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The Festival de la Vézère, born in the barn of a private castle, sees the emergence of young talents of the classic for thirty-eight years.

It's a simple barn, in a castle in the heart of the Corrèze. A barn which was born thirty-eight years ago, one of the most endearing festivals of New Aquitaine. The charm of the place, at the exit of the gorges of the Vézère, is no stranger. But his soul, the manifestation owes it above all to his history. "Everything started from the desire of my husband, Guy, to highlight the village churches that border the river Vézère," recalls Isabelle de Lasteyrie du Saillant, sister of Valéry Giscard d'Estaing. The couple is passionate about music and heritage. Soon, the idea of ​​creating a festival around the Salient is emerging.

This is a visit to the cello cello Roland Pidoux, friend of the couple, who made him understand that it has a barn with the ideal acoustics, which would accommodate up to 400 spectators. From five to six concerts in the early years, the festival grows as its artists, young shoots for the most part, take the bottle. Because if the Festival of the Vézère had the honor to welcome artists already stars, such as Barbara Hendricks or José Van Damhe also saw the birth of more than one talent. "Nemanja Radulovic it happened at 17, "recalls Isabelle de Lasteyrie, who welcomes the violinist Thursday night, opening its festival, with the set The Trill of the Devil.

"A French Mini Glyndebourne"

A concern for the youth that continues today, after more than 700 concerts given to 250,000 spectators. And while the festival is now spread over twelve different sites to the Cathedral of Tulle. Witness the return this year of the trumpet player Lucienne Renaudin-Vary, which happened in 2015 at Vézère, aged 16, and has since been crowned with a Victoire de la musique. Or that ofAdam Laloum and Victor Julien-Laferrière, who come back within their trio Les Éprits. Not to mention the great concert that Voces8 gave at the beginning of last month, with 300 college students from the department, as a prelude to the event.

Last but not least, the traditional opera weekend in August, which allows young English singers to perform at Diva Opera in repertoire titles, offered in their piano-voice version. A tradition that earned the festival the nickname "mini Glyndebourne French".

From July 5th to August 23rd.

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