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You will find below a tribune of Marc Blachère, a journalist at L'Humanité who, as everyone knows, is neither an Islamophobic journal (even more Islamophile) nor a philo-Semite opinion. This platform decrypts a speech made on September 28, 2012 at the Raismes Mosque by a certain ...Othmane Iquioussen, signatory of the call published in the world on April 24, 2018 (2 days after the publication of the Manifesto against New Antisemitism).Othmane Iquioussen  declared: "Alain Soral says very interesting things, very intelligent, relevant, and sometimes, we may very well not agree with him. ". As you can see for yourself, this Imam is the very profile of what the Manifesto condemns. 

This leader of the Union of Islamic Organizations in France broadcasts a false and hateful speech, enamelled with historical rudeness.

This leader of the Union of Islamic Organizations in France broadcasts a false and hateful speech, enamelled with historical rudeness. Hassan Iquioussen is an unknown figure in the media and the "general public". Yet it is well known to thousands, tens of thousands of young people, men and women. His lectures given throughout France gather a large and attentive audience. They are distributed in audio cassettes to thousands of copies. Unless you go to one of his many talks, it is very difficult to discover his face. The man was born, about thirty-five years ago, in Nord-Pas-de-Calais, from a minor father. As a teenager, in search of his identity, he discovers Islam, or at least an Islam. He becomes militant. After a third university degree in history, he devoted himself full-time, with the UOIF, to his work with young people from immigrant backgrounds. He is often presented as a "preacher". The word can be confusing. Hassan Iquioussen does not preach a religious truth in the manner of American evangelists. It testifies to the faith in "enlightening", in the light of the Qur'an and hadith (the comments attributed to Muhammad), the concerns raised by the problems of everyday life: the parent-child relationship, the foundation and the life of the couple, the life in good neighborhood ... In his speech, no erudition. Iquioussen is the populist double of Ramadan. The language is more direct, wants to be "young", a "French suburbs". The statement reveals a sustained attention to the sensitivity of the audience, to their reactions. With some palpitations, a lot of simplistic, modernism of good quality that continues to respect the tradition. Hassan Iquioussen has become the reference of thousands of young French Muslims. In his abundant production, which is next to that of Tariq Ramadan in the catalog of Tawhid publishing house and which is distributed in all Islamic bookshops, two cassettes differ from the ordinary: Palestine, history of an injustice and Iraq, war and media. To "illuminate" the drama of the Middle East, Iquioussen goes back to the Bible: "There have been many prophets among the children of Israel because they often forget. They are ungrateful, a people that needs to be called to order twenty-four hours a day. "Everything happens there: Abraham, Moses and David who" were Muslims "(centuries and centuries before the revelation of the Koran to Muhammad!), Nebuchadnezzar and the Romans with whom the conflict breaks out because" the theory of the Jews says that 'They are the chosen people and God created human beings to serve them, like sheep, slaves.' Then comes Muhammad. In Medina, a Jew tries to poison her. God protects him, saves him. Is it not the proof sought that he is indeed the prophet? Iquioussen: "Has the woman converted? No. See stubbornness. Remember that because you will understand what is happening today. Since then, Jews have been constantly plotting against Islam and Muslims. "Over the course of the talk will come" the first schism due to a converted Yemeni Jew to destroy Islam from within ", then, much later," in Turkey, the Young Turks revolution led by Mustapha Kemal, a Jewish hypocritically converted to Islam "always" to destroy Islam and Muslims from within. " And again, Nasser, not a Jew but "the traitor of traitors, the enemy of Palestine and the Arab cause, a henchman of the West". Arafat too is doomed. Throughout history, the clichés about "miserly Jews and usurers" parade. The summit arrives: "The texts today prove it. The Zionists were conniving with Hitler. It was necessary to push the Jews of Germany, France ... to leave Europe for Palestine. To force them, they had to hurt them. "It is with the same rigor that the foundations of the" complicity "and" colonialism "of the Americans and the English are uncovered:" They are Protestants and, in the Protestant religion, there is the conviction that when all Jews will be back in Palestine then the messiah will return. "Faced with the universal conspiracy," the only obstacle are the true Muslims ". Foremost among them is Hassan Al Banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood (long-glorified themselves) and grandfather of Tariq Ramadam. Immediately afterwards appears Faisal of Arabia, a supporter of Wahhabism, uncompromising and rigorous heresy raging in Saudi Arabia. In the wake, Iquioussen celebrates "Hamas which, with its armed wing, does a good job". Throughout the forty-five minutes of this presentation, as in the shorter one, devoted to Iraq and where the same "theses" come back, the audience is invited to identify with the Palestinian cause as presented . The presentation on Iraq concludes with a call to the days organized by the UOIF at Le Bourget in May 2003, the same ones where Nicolas Sarkozy has grown up good to go. A question. The content of these tapes, disseminated in a massive way and in broad daylight, can not be ignored by the public authorities, the government. What is the silence of lead on racism, "the anti-Semitism of the suburbs" and culture of hatred spread Iquioussen and its publishing house and that covers, at least, the UOIF?

Marc Blachère

Source: Iquioussen Islamism or the culture of anti-Jewish hatred

8 Partages

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