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Dear readers, dear readers,

Following the piracy of the email address of one of our correspondents, an article of Marianne was inserted in the Newsletter that some of you have received this morning, and this without our knowledge.

The correspondent immediately blocked his address and warned his contacts.

We apologize for this flaw beyond our control.

Our site is totally secure and this kind of incident is impossible except in the event of a flaw in the messaging system of one of our correspondents. These post directly their articles.

This warning will allow us to further secure items posted from outside and we will ensure that such incidents can never happen again.

We apologize for this involuntary intrusion, the first in 8 years of daily newsletters.

We present, of course, our apologies to Francis Kalifat who has every reason to be shocked, as we are, by the violence of this article by Marianne.

We sometimes have different strategic and appreciations with the CRIF but when we put them on the public square it is always with the respect of the people and on a factual exhibition of the divergences. And these reflections are always signed and presented in an editorial.

Richard C. ABITBOL



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2 Responses to "Cet article de Marianne,inséré suite à un piratage, a été supprimé"

  1. Bilou   24 April 2018 at 2 h 29 min

    Khalifa did not evolve like those he condemns. He remains in the dogma, not the real.

  2. Armand   24 April 2018 at 13 h 04 min

    not at all agree with you: Melanchon and Le Pen had come to shed tears of crocodiles for the sole purpose of recreating a virginity on this issue.
    Pure com, so.
    Both are genuine anti-Semites, one by family tradition and education, the other by election opportunity (the suburbs are his basic electorate)
    CRIF was perfectly right in refusing this forum.

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