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Jérusalem: Trump et Israël "humiliés" par l'ONU? Pas du tout! - CauseurUnlike the doxa of the media, they come out rather strengthened

Camouflage, humiliation, isolation: between The world, Release, France Inter, who will find the most hurtful and depreciating word to describe the UN sequence following Donald Trump's decision to put an end to the endless procrastination of a 1995 US congressional decision, recognizing Jerusalem as capital of Israel, and deciding to launch studies for the transfer of the United States Embassy from Tel Aviv to West Jerusalem.

Not even hurt !

For the layman, who does not closely follow the evolution of the diplomatic dimension of the Arab-Israeli conflict, there is no photo: the resolution condemning Washington was adopted at 14 to 1 (American veto) in the Security Council , and by 128 for 9 against, 35 abstentions and 21 non-participation in the vote in the General Assembly. So it looks like a humiliating defeat of the kind that, from time to time, the All Black New Zealanders submit to the Fifteen tricolor ...

For those who, on the other hand, strive not to have a memory of goldfish in their perception of the evolution of geopolitical power relations, and are not content with sports metaphors to explain the march of the world to their readers, listeners and viewers, this case is noticeably less painful for the United States and Israel than we would like us to believe.

The vote of the Security Council was pre-arranged, as none of the nations traditionally less unfavorable to the positions defended by the United States and Israel is currently part of it. As the American veto was certain (which nation, by the way, would accept to be condemned for a decision on the establishment of its embassy in a third country?), We voted with all the more enthusiasm that the it was certain that this vote would have no consequences. The "Trump bashing" being the thing best shared in our countries, we pick up some domestic political benefits. It's small arms, okay, but it's human.

A not so unanimous vote

As for the vote of the General Assembly, which, it should be remembered, had no other than symbolic effect, it surprised uncomfortably those who thought that the whole world would witness, as usual, the pillory of Israel and the United States, whose support would be limited to the few states as microscopic and 100% dependent on the United States' financial windfall as Nauru, the Marshall Islands or Micronesia ("Mike who? " had once asked Ronald Reagan to report favorable votes to the United Nations). The formula of Abba Eban, Israel's longtime ambassador to the United Nations, and the historical figure of the Israeli "doves" in managing the conflict with the Arabs, was still a hit: "If Algeria put a resolution to the General Assembly declaring that the earth is flat and Israel is flattening it, it would be voted by an overwhelming majority of the member countries of this honorable assembly! ". Exaggerated? Caricatural? The recent votes of UNESCO, organ of the UN, whose Palestine - thanks to France - became a full member, denying any connection of the Jews with the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, show that the permanence of this state of mind is not only the fantasy of radical Zionists.

Put in its historical context, the last vote of the UN General Assembly shows rather a strengthening of the international status of Israel than the opposite and, consequently, a weakening of the Palestinian position. In total, 65 countries did not vote in favor of the scamers of Donald Trump and Benyamin Netanyahu. Who can say today, for example, that Canada's Justin Trudeau, Mexico, Argentina or Australia are countries totally under the economic and political cut of Washington, or under the pressure of a powerful lobby inner Jew? That they are part of the worshipers cult of Donald Trump and Likud together? Who can think that these nations can be sensitive to threats economic reprisals recklessly brandished by Nikki Halley, US ambassador to the UN, like vulgar banana republics African or South American?

Europe divided again

And Europe? She showed once again that her division on the issue is insurmountable: 6 EU member states have not voted a resolution backed by France and Germany, which claim to continental leadership: Poland, the Republic Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Latvia and Croatia. If Brussels had some pretensions to substitute itself as mediator in the Middle East to the United States challenged by Mahmoud Abbas, it is not won.

Israel, moreover, perceives the dividends of a clever African diplomacy carried out in a context where this continent is destabilized by the jihadist threat. The expertise of the Jewish state in the fight against terrorism, put at the service of important African countries, such as Kenya and the Democratic Republic of Congo - and even Togo, however in the sphere of French influence - has not no stranger to their vote in New York. Even Turkmenistan, a Central Asian country of the former USSR, largely Muslim and Turkish speaking, did not follow the voting instructions of its two mentors, Putin's Russia and Erdogan's Turkey!

Obama does not exist anymore

"It's at the end of the market that we count the dung. " This old adage of rural France should be meditated by Mahmoud Abbas and his unconditional supporters. And the account is far from being there for the Palestinian leadership! Not only did Donald Trump's initiative not set fire to the Palestinian Territories and the Arab street around the world - contrary to the apocalyptic prophecies of the licensed commentators - but it did not, either, trigger of the international community a wave of recognition of the Palestinian state. Coming to Paris to beg for it, Mahmoud Abbas was opposed by Emmanuel Macron, who thus distances himself from Laurent Fabius' strategy. In December 2014, he had voted for the principle of this recognition by the French Parliament - with the aim of putting pressure on Israel - and convened in 2016, in Paris, an international conference on the Israeli-Palestinian question - which was a fiasco. That should have been the logical trigger for Fabius's promised diplomatic bomb, but Macron does not see things the same way, and is cautious in a case where there are only shots to be taken. ...

Donald Trump's strategy on the Israeli-Palestinian issue is disruptive, upsetting the status quo established since the beginning of the century, after the failure of the Camp David and Taba talks. There is no guarantee that this strategy will succeed, but it is certain that that of his predecessor Barak Obama, who wanted to twist the arm of the Israelis, failed.

by Luc Rosenzweig

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