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Face à Emmanuel Macron, une seule alternative : le conservatisme !

FIGAROVOX / TRIBUNE - According to Frédéric Saint-Clair, facing Emmanuel Macron, the opposition must reconnect with the conservative political tradition. A tradition that is experiencing renewed interest today.

Frédéric Saint Clair is an analyst in strategy and political communication. Former chargé de mission to the Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin, he has just published The Right against Islam(Salvator, 2018).

Time passes, and Republicans fade away ... Taken between the Macronian right center and the national-sovereignist right, Laurent Wauquiez and his close guard tirelessly tacit the presidential policy without yet succeed in convincing. If criticism carries, and carries the assent of the French, hope is not reborn. Criticism effectively does not mean governing effectively. Something is missing from the French right.

The French have today realized that the new world of Emmanuel Macron was an invention of the media sphere. This new world does not exist. However the last presidential campaign has jostled a number of codes, rebuffed a number of cards, mainly political codes, mostly partisan cards. If, for the daily life of the French, this novelty does not change much, politicians would be wrong to ignore it. The surface of the ideological sphere in which they evolve has mutated. It does not seem to us that LR has taken the measure of this mutation ... The right continues to reason with software 1.0 of the twentieth century: right, left, extreme right, extreme left, center, Gaullism, socialism, social Gaullism ... she finds herself at the same time fragmented and wedged between a right center and a far right both massive: impossible to exist.

Some people have imagined that the barriers had to be broken. Recover disappointed future Macronism by keeping a moderate wing within LR and allowing alliances with LREM. Others have considered seeking voters tempted by the RN by decompartmentalizing right and far right, assuming an authoritarian and identity, or even populist, by accepting alliances with the far right.

What made the difference for François Fillon? Only one thing: his conservatism.

Blind strategy. Blind as pastist. Blind because disconnected real stakes of France and, more broadly, of Europe, even of the West. All these alliances will serve no purpose, any more than the so-called call of Angers which is only a covert alliance. LR must actually disappear, in order to be reborn in a form adapted to the codes adopted by Emmanuel Macron. Trump, Putin, Kurz in Austria, Orban in Hungary or Salvini in Italy play in the same court. They all took the same turn, they adopted the same codes. Not Laurent Wauquiez. More widely, not Republicans. Why? Mainly because they have not sufficiently questioned the reasons for the flight of François Fillon during the primaries of the right. Its economic liberalism was, more or less, like that of the other candidates. His security authority exceeded that of a Juppe, but did not match that of a Sarkozy or Cope. What made the difference? Only one thing: his conservatism. A conservatism that François Fillon himself has not taken the full measure.

Emmanuel Macron is a progressive. He transforms to transform. He is an economist, that is to say, he is ready to liquidate the legacy of France if it allows him to earn two points of GDP. He sold without frowning the guarantee of energy autonomy of France. It opens the rail to the competition, would open all sectors if it had the possibility. He is multiculturalist and internationalist. He refused to let the Aquarius land on the French coast, so as to show firmness, but said he was ready to welcome some of its occupants. Emmanuel Macron's lack of discourse on Islam is the mark of his blindness to the growing metapolitical influence of a cultural Islam set out to conquer the West. The only conceivable opposition to progressivism, economism, multiculturalism and internationalism of the Macronian executive power is in one word: conservatism.

The only conceivable opposition to progressivism, economism, multiculturalism and internationalism of the Macronian executive power is in one word: conservatism.

Conservatism is very present today in the intellectual sphere. Inherited from the British tradition, it is taking shape in France. On the other hand, this conservatism is absolutely not embodied politically. The great need of France today is to see the birth of a great conservative party, which would erase the old divisions and old lines of fracture that the electorate is tired of, and which would mark both a clear opposition to the progressive party currently in power and a government alternative: preserve France. Protect her. Strengthen it. Energize it. To remind her of her roots. Recharge it.

France needs political conservatism. On a cultural level first of all, to maintain or rehabilitate its traditions. Then, to restore the notion of order, which the excesses of authority displayed today are lacking, while it is a stable order and respected by the nation, elite and people together, which the country needs . Finally, for progress and reforms to be subject to the imperative of prior weighting and reflection. Unlike the reactionary, the conservative is not opposed to progress, but he considers it carefully, so as to ensure that the changes made will not degrade the situation instead of improving it. Conservatism is, in this respect, a pragmatism. Maybe the only one. Conservatism is one of the few currents of thought, with liberalism, to be able to constitute a policy. France has deprived it for decades. The ongoing fragmentation and dispersion to which the right is subject at this time should prompt LR leaders to seriously consider this alternative. But will they have the means and audacity?

The editorial advises you:

Face à Emmanuel Macron, une seule alternative : le conservatisme !


Frederick Saint Clair


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