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Hide this anti-Semitism that I can not see ...

A manifesto, written by Philippe Val was published by "Le Parisien-Aujourd'hui en France Dimanche" in its edition of April 22, and gathered more than 350 signatories. Among them, a former president of the Republic, three former prime ministers, elected officials, intellectuals, artists ...

Since, in ten days, this manifesto has been signed by nearly 100,000 French citizens.

The tragic assassination of Mireille Knoll, one year after that of Sarah Halimi, recalled that this plague was more alive than ever and that it was necessary to wake up the consciences. This was the case with this Manifesto! Thus, as Alexis Lacroix, author of a new "J'accuse", aptly put it: "France is only starting to wake up against the rise of anti-Semitism".

After years of a drift whose origin was fixed, wrongly in 2003, with the anti-Semitic assassination of Sébastien Sellam, a crime that has remained unpunished, anti-Semitism has comfortably settled in the French societal landscape.

In truth, this violent antisemitism began well before 2003 during the attack on Copernic Street in 1980. Either almost 40 years ago!

Since then, we have to face a denial, always this terrible denial! However, since the attack on Charlie, it seems that this is changing and our society, exhausted, has come to understand that this denial, presented as virtuous, had lasted long enough and that he had nothing virtuous.

It was last March that the alert was reached when Mrs. Mireille Knoll, survivor of Auschwitz, was abominably murdered. This time, the cup was full!

This last crime was the last straw that broke the mud!

This denial was, it is said, a virtuous denial. Undoubtedly, it is a denial but it was not virtuous! Indeed, it has been a long time since the policies, the associations, the civil society and even sometimes the Jewish institutions, under the pretext of not stigmatizing anyone, have collectively postponed the moment of naming the enemy.

They thought that this denial could be presented as virtuous and saving, but what was presented as virtue was nothing but cowardice. Among the politicians, Manuel Valls was the first to become truly aware of the phenomenon and he was also the first to dare to name it by name.

Through anti-Semitic and then terrorist acts, the enemy has surrounded it and we all know it. The enemy is, as the President of the Republic said in his tribute to Arnaud Beltrame, Islamism - an Islamism not necessarily "underground", but always "insidious", which undermines entire acres of our Republic and there is a fight against the rule of law.

But as usual with our President, there is a "at the same time". Also during his stay in the United States, after the publication of the "Manifesto against New Antisemitism", President Macron thought it best to define the roots of anti-Semitism by referring them to the "old world" of anti-Semitism war and the "Israeli-Palestinian conflict". This is a non-virtuous denial and a double fault!

Indeed, the President is wrong, and as we attribute an unusual intelligence, we can not attribute this "confusion" to a deliberate desire to kick in touch!

Indeed, a few days after the publication of the Manifesto, and in front of an audience of students, hungry for information about anti-Semitism which, according to foreign observers, would "overwhelm our country", our President thought it best to divert the object of the offense using a euphemism, one he seems to appreciate.

He dared to declare:  "It is true, we must recognize it: there are two roots of this new anti-Semitism, the first root is linked to the importation of the struggle between Palestine and Israel, the second cause is an old French anti-Semitism that exists since the beginning of the 20th century and is recovering. We must protect the Jewish community, it is part of the French Republic.

No, Mr. President, the anti-Semitism that has plagued France for forty years is not due to the old Christian anti-Semitism of the nationalist right (although this denunciation can be very useful from the electoral point of view), nor to the import of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict!

The first has melted like snow in the sun (no physical aggression of Jews on this side for 40 years) and the second is an alibi, judiciously used recurrently to hide the responsibility of the new migrants of the world Arab-Muslim (especially since the massive arrival of FIS political refugees expelled from their country for extremism in the 1990s) in this phenomenon. These anti-Semitic acts are nourished by the hatred of the institutionalized Jew in their country of origin. It is this hatred which, thankfully, the enlightened Muslims denounce at the risk of their lives! Yes, it is this hatred that has been imported and not the Israeli-Palestinian conflict which is only the alibi!

Moreover, as Céline Pina says: "This existence of a strong Arab-Muslim cultural anti-Semitism is not a legend, it is measured in recent studies like that of Anne Muxel and Olivier Galland for example and denounced by sociologists like Smaïn Lâacher."

Thus, while for the first time, in France, since the onslaught of the anti-Semitic tsunami, we find that from the bowels of our country, a burst, one of those beautiful bursts that gives birth and discover the "just", this burst that save the soul of a country, some have seen fit to tarnish this impetus and weaken this long-awaited support from our fellow French Jews!

Thus, we could only note, with sadness, the absence of signatures of elected representatives of the Socialist Party and En Marche, and of course that of rebellious elected officials, which, unfortunately, was predictable.

This refusal to sign was justified by false pretexts taken up by members, said to be representative, of the Muslim community. These same representatives who fed by their silence or their cowardice the excesses of Islamism. For our part, we prefer to designate as representative of the Muslim community, those Muslims of France who signed the manifesto, even if sometimes they suggested that they would have written otherwise. Yes, we consider representative, those Muslims who, even if they are in the minority, bleed and cry in compassion with their Jewish compatriots when innocent people, even if they are Jews, are murdered; and they are more numerous than we think.

To put an end to a useless controversy over the use of certain phrases in the manifesto, controversy cleverly cultivated by malicious detractors, it is good to remember the facts!

So, about the hatred of the Jew and the Christian inscribed in some verses of the Koran, the tribune of the 300 never asked that these verses be erased, which would have been ridiculous, nor that a good Muslim would be a Muslim who would deny his religion, on the contrary! This text simply asks that the content of the sacred text be debated as it was in Judaism or Christianity. Because without debate on the text, no one can evolve in his report to the text.

As for the tribune of the 30 imams, some of the signatories, like Othmane Iquioussen, look like two drops of water to those denounced in the Manifesto. Indeed, during his preaching on September 28, 2012, Imam Othmane Iquioussen had a remark of an incredible violence against Jews and Christians (You will find on this subject in this newsletter a stripping article from the newspaper l'Humanité, newspaper unlikely to be taxed Islamophobe).

We would have liked so much that, in an outburst of solidarity with their Jewish compatriots, these Imams would have published such a platform to denounce the antisemitic crimes of their co-religionists or to launch an appeal for demonstrations to show their solidarity as they know the to do when it comes to their Palestinian "brothers". It would have been a balm to the heart and would have been a much stronger and much more credible signal than this occasional tribune that tries to disturb the spirits and turn the victims into executioners!

To end with an optimistic note, there is today in the Muslim world both in France and abroad, a glimmer of hope that illuminates our future, an awareness of many European Muslims or Middle East who denounce, who rebel and who proclaim that the Islam of enlightenment must know how to resist, that it must dare to appear and that it must have the courage to fight the Islam of obscurantism.

Recently, we have had some very promising statements from the Imams of Al Zahar, Egypt, and the Imam of Mecca, which fill us with hope. These Imams called for tolerance and cooperation with Jews, Christians and other religions.

What is harmful in this episode is that those who denounce the salutary manifest, camp on the denial, that it is the same who proclaim all day long:"Hide this anti-Semitism that I can not see" and that they are often the Tartuffe of politics who, by small petty calculations, put our civil peace in danger by pretending to defend it.

Richard C. ABITBOL

9 Partages

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