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Gilles-William Goldnadel

It sounds like a bad joke, but it's miserably serious. The mayor of Paris invites Parisians to an exhibition around Che Guevara to return him tribute ".

You have to read the invitation: " With the exhibition Che in Paris, the capital pays homage to a figure of the revolution become a romantic militant icon. To discover the city hall of Paris for free All followed by a stylized closed fist.

Under the invitation is the photo of Hidalgo's hero with a quote from his iconic character: " You have to harden without losing tenderness ". Tenderness ? When you read these disgusting phrases of being syrupy, the thought is suddenly nauseous. Tenderness ? It is necessary to reread the Express article dated September 27, 2007 entitled " the hidden face of Che »:« Could mythology have distorted the perception of reality? Those who knew him in the early hours of his greatest career bear, in any case, another look at the "romantic guerrilla". Former companions in arms or victims, they paint the portrait of a cold being. Brutal. Authoritarian. And with hands stained with the blood of many innocent people.

Lucien Medina, first. At 81 years old, robust, voluble and playful, he remains the peasant he was at the time of the revolution when he was the personal factor of Fidel Castro ... Guevara? He treated people badly. Very badly, insists Medina ... He killed as we swallow a glass of water. With him, it was quickly settled. One morning, around nine o'clock, he tumbles into a small coffee farm belonging to a certain Juan Peres. Che immediately accuses him of being an informer in the pay of the dictatorship of Batista. In reality, his only fault was not to join the revolution. An hour later, the unfortunate cafe man was shot in front of his wife and three children aged 1.3 and 4. "

For a long time, those who know how to read know what to say about the chief jailer of La Cabana prison, nicknamed "the little butcher" where more than 900 prisoners were crammed in 1959.

Shootout every night. Sergio Garcia reports that he intervened with Che to plead his brother's case. I told him : " look at the file, there is an error, you will see for yourself. Then Guevara looked at me and, looking sly, he let go: " He may be innocent, but he wore the blue uniform. So he must die "

A key witness at the time, the chaplain of Cabana Prison confessed in The gallery of death »:« Che never tried to hide his cruelty. On the contrary. The more one solicited his compassion, the more he showed himself cruel. He was completely devoted to his utopia. The revolution demanded that he kill, he killed; she asked him to lie, he was lying. ". At the prison, when families visited their relatives, Guevara demanded that they be taken to the execution squad stained with fresh blood. An alter ego, comrade of the guerrilla, became a jailed dissident, Huber Matos said: " I think ultimately that it pleased him to kill people ". Che calmly validated this belief in a letter addressed to his father.

This is the romantic and tender hero to whom the mayor of Paris has decided to pay tribute. Before Stalin? Lenin? Pol Pot? Ben Laden ? Himmler?

Strange hotel feeble where you can no longer exhibit a crib of the little Jesus, but where we pay tribute to the Christ hero of late students of the 70s.

Obviously, the culture of Anne Hidalgo has stopped reading the collections of the Maspero bookstore. But I go with the lady with tweezers rather than with castanets. To believe it indeed, it would criticize it unfairly because woman and Spanish ...

But that she is reassured, it does not have that contradictors: thus a Thomas Portes, spokesman departmental of the PCF and trade unionist CGT-SNCF: " Congratulations to Anne Hidalgo for her magnificent exhibition on Che Guevara in Paris. No offense to some, Che is a revolutionary who will have made history. His thought is more relevant than ever, no offense to some, Che is a revolutionary. We hear less reactionary dogs when we receive Netanyahu. In short, convergence in abjection.

But let Anne and the delicate comrades she deserves to congratulate each other.

I blame them less for their ignominy than for the Liberals and the Democrats of my friends for their inertia. They have everything and always let it go. They did not organize an intellectual trial against communism. They did not say anything when the dogs were dropped against the authors of the Black Book. They said nothing against the alliance between the Communist Party and the Socialists while they were shaving the walls when they were being brought to trial with the populists. Imagine for a moment that a right mayor organizes a free exhibition in tribute to the achievements of France in Algeria, I already imagine petitions, demonstrations, indignations and abuses.

They will do nothing against the shameful tribute to the little communist butcher.

I feel more shame for the passivity of my camp than for the stupidity of ignorant wicked people.

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45 Partages

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  1. Alain   2 January 2018 at 20 h 39 min

    Thank you Gilles Wiillam, a thousand thanks
    You are one of the few to have this courage. Where are the intellectuals so quick to vilify the slightest misstep of the right? All these impostors will not survive the legitimate popular uprising when the French will get tired of these traitors who hate FRANCE

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