Sexual harassment, men too: photographers stars Mario Testino and Bruce Weber accused

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Mario Testino (left) and Bruce Weber, accused of harassment and sexual assault. - Photo credits: AFP

After cinema, the world of fashion is touched. Thirty people accuse the two photographers. For its part, actor Mark Wahlberg is paying $ 1.5 million to Time's Up. A way to answer the controversy around his stamp for the film All the money in the world.

Reference in the world of fashion and popular with celebrities, the star photographer Mario Testino is in turn accused of sexual harassment. Thirteen people, cited in an article from New York Times published Saturday, claim his guilt.

This new episode of the wave that hits the world of entertainment, media, fashion and politics since revelations of the New York daily on Harvey Weinstein also concerns another fashion photographer, Bruce Weber, already implicated and subject to new charges.

In a statement sent to AFP the general manager of the press group Condé Nast (vogue, Vanity Fair and GQ Bob Sauerberg and Anna Wintour, Artistic Director of the group, said they were "caught by these accusations", which they take "very seriously". They decided not to collaborate with either photographer "until further notice".

Several models, including local stars, as well as former assistants of Mario Testino, accuse the photographer of Peruvian origin of 63 years of having made advances to them, even to have frankly tried to initiate a sexual relation. But none said they gave in. "It was a sexual predator," says Ryan Locke, a supermodel in the late 1990s. He says that during a photo shoot, Mario Testino asked the entire team to leave the room to find themselves alone with him and then would have thrown himself on him.

"I'm the girl, you're the boy," the photographer told the model, who explains to have removed before leaving the place. A former photographer's assistant, Hugo Tillman, said he had a similar experience, while another, Roman Barrett, says Mario Testino rubbed his leg and masturbated in front of him. "Sexual harassment was a constant reality," he says.

Actions taken by Condé Nast Group

In the same article published Saturday, fifteen male models, still active or retired, accuse another photographer, Bruce Weber, of sexual harassment. Early December, he had already been sued for sexual assault by model Jason Boyce.

In October, several magazines and major fashion brands announced that they would no longer work with photographer Terry Richardson, known for his provocative photos and suspected for years of sexually harassing his models.

In addition to the decision to no longer work with Mario Testino or Bruce Weber, the group Condé Nast announced Saturday measures to fight against sexual harassment. In particular, they provide that all models who are photographed for a group title must be at least 18 years old and that any session involving nudity, light clothing or suggestive poses must have its contents approved by the subject.

Mark Wahlberg wants to end the controversy

This Saturday, American actor Mark Wahlberg also announced donating $ 1.5 million to victims of sexual harassment. A generous offer that comes after a controversy around its stamp for the film All the money in the world , more than a thousand times greater than that of his partner, Michelle Williams.

"These last days my stamp to return (scenes) of All the money in the world has become an important topic of conversation ", acknowledged the highest paid actor in the world in 2017, with $ 68 million in total revenue, according to Forbes magazine.

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"I fully support the fight for fair compensation and I donate $ 1.5 million to the Time's Up legal advocacy fund on behalf of Michelle Williams," he said. This amount corresponds to what the 45-year-old comedian had to return, in a hurry, entire portions of the film, so that the director Ridley Scott expurgates Kevin Spacey. Accused of sexual assault and harassment by dozens of men, the latter was replaced by Christopher Plummer.

Mark Wahlberg's seal had been compared to the one hit for the same benefit by Michelle Williams, who agreed to receive only $ 80 a day, less than $ 1,000 in total. This report of 1 to 1,500, revealed by several American media, sparked a heated controversy, in full storm related to the status of women in Hollywood, triggered by the Harvey Weinstein affair.


Source: Sexual Harassment: Photojournalists Mario Testino and Bruce Weber Accused

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