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Ivan Rioufol, journalist and editorialist of Le Figaro
Paris on 19/11/2015
Photo François Bouchon / Le Figaro

CHRONICLE - The election of Emmanuel Macron has favored the tyranny of minorities who demand Western guilt.

A wish for 2018? That the ridiculous terrace finally the "anti-racists": they render undeniable minorities declared untouchable. This weekend, the footballer of the France team, Antoine Griezmann, had to apologize for being a black basketball player of the 1980swearing an afro wig; he wanted to honor the Harlem Globetrotters. The same foolish controversy fell on the new Miss France, Maeva Coucke, who had declared, defending his candidacy: "After a blonde, a brunette, a Miss with the mane of a lioness, why not a redhead." Having recalled the frizzy hair of Alicia Aylies, whom she succeeded, earned the redhead elected to be accused of racism.

The world Tuesday devoted to "new activists of anti-racism" a complacent article on racialized courses forbidden to whites, without finding fault with it. The government's decision to revoke the appointment of racialist activist Rokhaya Diallo to the National Digital Council has provoked more indignation than her hate speech denouncing "state racism". Etc.

Those who apply human rights as a religion behave like arsonists: neither individuals nor cultures are interchangeable

The grip of the politically correct continues to expand. This year, black activists demanded to rename places bearing the name of Colbert, accused of promoting slavery. These vigilantes mime the American activists who debunk the statues of the southern general Robert E. Lee and instruct the trial of Christopher Columbus. In the process, the white heterosexual male has become, in the eyes of neofeminists, a potential sexual predator.

Such a presumption of guilt hangs over the host society, accused of never doing enough for "migrants". The anti-racist dialectic sees Islam as the religion of the weak and the Muslim as the damned of the earth. In a collective forum published Saturday by The world, mayors (including Martine Aubry and Alain Juppé) renounce to differentiate the official refugees from rejected asylum seekers who want to stay in the territory. They write: "Welcoming new inhabitants with dignity is our responsibility to everyone." And let's go!

Humanitarian indoctrination, which requires the acceptance of those who want and give in to those who demand in the name of sacred diversity, is a threat to national cohesion and civil peace. Those who apply human rights as a religion behave like arsonists: neither individuals nor cultures are interchangeable.

The deconvoying enterprise of the "elites" is such that the opposition of native people to immigration of settlement is seen as an indefensible folding

Jacques Toubon, the Defender of Rights, promotes a sadistic angelism when he declares, Tuesday in The Parisian: "We must get out of this policy buttressed on the control of migratory flows," while admitting the "fear" of European opinions in front of arrivals of foreigners. The "elite" decervation enterprise is such that the opposition of native people to settlement immigration is seen as an indefensible alienation.

On Sunday, Prime Minister Édouard Philippe defined this "populist reflex" as "the flattery of low instincts". Beautiful souls are odious: they forbid all compassion for the forgotten French and offer themselves to their replacements.

Macron fits into this comfort of good feelings, which require Western guilt. His election signed the consolidation of the politically correct, which supports the tyranny of minorities. As a presidential candidate, he had repeatedly criticized the "sad passions" and the "sorrowful spirits" that he said he saw among the "forces of the old world" worried about their future in their country open to all.

Macron's support for Angela Merkel's disastrous migration policy, coupled with her praise for a post-national society and her attacks on "xenophobes" place him in the immigration camp. The theme of immigration, like that of Islam, was also absent from his campaign, but also from the debate that had pitted him against Marine Le Pen. He had not said a word either during his first televised interview in October. Sunday, during his salon conversation with Laurent Delahousse on France 2the subject has not been mentioned. The president tied his hands.

● Macron in the face of immigration

The excitement aroused this week, in the socialist and communist left, by the intentions of the government to "harden", in September, the conditions of reception of "migrants" and expulsion of rejected asylum seekers Macron in a role he did not prepare. "I do what I said," likes to repeat the president. If it were to be taken literally, the imperative of non-discrimination, the cornerstone of the politically correct, should deter him from having to distinguish between the political refugee and the economic refugee.

It is true that his Minister of the Interior, Gérard Collomb, seem to assume this sort of refusal totally humanitarian associations. On Monday, however, Collomb wanted to see these organizations remain partners of the public authorities. On Tuesday, he symbolically welcomed 25 refugees himself. On Wednesday, he gave up sending back unsuccessful people to transit countries, which they call "safe third countries". On the same day, the prime minister said he wanted to maintain "the unconditionality of the reception", while marking an apparent firmness.

The weakness of Macron is not to understand how immigration was an explosive subject for opinion, in France as in the rest of Europe

Macron's weakness is that he did not understand how immigration was an explosive subject for public opinion, in France as in the rest of Europe. In July, he said he still wanted to accommodate everyone "worthily", prior to any expulsion decision. "I do not want anyone on the streets at the end of the year." Undeniable commitment of course. Especially since the message was understood as an invitation to come more.

The interest of the nation would obviously be to see Macron violence, recognizing the lightness of its analysis on societal issues. The presidential strategy of "at the same time" is inapplicable when it is primarily a matter of dissuading the unfortunate to join the European mirage. Will Macron be able to free himself from the bad conscience instilled for decades by the gravediggers of the French people? The next few months will tell. But it seems unlikely that the president could destabilize the right, who claims to be uninhibited and free from ready-made thoughts.

● Censorship of laughter

Last victim of the censors: the comic Tex, fired from France 2 for a bad joke on battered women. Today, a Desproges, a Coluche, a Le Luron would be unemployed. Politically correct is a dictatorship.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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