Eric Zemmour: "In the realm of globalization, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer!"

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CHRONICLE - Globalization is blowing up borders, relocating jobs, removing peoples' identities and creating a world that only benefits from the top of the basket.

This is the number that kills. A figure published on purpose on the eve of the annual meeting of the big bosses in Davos. A figure given by an NGO, Oxfam, but which corroborates other more official: 82% of the wealth created last year in the world ended in the hands of the richest 1% of the planet's population. Our NGO is not the first or the only one. Left-wing, right-wing politicians, intellectuals, economists, big bosses themselves, all have already sounded the alarm about the unprecedented concentration of wealth for decades.

The effects of this concentration are inequalities; the cause, it's globalization. The opening of borders, the elimination of customs duties, the massive relocation of factories, and for jobs that can not be relocated, housing, catering, etc., are all about immigration.

Rise of populism

In short, a system that we quickly understood the logic that favors the rich poor countries at the expense of poor people in rich countries. A system that relies on the exploitation of the poor in poor countries to produce cheap consumer products that allow the poor of rich countries to believe they are doing business; illusions that they pay for their employment but also for the unity of the European peoples, dynamited by mass immigration. The beneficiaries, we know them: the rich of the rich countries and the rich people of the poor countries. More and more rich and more and more numerous. It's the "Billionaires boom".

The political consequences are also known: the rise to power of what elites scornfully call populism, and which is actually the attempt of peoples to take back their destiny and save their identity.

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This gives Trump, Brexit, Orbán, the Polish right, the Hindu nationalists, or even Erdogan. That is why Trump, more coherent and less insane than one says, is trying to get out of the free-trade logic in which the American working class has bogged down. That is why the Gafa, who live richly from this globalized system, spit in his face every morning. That's why China is giving lessons in free trade. This is why Germany is doing well because it has deliberately agreed to organize its economy according to a dual system, high wages for its workers in export industries (automobile, machine tools) and derisory revenues for services. This is why the French left (and the right that follows) is dead: its abstract universalism has forbidden it to oppose a globalization that has destroyed its electoral base, being content to pay a generous redistribution by a colossal debt . This is why Emmanuel Macron has decided to submit resolutely to this globalization, making believe that the first of cordée will benefit others. A lure and at the same time an illusion.


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9 Partages

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