Fwd: Judicial Agenda in charge of the BNVCA in its fight against cyber anti-Semitism

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Sammy Ghozlan


Drancy on March 9, 2018

The BNVCA commends the action of the Police which, following a new report from the BNVCA, was able to identify the author of antisemitic and threatening messages.
The BNVCA which since its creation monitors antisemitism broadcast on the internet, receives on its site BNVCA.ORG, Dedicated for this purpose, many information from vigilant netizens who discover messages tweets, anti-Semitic posts both on the web and on various social networks. 

This is how Dieudonné, Soral, White, Zeon, Heve Ryssen, Hicham Hamza Panamza, Nour, Mennel, Ludivina Nieto, Joe the Raven, Faurisson, Delacroix, Kemi Seba, Ahmed Rami sites, Phenix, Stirpes, Forsane Alizza, and hundreds of others, as well as YouTube, the anti-Semitic rap, have been flushed out and systematically prosecuted by us, to have "by any means of communication to the public electronically, in this case, broadcast on their blog, or their website, images, messages, insults of photos of "dumplings"antisemitic videos".
Thus, following our complaint of 17/9/17, the author of violent anti-Jewish messages, who was hiding under the pseudonym Grégoire Denyssa, was unmasked.

He is summoned March 13, 2018 at the hearing of the Correctional Court of Brest, where he will answer for two cases discovered by the BNVCA, the head of anti-Semitism and public defamation.
The lawyer representing the BNVCA, master Le Guirriec, will demand harsh, dissuasive and exemplary sanctions.  
The BNVCA, whose judicial agenda remains charged, states that following the complaints filed, the author who, under the pseudonym "in your Chat", had published an anti-Jewish charade on his Facebook account, domiciled in Switzerland, was the subject of March 1, 2018, a reminder to the law, and a citizenship internship at the Holocaust Memorial on February 20 and 21.

The March 28, Mr. Charles Baccouche will represent the BNVCA at a hearing at the TGI of Paris against Herve Ryssen, who published a video on YouTube called "Hervé RYSSEN The Jews, incest and hysteria" 
The April 11, at the hearing of the Paris TGI Maître Nicolas Benouaiche, lawyer of the OJE, will represent the BNVCA at the hearing at the TGI of Paris against Gerard Filoche, warned for having posted a tweet representing Emmanuel Macron wearing a Nazi armband, or the swastika is replaced by the sign of the dollar, with in front of him the photographs of Patrick Drahii, Jacob Rotschild, Jacques Attali, and in legend "on the road to world cahos".
 The March 29Master Nicolas Salomon (OJE lawyer), will represent the BNVCA in the Hicham Hamza case, which has posted its article entitled "the Bataclan sold on September 11 by its owner, gone to Israel " and developing a thesis conspiracy.antijuive.
The BNVCA which fights against cyber anti-Semitism, invites all the vigilant Net surfers to prevent antisemitic drifts by clicking on the site BNVCA.ORG or by calling his hot line 0663883029

5 Partages

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