For Emmanuel Macron, the state of grace is already finished

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Si la majorité des sondés est encore satisfaite de son action, Emmanuel Macron connaît toutefois une chute très sérieuse.
While the majority of respondents are still satisfied with his action, Emmanuel Macron is experiencing a very serious fall. - Photo credits: GONZALO FUENTES / REUTERS

VIDEOS - The president is in sharp decline in opinion. He recoils both in the electorates of right and left.

This is the first alert. A warning without charge. While the majority of respondents are still satisfied with his action, Emmanuel Macron knows however a very serious fall, on the verge of collapse. According to the barometer of the executive realized between last Monday and Saturday by Ifop for Le JDD54% of French people are satisfied with the president, a drop of ten points in just one month. The head of state unscrews in the over-65s (-11 points) and among civil servants (-18 points). He wins both in the socialist electorate (-12 points) and in those of the right and the MoDem (-11 points and -25 points). In other words, the honeymoon between the president and the French seems already finished. "At the same time, Francois Hollande was credited with two more points," said PS deputy of the Val-de-Marne Luc Carvounas. As for Nicolas Sarkozy, he had 66% of popularity in July 2007 in the same barometer. The two presidents then fell, without being able to climb the slope.

"This is the moment when image traits are developed that tend to crystallize in public opinion"

Jérôme Sainte-Marie, President of PollingVox

The first summer of a head of state is crucial: "This is the moment when image traits are formed that tend to crystallize in the public opinion," says the president of the company study and consulting PollingVox Jérôme Sainte-Marie. Around Emmanuel Macron, the time is not in panic. "A president, we know, does not remain popular forever. It is the price to pay to reform, estimates Arnaud Leroy, member of the board of directors of the Republic in march and macroniste of the first hour. We must not change course, according to the polls. The last two years have fallen into this trap. The French want action and, in a way, they test policies in their capacity to act as reformers. "

"A president, we know, does not remain popular forever. This is the price to pay to reform »

Arnaud Leroy, member of the Board of Directors of La République en marche

In recent weeks, the power has alternated the signals of an all-powerful governance (parade of July 14 with Donald Trump) and that of the first fluttering. Starting with the zizgag of the government in tax matters or management, considered authoritarian by many within the majority, the case of General Pierre de Villiers. The former Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces slammed the door, after its disagreement over the 850 million euros in savings claimed at the Ministry of Defense.

Overhanging position

"During the presidential election, nobody was interested in programs. We are now entering the hard, stresses the Socialist Luc Carvounas. Admittedly, Emmanuel Macron gave a beautiful voice to France abroad and printed a momentum in the country, but the rise of the CSG is a hard blow for retirees. As for public servants, they must undergo the reinstatement of the waiting day and the freezing of the index point. Several million euros are also being withdrawn from associations that defend women's rights. Finally, local authorities are asked much more sacrifices than expected (13 billion euros). "The deputy of France insubordinate Alexis Corbière is not left:" 10 points less for Macron: the French get tired these magical tricks in the service of the richest, "he wrote over the weekend on Twitter.

"Comics are good. But the words are good too »

A minister

The reduction, limited to 5 euros per month, of PLAs, did not fail to react, to the left. Former housing minister Emmanuelle Cosse tweeted: "So the first measure in terms of government housing Philippe will have been the decline in LPAs. Distressing. And devastating for the less wealthy. "In Matignon, the Prime Minister's entourage insists on choosing a" most moderate "economy, which is part of a global" necessary effort ".

Will this turbulence of opinion pollute encourage Emmanuel Macron to make the pedagogy of its reforms, to leave its overhanging position, resting on strong images (Macron submariner, Macron in pilot dress, Macron in a wheelchair, and soon Macron with singer Rihanna or singer Bono) to grant interviews or exchange with the French? "Comics are good. But words are good too, "says a minister. The head of government, Édouard Philippe, who loses eight points in the Ifop barometer, sees his rating associated with the vicissitudes of the president. Obviously, the tenant of Matignon does not fulfill a shield role. For the executive couple, the hard part begins.

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