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FIGAROVOX / CHRONICLE - Gilles-William Goldnadel says he can laugh at everything, but only if it's really everything. When public television censors jokes about domestic violence but spreads jokes about the Holocaust, our columnist wonders if the media outrage is not selective.

Gilles-William Goldnadel is a lawyer and essayist. He is president of the France-Israel association. Every week, he decrypts the news for FigaroVox.

I would like this week to x-ray public television with a funny story of funny stories.

It's with these kinds of things that you understand a lot of things.

I had treated in these same columns a few weeks ago the mishaps of the unfortunate Tex, which was sent forthwith by Mrs. Ernotte, president of France 2, on the denunciation of Mrs. Schiappa, for having dared to make black humor on a woman with black eye.

This week, on the same public service television but in the even more noble and serious context of the television news, a column was devoted to these "women comedians who dare everything".

Here is a joke carefully selected by state television to present Belgian comedian Laura Lane, on stage and in public laughter: "What is the difference between Jews and sneakers? Answer: none, we find more in 39 than in 45 "...

I am one of those who think that we can laugh at everything, provided it is really everything.

I could start by telling you, and I am sure that many of my readers think that the two jokes are in no way equivalent. That one is about an imaginary beaten woman while the other concerns six million men, women and children who, to have gone up in smoke, really existed.

But, that my readers forgive me, I do not stand on this minefield and do not intend to stop there.

I am one of those who think that we can laugh at everything, provided it is really everything.

But the unforgivable but so ideologically explainable fault of France 2 lies in its spirit of selection.

While the audacity of a woman comedian is celebrated by means of the violation of the greatest of taboos, one turns like a filthy man a handsome white man for having dared to joke on the ideological taboo of the moment. The comedian can afford everything while the white guy is already a suspect.

From then on, the joke on the Shoah duly selected, remains me through the throat.

The double weight, two measures, validates the fact that on this public television which also belongs to me, we have the right to laugh dead children but not battered women. But half black humor is not humor at all. And suddenly, that joke that could, I admit, make me smile, does not make me laugh at all.

But rather than point Laura Lane, which I would find unfair, I claim that Tex is no longer on the index.

To stay and finish on the pitch of the bad joke, I would like to mention the Comte de Paris.

This one seized the CSA, concerning the emission of RTL Grosses Têtes, animated by Laurent Ruquier.

On January 2, when the death of his eldest son, mentally handicapped, died on December 30, the host asked the participants where was going to be buried the Prince François de France.

Sorry Count, the disabled are not part of the fake sacred victims.

There followed a series of jokes about the mentally handicapped who did not make the grieving father laugh.

So far, the CSA, which also has its selective moods, has remained the weapon.

Henri de France could ask himself, naively, what can make good spirits make bad ones when the worst happens to parents: to bury their child.

We must not really know the human soul to ignore, what De Gaulle to Chirac we know well, that this is what happens to the most fragile of children who does the greatest harm.

But sorry Count, the disabled are not part of false sacred victims.

They are too authentic to be respected by the little marquises of the media left.

Source: ©  Gilles-William Goldnadel: "Half black humor is no longer humor at all"

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