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CHRONICLE - The historian and essayist returns to the manifesto of the 300 personalities against anti-Semitism published in The Parisian. He is delighted to end the denial of the real and analyze the political reconfiguration produced by the question of Islamo-leftism. By dint of giving up its values, the left runs the risk of being wiped off the map in favor of a single duel between center and right.

● On the Judeo-Muslim question

Well! Yes there is Muslim anti-Semitism. Great news! This evidence has long been an open secret, but the new fact is that we now have the right to speak about it. The era of communication is first of all that of intimidation. Thus everyone in the 1950s knew the existence of the Gulag, but it was necessary that Khrushchev in person gave permission (1956) so that in the stalinoid circles of the Parisian intelligentsia, one is emboldened to there make allusion to.

The great merit of the 300 manifesto (The Parisian, 22/4), but also that of the 30 imams (The world, 24/4) is to have put an end to these modesty of frightened virgins who, in the Victorian era, were required to say their "stomach", not to mention their belly. From now on, when an old Jewish lady will be tortured and slaughtered with the cries of Allah akbar! it will no longer be systematically questioned, even in the mouths of instructing magistrates, the madmen and the mentally ill; when denouncing the impossibility of teaching the Holocaust in some Muslim-dominated schools, The worldwe will perhaps spare his ritual general considerations on the old and tenacious French anti-Semitism; when it is necessary to note that our fellow Jews are afraid in some quarters and leave them for more hospitable places, in France, in Israel, or elsewhere, we will perhaps be dispensed from these lame statistics on the decrease of the growth of the phenomenon. ...

● Against precautionary Islamism

Of course, not all Muslims are anti-Semitic, and not all anti-Semites are Muslims. But to fight an evil, you have to name it first. When in my previous notebook of Figaro I denounced, alongside extreme right-wing anti-Semitism and popular anti-Semitism, and even before the appearance in France of Muslim anti-Semitism, a once virulent Christian anti-Semitism, I did not feel obliged to add that all Christians were not anti-Semites, only Jesus himself ... and so on.

To know which side balances the racism, it is enough to consult the statistics. Jews vote with their feet, Muslims too.

In this respect, Pierre-André Taguieff's latest book can not be highly recommended,Judeophobia, the last wave(Fayard) who shows with his usual erudition and rigor that Muslim anti-Semitism is far from being a recycling of old Western anti-Semitism. It proceeds largely from the humiliation felt by the Arab-Muslim world during the settlement of Israel and the wars that followed. There is a real "Islamization of Judeophobia". When, he asks, a Vatican II of Sunni Islam?

I conclude that we must put an end to precautionary Islamism, which cradles beautiful souls, allows them to be grateful for their own delicacy. No, it is not the Mauritanian anti-Semitism that is the cause of this "low-noise cleansing" denounced by the 300; no, there are no pious parallels between anti-Semitism in particular and racism in general that explain that the country of the Abbé Grégoire, Bernard Lazare and Peguy became a place repulsive for the Jews, when it remains attractive for Muslims, as it is easy to see. It's simple. To know which side balances the racism, it is enough to consult the statistics. Jews vote with their feet, Muslims too.

For the denial of the real is a crime; in this case, it is a passive complicity with anti-Semitism, to the point of persuading poor Poutou, while eleven Jews have fallen in recent years under the bullets or knives of Islamist killers, that it is the French Muslims who paid the highest price for criminal racism ...

As Proust says, the facts do not enter the places where our beliefs live.

I add a recommendation to the address of our Muslim compatriots: that they are a little suspicious of these sensitive-minded Islamophiles, who give them more caresses than Donald Trump to an Emmanuel Macron who could no longer. When they really need their active engagement, they can be pretty sure they will not be able to count on it. Having recently taken stock of my militant life, and found that it had been devoted for the most part to the defense of Muslims in France, Algeria, Bosnia, Darfur, I made myself this remark much more interesting is that never when it was necessary to fight, the Islamolaters of today were not there. Strange all the same. Some may recognize themselves, but I am not sure, as Proust says, the facts do not enter the places where our beliefs live.

● A strange crossover

One last observation. It is part of the political analysis. Today, when you hear someone standing up for Muslims, you can be sure he is left or believes he is. When you hear another defending the Jews, you can now assume that he is on the right. I recognize that this is a somewhat summary test, which makes good honorable exceptions in both cases and in both directions. It is heartbreaking, but it is so, the world upside down. A Charles Maurras, of which there is much talk today, if he came back among us, he would not believe his eyes; still less his ears, which he had bad.

I will go even further: the Judeo-Muslim question is creating in France a bewildering crossover in terms of values. Throughout the Third Republic, and only a short while ago, a man of the Left was recognized by a certain number of traits: the unwavering attachment to secularism, to the republican school, to the Republic itself, to the nation, to France. And to the hate of anti-Semitism! Take all the great men whose left is traditionally claimed, from Gambetta to Mitterrand, through Clemenceau, Jaurès, Blum, Mendes, and how many others, like my lost friends, Michel Rocard and Edmond Maire, and our dear Robert Badinter: they are all steeped in these values.

● Compensation Islamism

But on the contrary, there are now many Orgon victims on the left of the Tartuffe-Ramadan of Islamo-leftism.

Listen carefully to the spokespersons of the left, or what's left of them. Laicity? Of course, she must be honored, but in moderation.

Is not the Republic throughout our history synonymous with colonialism, even racism?

To exalt it too much, would we not end up "stigmatizing" Muslims? The republican school? To look too much for excellence, are not these the inequalities that one digs to the detriment of the less well armed? Is not the Republic throughout our history synonymous with colonialism, even racism? The nation? Is it not a factor of exclusion for newcomers? France? This "story" where our ancestors had found the link that unites them, is it anything other than a pure fiction, since the "Judeo-Christian roots" up to the Enlightenment philosophy, stemming from these roots?

This deconstruction is in progress. Its scientific and philosophical bases are fragile; they are most often based on daring and bad faith. But it is effective enough to scratch the left of the present political landscape for at least ten years. Because, finally, I ask you: if the left de facto denies the values ​​on which it once founded its pact with the nation, especially with the popular classes, what reason will remain for the latter to support it? Social proximity? She does not exist. Generalized clientelism? He is not credible. Certainly, this sudden fervor for the religion of the other has something amazing on the part of a political staff mostly agnostic; it is to pay dearly for a tardy rectification of firing designed to make one forget one's mollet-colonialism of a long time ago.

Meanwhile, part of the republican right, either to make room for the left, or to block the rise of Islamism, is closer to the values ​​mentioned above. I do not see why the real men of the Left, heirs of the Enlightenment and convinced that their values ​​are universal should be afflicted. In any case, the fact is difficult to contest. Because of this ridiculous Islamic bigotry, which in no way coincides with the need for the integration of Muslims, the left leaves for ten years the free field to an exclusive confrontation between the right and the center.

● I had a dream

Yes, I have this dream. That the personalities, more numerous than one thinks, in love with peace and fraternity in the various religions and spiritual societies meet and establish between them a permanent link. The manifesto of 300 ends with a call to Muslims. For their part, the 30 imams denouncing "the confiscation of their religion by criminals" and defining Islam as a "spiritual aspiration", in search of "transcendence of generosity and otherness", used formulas that go to the heart of every free man and every French citizen.

The Church of France, which has already completed the journey of reconciliation with Jews and has good relations with Muslims, would be well placed to propose a joint initiative

It seems to me that the Church of France, which has already completed the journey of reconciliation with the Jews and has good relations with Muslims, would be well placed to propose a joint initiative. That besides the archbishop of Paris, the chief rabbi Korsia, the imam of Bordeaux Oubrou, personalities like Élisabeth Badinter, Patrick Kessel, Pascal Bruckner, Boualem Sansal, Kamel Daoud, Caroline Fourest, - these are names that I throw a little on the fly - establish between them a permanent liaison body to fight against racism and anti-Semitism, would be proof that the offensive would cease to be the prerogative of fanatics and assassins. Will I add that such an initiative would be a contribution to true secularism within the laws of the Republic? It will not be said that in this country the last word comes back to hate-bearers, or just fools. Beyond its purpose, the fight against racism and anti-Semitism and for fraternity, which would not duplicate existing human rights bodies, such a liaison body would give back to a country ravaged by pettiness and insignificance, the signal of a revolt of the spiritual.

● Atmosphere, atmosphere ...

In his Libération editorial (April 28-29, 2018), Laurent Joffrin pointed out that MM Finkielkraut and Zemmour do not have the "direct" responsibility (the word appears textually) in a possible return of Fascist violence. It's very generous of him. Thanks for them. At most they contribute to create an "atmosphere", he adds, favorable to this resurgence.

Instead of those concerned, I would feel obliged to return the elevator to Laurent Joffrin, stating with the greatest clarity that he has no direct responsibility for Islamist terrorism.

It is even said - but what do not we say? - that Liberation would prepare in secret a special issue entitled "Help! Muhammad is coming back! "

● Paris is a feast for the eyes

One can currently visit in Paris three exhibitions devoted to major painters, Delacroix, Tintoretto, Corot, convulsive beauty and Apollonian beauty. In spite of my immoderate love of Tintoretto, it is from Camille Corot that I would like to say a word, as the exhibition of the Marmottan Museum, devoted to Corot portraitist out of the ordinary. To say that the portrait was, so to speak, only the violin of Ingres! We come out with a clear mind, a calm soul, a festive heart. As if the poetic realism of his portraits, as far removed from Courbet's verism as from the impressionistic subjectivity of the next generation, was the quiet manifestation of hidden evidence. Corot (1796-1875) is a painter who is never clever, who does not teach a lesson, but who at every moment gives to see things and people as we had never seen them, as in them even the snapshot changes them. And what a colorist! From LaDame in blue, which is like the final bouquet of this exhibition, the critic Gustave Geffroy wrote "with this passing moment, Corot has made a final reality". And a definitive blue. * Editorialist of the weekly "Marianne". Jacques Julliard's notebook, which usually appears on the first Monday of the month, was unusually offbeat because of the bridge. The usual rhythm will resume from the month of June.



Source: © Jacques Julliard: "The Left, Islam and the New Anti-Semitism"

7 Partages

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