerned, it is not at all proven that it was located in Jerusalem for Mohamed. Witness, in particular, the article by Ahmed Mohammed Arafa, columnist of the Egyptian weekly Al-Qahira (August 5, 2003). The author argues that the surah, so-called "The night trip", does not refer to the miraculous journey of Mecca to Jerusalem, but to the emigration of the prophet (Hegira) from Mecca to Medina. The prophet had turned well to pray to Aelia (Jerusalem), a city of Jewish culture, but Jerusalem had not yet been conquered by Muslims. He would then turn away from this direction for prayer (quibla) to move from Medina to the mosque, "the farthest" (Al Aqsa) is that of Al Haram in Mecca.

Stones of detail

It would be for political ends that much later, the caliph Abd El-Malik built a new mosque in Jerusalem as a new place of pilgrimage in order to divert the people from the Mecca pilgrims then dominated by his rival Ibn Al-Zubayr Marwan.

It is always for political purposes that Al-Aqsa is used today against Israel. This is how its esplanade contains reserves of stones intended to steal the Jewish faithful gathered at the foot of the Kotel: a tradition.

Unesco does not blame the question, "Rolling stone does not amass foam" could be his motto. As we have heard, it would then be left to Solomon's manes to return to Ambert or Issoire at the same time. But is not this a detail?

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6 Partages

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  1. Maurice Partouche
    Maurice Partouche   31 December 2017 at 1 h 17 min

    What is certain is that "what happened 2000 years ago is reproduced today":
    The Almighty asks people to recognize him and this is done at the UN, for the recognition of Jerusalem Capital of the State of Israel, and above all, seat of the Divine Throne!
    But according to the choices made by the nations, there will be unimaginable consequences for the common heads of state.
    I would like to point out that I am not clairvoyant but that I rely on biblical texts, which tell us about the destiny of the world and peoples.

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