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Hervé Azoulay's point of view, The Cube Review N ° 13, December 2017. "Emancipation: culture, education and value scale"

Today, digital applications are pushing the limits of what is possible every day by multiplying innovations and achievements. The world is changing and digital is becoming more and more important in our lives, but alas, our world is based on an unequal distribution of power and wealth and leads to a widening gap between those who have and those who do not. have not. Added to this is the intolerance, violence and obscurantism of certain fundamentalists to make our society go back a few centuries, while they make extensive use of advances in digital technologies for their well-being! What a paradox!

Humanity has become aware of the danger that lies before it, and everywhere in the world an aspiration for emancipation and education is driving the forces of progress to combat the troubles of the present. New technologies offer the human being the opportunity to free himself from alienating tasks, to acquire the global knowledge and the power to act of millions of people. But the effect of the digital on our society is so profound that it questions the meaning given to progress.

A new world is emerging, but which one? How to build it on a horizon of meaning where the man is at the heart of the device? Will the digital world paradoxically regress human progress? The digital revolution for what purpose?

We are entitled to ask ourselves these questions to imagine a society that will allow us to produce a strong social value, define the project of society we want, question the values ​​we hold and invent new business models in a dynamic collaborative where the digital will serve the man. How, then, can we build a better society to embrace complexity and to succeed in transforming fertile utopias? Each of us will be called upon to do our part to reinvent the new modes of education, integration, sharing. Each creative individual is part of the agents of change to become the engine of the transition to the new world through the adoption of new values ​​and new ways of life. The social dynamics of inter-creativity will invite everyone to go beyond their ability to do and to be. Innovation requires a transversal, broad and proactive vision to change attitudes that play a vital role in change. Our country, although endowed with resources and skills, today pays a high price for its commitment to public interventionism. The future will be better and more humane, provided that the creative being is at the heart of change.

We can only build this new society if culture, education and the scale of values ​​become the common denominators of the societal base to push for the emancipation of men and women. We must not exchange culture for fanatical hatred, creative know-how for destructive skills. Integrating a multicultural society requires that cultures are homogeneous and that value systems are similar. We live in a plural society where the values ​​of some are not those of others. This is why culture and education will always remain at the heart of the new society where there is a strong common identity that respects everyone's identity. Culture is the basis of this common identity that makes us dependent on each other and this fact is valued as a sign of belonging to the collective. We can say that culture is above all a state of mind that emphasizes a mentality, an education, a willingness to help others and to respect them. It is a new way of living together that is based on partnership, cooperation, giving, tolerance, volunteering, selflessness, which gives meaning to life. Cultural change must push emancipation to become the cement of this transformation.

The advent of a new society will depend on the energy and talent of each of us. It is up to each of us to take power and move forward, even if the decision-making power is at the top, the creative power stays down! So let's all move together to motivate the creative energies and change the living conditions. We can not rely on the state because it has proven its inability to challenge itself to transform our society, while the digital means allow the development of education, change, the collaborative economy and the 'innovation. Today culture, the scale of values ​​and education must become the emblem of what will pave the way for the emergence of a new emancipated world.

 Hervé Azoulay


4 Partages

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