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Jean-Yves Le Drian, June 3 at the Elysee, after a meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Emmanuel Macron. - Photo credits: POOL New / REUTERS

Highly solicited during the campaign by Emmanuel Macron, the Minister of Foreign Affairs has been more withdrawn in recent months. In private, he seems to wonder about this beginning of five years.

It is little to say that Emmanuel Macron cajoled Jean-Yves Le Drian during the campaign. The candidate of En marche! had no words sweet enough to boast of the service of one of the few popular ministers of Francois Hollande, whose the rally to Emmanuel Macron had been skilfully orchestrated. A few months later, relationships have changed. Breton, now at the head of the Quai d'Orsay, is no longer the subject of much attention. As if a distance had settled between the two men.

A close friend of Jean-Yves Le Drian

"What Jean-Yves built in five years, the President unraveled in five days" [/ Perfectpullquote]

Anxious to break with the ways of making his predecessor, the head of state repeated that he wanted to impose another type of relationship to the armies. The eventful departure of General Pierre de Villiers from his post as Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces (CEMA), in reaction to the 850 million euros cut in the defense budget, would have offended Le Drian. At the Hotel de Brienne, on July 13, he did not linger after the speech of Emmanuel Macron severely reframing the CEMA. "General de Villiers is a great soldier, of great integrity and exigency, soberly explained, later, the Minister of Foreign Affairs in an interview with echoes . I respect his decision. The President, without changing his commitment, decided for this year in a different direction from that desired by his Chief of Staff. He has drawn the consequences. "

In this silent, these words could be interpreted as a distancing from Elysian decisions. "What Jean-Yves built in five years, the president unraveled in five days. The Drian is not the type to react hot, to make shoots, "lambasted a close friend of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, little known for his outbursts. "But we should not have a second episode like this happen. There it would be another story, "he warns.

"The period is complicated"

A rumor has circulated that the minister could slam the door in September and return to Brittany. "This is totally unfounded, retort in his office. The Drian is completely invested, he feels a real usefulness in his new functions, it nourishes him. He takes the time to immerse himself in the files. "A man of confidence of the Minister is more nuanced:" Jean-Yves is not on the start. But the installation period is complicated. For him, at this stage, the balance sheet is 50/50. He feels a kind of sadness about the method ... "Like many of his comrades in the government, Le Drian learned the extent of the budget efforts required of his services, when opening The Parisian July 11. In recent days, he was fighting like a handsome devil to get a letter of more lenient ceiling from Bercy ...

If Jean-Yves Le Drian did not put himself forward on July 25 during the meeting at La Celle-Saint-Cloud between the two Libyan enemy brothers Fayez al-Sarraj and General Haftar, of which he was the main craftsman, that could change. In September, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, who has already traveled to more than fifteen countries, will bring France's voice to the UN Security Council and will travel to Iraq. "He will speak more," he promises. An exercise that will force him to force his nature. The Drian indeed flies cameras and microphones. Just arrived at the Quai d'Orsay, he had also warned the executives of the house: "It is said that I prefer" do "than" say ". Well, that's right. I know that I am coming into a ministry where speech is a form of action, and I will draw the consequences from it, since it is a question of saying. However, I do not want to be the man commenting on the international situation or the one who is looking for the media company. It is not me."

Party of the Brienne Hotel with a tight heart, the socialist will soon be able to plunge back into his five years spent in defense. According to our information, he must indeed meet next week Francois Hollande.

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