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The Spirit of Munich hovers over Europe ...


The partners in crime


For some years now the European Union has demonstrated its hostility to Israel: votes at both the UN and UNESCO bordering negationism, shattering statements, continuous alignment on both Palestinian positions and those of the most radical Arab states ...

However, for a year, the tone has hardened. Perhaps the weakening of the Union requires a "scapegoat" to deflect the anger of the people!

Especially since Trump's victory a year ago has raised a leader across the Atlantic determined to fight for the interests of his country and his allies forever, even to antagonize recalcitrant allies and revive the anger of his enemies.

It is in this context that the United States has re-established priority ties with its traditional allies Israel, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States, Egypt and Jordan! They vividly recall where the enemies of the United States and the West are and remind the Europeans that strategic interests take precedence over mercantile interests.

It is in this context that three important decisions were made by the US administration:

First decision

The first was to break the status quo in the Middle East where there is a conflict, almost a century old, whose continuation only benefits the enemies of the West, including Iran.

For that, Donald Trump breaks a taboo in the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian discussions and main object of the blocking of the process of Peace: Jerusalem. In proclaiming Jerusalem as the capital of Israel (without, however, establishing the outline of this Jerusalem, it is worth recalling), it only states a state of fact (de facto, Jerusalem is the capital of Israel since 1949, well before 1967) and a millennial truth, to which no Jew can be abstracted, that Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the Jewish people and in this case Israel!

This element being unavoidable and at the heart of the blockage of the peace process, it was necessary to say it, finally, to the Palestinians to put an end to a hope which will never be satisfied, to put an end to a paralyzing status quo and to revive serious negotiations! Negotiations to achieve peace and not for the gallery!


Second decision

The second is to remember who is the real danger in the region: Iran!

Iran threatens all its neighbors, intervenes in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, threatens the Gulf States while proclaiming to destroy Israel! Iran's willingness to acquire nuclear weapons has increased this danger.

By proclaiming the Vienna agreement obsolete, Trump reassures his allies, only to give them the necessary confidence to renew privileged relations so that they do not launch themselves, alone, into a military flight. By denouncing the Vienna agreement, Trump not only puts an end to Iran's desire to become a nuclear power but, above all, it brutally stops the Iranian expansionist will while giving hope to the Iranian people!


Third decision

The third decision that was made by Donald Trump, and not the least, is that of not falling into the trap of extremist, even terrorist, Palestinian movements.

He has recognized the right of Israelis to defend himself by not giving in to the skewed emotional blackmail of Palestinians who throw their wives and children into the furnace, swearing that they have been forced to do so.

The only way to get serious concessions from the Israelis is to restore their lost trust in their long-time ally: the United States; confidence that was sorely lacking with the Obama presidency.

The other objective was to demonstrate to the region's Sunni states, Israel's historical enemies, that Israel is not their enemy but their ally, that the alliance of Israel and the states of the region was a huge hope. for the region, necessary for the development of all. From this point of view, Donald Trump has succeeded wonderfully!

The unveiling of a Munich Europe

Faced with this, we had a Europe, in great difficulty, which is attached to fantasies and is ready to sacrifice its allies and values ​​on the altar of venal, mercantile and ephemeral interests!

Thus, Tuesday, May 8, 2018, it took only a few hours before the exit of the United States from the nuclear agreement with Iran does not provoke a trance bordering on trance both in the leading circles of Europe, and especially from France, only in the microcosm of the media and experts of all kinds (experts who are always deceived in their past analyzes).

This same phenomenon had already occurred a few months earlier, on December 6, when America had decided to recognize that, indeed, the Israeli administration was well located in Jerusalem, which made it ipso facto the capital of Israel. 'Israel.

Finally, this phenomenon took on a psychotic dimension when Hamas, on the pretext of the inauguration of the US Embassy in Jerusalem, decided to send a horde of tens of thousands of Gazans to throw themselves on the border, wanting the to cross for, they say, to kill Jews on the other side.

Europe, and France in particular, has shown, then, their sad face, filled with hatred and rage, towards Israel and, perhaps, without realizing it (or perhaps even reporting) to the Jews.

Before going back to the psychotic, hateful and Munichic aspect of this behavior, let us recall some truths and demonstrate the falsity of all European criticisms and assertions!

First false information (we now like to call "Fake News"): Trump tells us we have returned to the commitments of an agreement signed between his country, Russia, China, Germany, the European Union, and Iran. But the truth is that this agreement has never been SIGNED by anyone, not the least sign, not the slightest ceremony. Why?

Because the president at the time, Barack Obama knew that his agreement would be rejected by the US Senate, in charge according to the constitutional procedure of ratification of treaties. The Senate did not want this text at all, like the overwhelming majority of Americans at the time. And so, in this process, the signature of the United States at the bottom of this agreement was only the fact of the Obama administration through an Executive Order and that he had no treaty power!

The Americans were so opposed to this agreement that the Republicans were won by the hope of being able to obtain the blocking of this "Executive Order" of Obama (presidential decree) by the Congress who could put his "Veto" there. But for that, they needed 60% of the votes of the House and the Senate.

Although they obtained 63% of the votes of the representatives, they had only 58% of the votes of the senators.

Thus, they missed only the vote of two additional senators to validate a "Veto" to this agreement and to make a stillborn agreement!

The United States signature being limited to that of an Executive Order and the duration of an Executive Order being limited to 6 months, these are the reasons why it must be renewed every 6 months.

But, if it has to be renewed every six months, it's good that he can not be!

And so, unlike all assertions of pseudo law professors or Europeans, refusing to renew the Executive Order, Trump did not deny the signature of his country since it did not exist!

It is interesting to note that this agreement was not signed by Iran either, the college of the mullahs having refused to treat openly, under the eyes of Allah, with the Great Satan, even if the weakness his finances made him pull the devil by the tail.

Thus, the JCPOA (Joint Complete Plan Of Action), anointed by Europe, was born in dissimulation.

But as, in the light of this, the international agreement had to be given some semblance of international legitimacy, the agreed text was fully integrated into Security Council Resolution 2231, adopted unanimously on July 20, 2015, only six days later. after the close of trading. But the next day, Iran announced that it would not respect this resolution, to the stupor of the naive. Why?

Just because provisions had been added to the JCPOA by the Westerners in the resolution (Annex B, point 3), prohibiting any Iranian activity related to ballistic missiles that could carry nuclear weapons. (ANNEX B. POINT 3: "Iran is required not to carry out any ballistic missile activity designed to carry nuclear weapons, including shots using ballistic missile technology, until the eighth anniversary of the date of adoption of the Plan. action or until the date of the submission by the IAEA of a report confirming the Wider Conclusion, whichever is earlier. ").

This means that since July 20, 2015, Iran has violated every day, without hiding anything, the unanimous resolution of the Security Council. Thus, we can only note that a strange amnesia strikes the European countries concerning this original breach.

The second misconception Endlessly, the Iranians respected the agreement of July 14, 2015. We must think for a moment. The purpose of the agreement was to prohibit Iran from developing a military nuclear arsenal. Now, qwhat did Iran do after July 14, 2015? It has devoted all its resources to the development of missiles of the ICBM (Intercontinental Balistic Missile) type to "deliver" the bomb and to the difficult militarization of the weapon, knowing that the hemispherical machining of the warhead and the setting at the point of detonation systems are very technical operations.

Without going into the technical details, what we can say is that, in fact, since July 14, 2015, Iran has not stopped developing the technologies it lacked to successfully complete its long march to the world. supreme weapon, including its ballistic technology in contravention of Annex B, point 3, of Resolution 2331!

So Messrs. Macron and Le Drian, as well as their European allies, are blind and ignorant, or they behave in tartufe in front of their fellow citizens by repeating that Iran is honoring its commitments.

Since the Vienna Agreement has not been signed by anyone, one can only refer to the only official document validated by an international body, that is Security Council Resolution 2331, and therefore, Iran did not respect the clauses of the contract!

The third misconception is that Trump has decided to move the United States Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. FALSE!

It was the Clinton administration and the Congress that decided in 1995 to transfer the Embassy to Jerusalem. Indeed, on October 23, 1995 the Congress voted by a very large majority (93 votes against 5 in the Senate and 374 against 37 in the House of Representatives) a law called "Jerusalem Ambassy Act".

This law recognizes Jerusalem unified as capital of the state of Israel and requires Jerusalem to remain an indivisible city. Its purpose was to set aside funds for the relocation of the United States Embassy from its location in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem by May 31, 1999. To this end, it retained 50% of the funds allocated to the department. specifically for the "acquisition and maintenance of buildings abroad", as allocated in fiscal year 1999, until the official opening of the United States Embassy in Jerusalem .

Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama have promised, during their respective election campaign, no longer oppose the application of this law and move the embassy immediately elected! They did not do it !

Trump promised it and did it! Without prejudging the final solution on Jerusalem!

The fourth misconception is that the decision to transfer the American Embassy to Jerusalem is at the origin of the mass demonstrations in Gaza! This is wrong because this kind of uprising takes place every year on the anniversary of Israel's independence! To make a link of cause and effect is fallacious and perverse!

The fifth misconception is that this uprising was a peaceful demonstration and that the Israeli security forces disproportionately used force.

First of all, it is totally misleading to claim that this demonstration was peaceful because Hamas has never been peaceful since taking power in Gaza. He has consistently used all the means at his disposal to attack Israel and kill the Israelis near the border, because it is indeed a border since Israel left the territory completely. 

The words of the Europeans and in particular France who denounce the "pacifism" these manifestations are not only misleading but also "odious" !

To claim that Gazans fall under the status of civilians under an occupying power that would be Israel is a shameless lie because Israel has totally evacuated Gaza since 2005 and that territory has been ruled by Hamas since the Hamas military coup against the Palestinian Authority!

The sixth fallacious idea is to claim that the Israeli response to the Hamas invasion attempt is "disproportionate" and falls within the "slaughter".

Words have meaning and "Massacre" means " to kill with savagery and in large numbers (beings who can not defend themselves). " Who can claim that given the number of violent demonstrators (between 40,000 and 50,000) and considering that 53 of the 62 dead were Hamas fighters, yes, who can honestly claim that this was a large number (the French attacks in Ivory Coast in 2002 have made many more civilian casualties) or with savagery while the targets were known and recognized fighters.

The Israeli armed forces have only done their duty, which is attributed to any armed force in the world, defend the borders of his country and protect its citizens. Indeed, the proclaimed objective of this demonstration was to transgress the border, to enter Israel and to "kill Jews".

The "odious" statements of the European Union and the French President are therefore totally unfair, wrong, biased and ill-intentioned!

The seventh false assertion of the European Union, and certainly the most serious, is to pretend to fight against anti-Semitism whereas in fact the declarations and acts of the European Union are the best catalysts of anti-Semitism in Europe .

Europe has become the stronghold of anti-Semitism in the so-called democratic world. Never since the end of the Second World War has the future of the Jews in Europe been so threatened, and in France in particular. 

Between the directives of the European Union which threatens the traditional Jewish life (circumcision, ritual slaughter, ...), the biased positions concerning the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the violent and partial declarations towards Israel, the moderation of reactions to Islamic anti-Semitism, lax and weak sanctions in the face of anti-Semitic acts, and complacency towards negationist and anti-Semitic states like Iran, all of this obviously contributes to the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe.

Already the Jews have completely disappeared from some European countries and even the most important communities, United Kingdom and France, are melting like snow in the sun.

It is unclear whether Europe's goal is to have a Judenrein Europe, in any case it is de facto what is happening.

In view of all these elements, it is clear that a spirit of Munich hovers over the European Union. It is even clear that today there is a serious threat to Jews in Europe.

In these circumstances, we can only regret bitterly that an international Jewish association, pale reflection of its grandeur of yesteryear, supported by CRIF, thought it best to award "Human Rights Prize" to a delegation of the European Union in these tragic conditions and thus honor an organization hostile to the Jews of Europe!


Richard C. ABITBOL

80 YEARS AGO ...

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