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The "Manifesto against new anti-Semitism" published by the Parisian, and signed by more than 300 personalities and several thousand citizens, is salutary, useful, and sometimes awkward. Salutary because it has the merit of finally putting words on an immutable evil, whose authors and manifestations can change, but whose intolerable nature endures. Yes, France has become the scene of an anti-Semitism which has already murdered 11 Jews for twelve years because Jews, and this anti-Semitism is not the affair of the Jews alone but of all the French. Marianne has constantly warned against the bloody resurgence of this scourge and dare to say, like the authors of the manifesto, that this "New anti-Semitism" is the work of Islamists who have bathed in a certain interpretation of Islam.

Pointing this danger does not mean that anti-Semitism has become the preserve of radicalized Muslims - alas, entire sections of French society, starting with the far right, continue to wade through this mud - nor, of course, that all Muslims would be anti-Semitic. It is time to be alarmed also by the joint blindness of a part of the radical left and a handful of elected officials who, by electoralism, turn a blind eye to an inconvenient reality.

We must applaud this courage that buries this bilevesée repeated by a few false naïve that terrorism would have "nothing to do with Islam"

This text is useful because it brings the debate to an aspect that has also been taboo for too long, the bellicose interpretation of some verses of the Qur'an by some radical imams. Two days later, the publication in the world another callanother call, signed that one by 30 imams anxious to "Serve the French Republic", has come to validate this alert. Anxious to combat anti-Semitism and terrorism, these religious are alarmed by "Readings and subversive practices of Islam" who "Are rife in the Muslim community [...] of a cancerous situation to which some imams unfortunately contributed ». "Courage compels us to recognize it," write the authors of this forum, and we must applaud the courage that buries this bilevesée repeated by some false naive that terrorism would not "Nothing to do with Islam". Of course if, and they are imams who say it! No, Islam is not, by nature, anti-Semitic and terrorist, but, yes, this religion is, as these 30 republican imams write, threatened with "Confiscation by criminals" who are trying to enlist a "Ignorant, disturbed and idle youth .

To repel this danger that threatens them, it is up to Muslims to mobilize, alongside all other French citizens. That is why we can regret the use of certain provocative formulas that deny the good will of the authors of the "Manifesto against the new anti-Semitism". To compare the level of threats facing the Jews of France to that which concerns Muslims or to resort to the misplaced expression of"Low noise treatment" to evoke the relocation, unfortunately real, of nearly 50,000 Jews from Ile-de-France, are faults all the more regrettable as they gave weapons to tartuffes. Rather than celebrate the essential, namely the call to mobilize all the French, to make the fight against anti-Semitism a "National cause", these have been relentless on the accessory by dissecting some regrettable expressions. So, indignant about these "Perverse effects", our colleagues from Release have brandished the protest of Dalil Boubakeur to raise the rector of the Great Mosque of Paris to the pantheon of "The most peaceful, the most open and the most tolerant Muslim leaders" . Alas, they forgot to remind that the same Dalil Boubakeur is so "Tolerant" ... that he had filed a complaint in 2006 against Charlie Hebdo because he considered blasphemous the publication of the caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad.

Is it necessary to recall that this act of defense of the freedom of expression which was at the origin, nine years later, of the massacre of our friends? Others have fantasized "Devastating logic" which aims to expel Muslims from the national community while the manifesto aims, conversely, to integrate them by ridding them of Islamist gangrene. But what does this modesty of gazelle matter? When in Berlin, after a violent anti-Semitic aggression, the president of the Central Council of Jews of Germany resolves to "Advise against" to his co-religionists to wear the kippa in the street, the essential thing is that in Paris the eyes are finally emerging. The anti-Semitic storm is booming. The urgency is for the mobilization of all, without exception, as, as Aragon wrote, when the wheat is under the hail, crazy that is the delicate, crazy who thinks of his quarrels, the heart of the common fight.

Renaud Dély


Renaud Dély Editor Marianne

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