"Here we are in the countryside and Macron does not care"

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In Sologne, rural voters oscillate between disappointment and rancor vis-à-vis the President of the Republic.

Emmanuel Macron annoys them. "Haughty", "Contemptuous", "Far away"the adjectives they use when they talk about him are not tender. On these Solognotes lands of Loir-et-Cher, to hear their critics, they could almost intone the famous song of Michel Delpech which repeated: "It seems like you're embarrassed to walk in the mud. " From Romorantin to Chambord, voters on the right, from the National Front or even Macronists, sing the same throbbing music, the distance that the President of the Republic would have established with rural France.

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With a rating of popularity stable or slightly increasing according to the institutes, studies show that the French are still waiting to see the effects of the action of the government to establish their judgment. According to that of Cevipof, it is among the workers, the non-graduates and the low income that the dissatisfaction remains strong. A tendency clearly corroborated by the testimonies of rural voters collected in the Loir-et-Cher. Especially since in this department right, she fed speeches of local elected officials quick to stigmatize a president away from the "real life".

Here, the poverty rate and unemployment are slightly lower than the national average. Beside the properties and hunts of some big fortunes, the local economy is based on agriculture and logging since the textile and automobile factories closed. The standard of living remains modest but it is good to live, both on farms and small towns where grow inexpensive housing.

Yet the theme of "President of the rich" held by opposition LR, mixed with some melenchonist critics, took. "Look at the luxury in which he lives, the small dishes, the cabinet he made available to his wife ... It is a lifestyle that shocks me," loose Nicolas Garnier, breeder and mayor of Billy, a small town of 1,000 inhabitants. We can tell him that the presidential lifestyle has not changed since Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande. It does not matter! " He is totally disconnected ", insists this sympathizer of the party Republicans.

" Far from us "

Voters on the right, many in these small villages on the edge of the forest, do not understand this president whom they easily affix the scornful qualifier of "Bobo". "Macron listens to the rich. He takes us from above and treats us like nothing but nothing ... ", slice Marie Elvira, educational assistant in Romorantin. This little petite woman, a convinced former Sarkozyist, has seen her position as an educational assistant eliminated, because of the decline in contracts helped in 2018.

Jean A., a retired engineer, also states that Emmanuel Macron is "Too far from our problems of rurality". He has no precise measurements in mind, but a feeling. "His background as a banker, who put so much money aside, does not reassure me, he admits. Listen to the unfortunate expressions he uses, as when he speaks of "those who are nothing". They repeat themselves ... ", adds this octogenarian. In the course of the discussions, everything is thus put on the back of the distance of the "Parisian" which would have no roots. A man who went to high schools and then a career in the business world would not understand anything that goes beyond the ring road.

The antiphon comes back as a leitmotif: "He is far from us. " For some, it is his "antisocial" measures such as the increase in the CSG paid by pensioners that would be the symptom; for others, heavy loads. Farmers are targeting the condemnation of glyphosates. Even the youngest ones get started. "Here we are in the countryside and he does not care," Vanessa D., 30, a fast-food artisan who voted for Marine Le Pen in the presidential election, seems to have returned from everything.

"He is a media man and young, but what does he know about the worlds of workers or small campaigns? It is so far awayadds Mohamed Elaguide, 42, a street vendor. This former hospital official who voted Francois Hollande in 2012 and François Fillon in March is not optimistic for the future, citing the pension reform. He bought eight apartments to make his own.

Remain the few voters of Mr. Macron met who seem in between. Patrick Marceau, retired engineer and former trade unionist CFE-CGC, still wants to trust the Head of State: "I hope he's going to restart the economy and investment"he slips. But the way the labor law has been passed does not pass. "He went to the hussar and forced everyone's hand. And we end up with a massive destruction of a number of protections for employees ", is sorry this sexagenarian. On him, the chorus has not yet taken: "I do not know yet if it's the president of the rich. I am waiting to see… "

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