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Goldnadel: the stupid moral left of the world


FIGAROVOX / CHRONICLE - This week, our columnist Gilles-William Goldnadel denounces the imposture of a moral left that should start according to him by looking at the beam that is in his eye ... before inventing it in the neighbor's.


Gilles-William Goldnadel is a lawyer and essayist. He is president of the France-Israel association. Every week, he decrypts the news for FigaroVox.

God that the moral left, this self-proclaimed camp of Good, is hurting your earthly creatures.

By imposture or foolishness.

The imposture, no doubt, when we see members of the humanitarian association Oxfam - which protests against the closing of borders to migrants - negotiate their help to refugee women against sometimes minor sexual favors. We now learn that neither the United Nations, nor Unicef, nor Médecins Sans Frontières have been spared or have spared defenseless women.

The camp of the Hollywood Good, so quick to the fiery sermons, had already given all its true moral measure by covering long the harshness of Harvey Weinstein. But I will be allowed more compassion for an unhappy Haitian or Sudanese refugee in distress than for a seasoned actress who has more power to say no.

May Oxfam's setbacks make the media opinion less reverent with regard to these Non-Governmental Organizations, which are necessarily blameless in the face of state governments that are necessarily guilty. Thanks, on this point, to our current president for having denounced, in the Calais affair, those associations theoretically responsible for helping migrants but which in reality are only dispensaries responsible for preventing the rule of law to enforce republican laws on migratory flows.

There is also much to be said about Amnesty International's extremely desperate drift, which has long since abandoned its praiseworthy goal of freeing political prisoners to fight these now-ideologically disgraceful powers of the West.

But writing these few words is still relevant - for how long? - largely blasphemy.

Still, these moral impostures do not deceive me for a long time, so generous speech - which is often a receipt - provokes my distrust. When someone sings to me that he has kept his child's soul, I have the prudent tendency to hide my daughter and to tighten my wallet in a locked drawer.

Remains the foolishness of the left which is very ravages. In this context, the new feminism is emblematically emblematic since these electronic surges from the Americas.

Caroline de Haas was particularly inspired on this point.

First, with regard to the misadventures of Nicolas Hulot. At the micro generously tended by France Info, she let herself be said to overwhelm the accused man "that she has heard about it" and that information "back to him" ... Which led me to the microphone of RMC that the lady was to be from Orleans, who is rumored what stupidity is in Cambrai.

But this week, our lady de Haas will have surpassed herself intellectually. In the Obs, which has not seen problems reproducing its statements, our new feminist considers that "one in two or three men is an aggressor". No human rights association has seen the mark of proscribed sexism. As for me, scientifically, I say that Caroline de Haas's two statements out of two are aggression against intelligence.

But it is doubtless in its idle comparisons with Nazism that the moral left has shown its most ignominious stupidity. The week on this point will have been fruitful.

Zeev Sternhell, first of all, in the World of Ideas on February 18th. For him, in Israel "pushes racism close to Nazism in its early days" given the attitude of the Jewish state towards both Palestinians and illegal migrants in Africa. It must be said that the man and the newspaper are customary of the fact. With the same ingredients: the use of the Jew of the far-left moral.


A few years ago, Edgar Morin was mobilized to write in Le Monde (June 4, 2002) that Jews took pleasure in humiliating the Palestinians, and inventing an imaginary massacre in Jenin which he later admitted to be false. He has since converted to the four-handed writing of harmonious books with Tariq Ramadan.

As for Zeev Sternhell, it's his obsessive trademark to see fascism everywhere. These include Raymond Aron about his book Ni right and left. The fascist ideology in France in which Sternhell considered that almost all the ideas of fascism were born in our country: "His book is the most totally a-historical that can be conceived. The author never puts things in context. It gives fascism a definition so vague that it can be attached to anything. "

One could of course laugh at these new Islamo-leftist clichés that might have been thought to have been shelved after the 2015 massacres in France, but I would wager that Radical anti-Zionist circles will make this article their honey before drawing later, which know, a criminal gall.

In this case I leave the men of the world to their moral conscience on the left.

Yann Moix then. And even. And still at Ruquier's, still on the public service on February 17th. While Médecins Sans Frontières opened a reception center for migrants in the Paris suburbs, the writer - an imprecator who might have been thought to have cooled down after his trip to Calais - had recurred.

The fate of the children has been the cause of his obsessive comparisons with the supreme horror by a psychological parallelism which we do not know if he is only conscious: "the volunteers decide who is a minor, who is not, has took the columnist on the set of Laurent Ruquier's show. I describe the scene for you to have attended. One who speaks of nowhere and says: where do you come from? Eritrea? OK, you're 14 years old, outside. Nobody knows how to measure the degree of minority in an Eritrean. Is it the skeleton, we do not know. "

Then comes the fall in the Third Reich: "I remember that it was the Nazis who invented the minority evaluation. We live in a country that evaluates minors as the Nazis did. This is how minors and adults are taken in France ".

The number of isolated minor migrants is known to explode. We also know that many adult migrants pose as isolated minors. Meanwhile, Moix compares France to Nazi Germany.

The camp of the Good is still hurting. Stupidity or sham? Are we forced to choose?


Gilles William Goldnadel


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