Eizenkot: Israel ready to cooperate with Ryad to "face Iran"

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In an unprecedented interview with the Saudi media, the Chief of Staff addressed the Shiite threat and the improbability of a war with Hezbollah

Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot gave an unprecedented interview on Thursday to a Saudi news agency, saying that the Jewish state is prepared to share intelligence with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as part of their coordinated efforts to curb Iran's influence in the region.

Eisenkot gave this first interview to the Elaph site, based in London and owned by the Saudis. He offered his vision of Iran's ambitions in the Middle East, and talked about how they could be countered.

The Chief of Staff was clear that Israel is not interested in going to war with Lebanon-backed Lebanese-backed Hezbollah, despite Iran's attempts to reach an escalation of violence on the borders of Israel.

Asked about sharing "information" with the Saudi Arabian, Eizenskot replied that "we are ready to share information if necessary. There are interests that [Saudi Arabia] and we share. "

Regarding Iran's ambitions in the region, Eisenkot said "Iran's plan is to control the Middle East by two Shiite croissants. The first will be directed from Iran via Iraq to Syria and Lebanon, and the second from Bahrain via Yemen and the Red Sea.

"That's what needs to be prevented in the region," he said.

"In this case, there is a total agreement between us and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which has never been our enemy. He never fought us, nor did we fight him. "

"When I met with the Committee of Inter-Armed Chiefs of Staff [in the United States] and heard what the Saudi representative had to say, I heard the echo of my thoughts confrontation with Iran and how to manage its expansion in the region. "

On the sudden resignation of former Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri last week, Eizenkot said it was a "complex" and "surprising" move.

Hariri had said he was resigning because he feared the Iranians would plan to assassinate him.

Eizenkot said the measure also reflects the decline in Lebanese support for Hezbollah, and noted that "Hezbollah is starting to feel the financial pressure and have big hardware problems."

In response to allegations that Israel intends to attack Hezbollah, the Chief of Staff stated that "we have no intention of attacking Hezbollah in Lebanon in order to enter the war. ".

"However," he added, "we will not accept any strategic threat against Israel."

He said he is satisfied with the eleven years of calm on the Lebanese border, which Israel regards as "attempts by Iran to escalate [violence]," but he added that he thinks that it is is "unlikely at this point".




Source: Eizenkot: Israel ready to cooperate with Ryad to "face Iran"

18 Partages

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    Samy Bochner   17 November 2017 at 8 h 55 min

    These perspectives, I discuss in detail in my recent book annunciator: "Iconoclasm of the Middle East" ( http://www.biblieurope.com )

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