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Democracy is not the law of the majority, but the protection of the minority ! "

Albert Camus

This autumn 2017 is special because it follows a rather exceptional presidential campaign:

  1. Eurosceptic parties (FN, insubordinate France, France and far-left) have gathered more than 50% of voters (and this without adding the voices of those who claim to be more moderately eurosceptics such socialist or republican sovereignists), and yet it is a Europeanist ideologue who is elected
  2. the French voted for a greater democratic and participative breathing and we inherit the most vertical governance of the 5th Republic
  3. the French have decried the El Khomri law and mobilized massively against its application and yet they are struck with apathy over the reform of the Labor Code, much more violent than the famous El Khomri law
  4. the president-elect prides himself on having been widely elected to do is program while barely 15% of the French supported his program and he is the most poorly elected president (in the first round) of the 5th republic to the exception of Chirac in 2002!
  5. the French were vehemently called to stop the FN and vote for Emmanuel Macron, even if they forgot the time of an election their deep aspirations. The media and politicians of all stripes have constantly blamed the slogan which appeared to them as the only possible match with the morality of the moment: the national duty forces to block Marine Le Pen and that, therefore, the elector who would evade this "duty" would be unworthy of the Republic! And, everyone swore, including the support of the main stakeholder, that Macron would not use these votes for his benefit but only to "save the Republic"! However, once elected, this one does not hesitate to boast of being a president supported by 65% ​​of the French who would have expressed himself to set up his program!
  6. the French, captivated by Macron, seem to discover Macron's true personality during the summer and seem frightened by what they discover. They perceive an arrogance and contempt for "those who are nothing"! The result: a spectacular and historic fall of Macron and his government in polls! The prodigal son does even worse than the much-maligned father! Brutus is doing worse than Caesar!

So that's the context of this fall!

This presidential election was therefore very strange in more ways than one! She raised a confused hope that, very quickly, disappointed, including members of En Marche who do not hesitate to go to court to express their distress!

In fact, the French seem struck by the manic-depressive syndrome! After euphoria, melancholy and depression!

During the electoral campaign, the voters, deprived of a real ideological debate, made a bad fortune, good hearted, and hoped that, at the very least, the election of a President, young, not very loyal to the parties, and having laid down a generation, or even two, politicians encrusted in the political landscape for 40 years, would be beneficial to democratic renewal!

They hoped without really believing it!

That's why 58% of them did not move, or voted blank, in the legislative elections that followed! They were expectant, but hoped that, in this cataclysm, a more representative and participative democracy would emerge!

The new deputies of a new party (En Marche!) Had given a new taste to a renewed and reshaped democracy despite their notorious incompetence!

The incompetence we got it! But no matter about the makeover or the democratic renewal! Nothing new came out of these supposedly innocent minds!

The vast majority of En Marche deputies, from civil society or not, were, in fact, from socialist cadres!

Of course, many of them had not been members of parliament, but they came from the socialist technocracy: cabinet directors, cabinet chiefs, councilors of cabinets, presidents or secretaries of socialist sections, ... At 95%, they were beautiful and well from the cadres of the Socialist Party but the illusion had been perfect ... the time of an election!

These "newcomers" had quickly converted to Social Democracy, the very one that many of them had vilified and tried to scuttle throughout the five-year period before!

After having plotted against the Dutch social democracy (that of Francis and not the Netherlands) and after swearing that we would not take them again!

After pleading and demonstrating against the "El Khomeri Law"!

Here they are to prostrate themselves before "Jupiter" and to beatify the future "labor law"!

If Paris is well worth a mass, a morocco or a jump seat are well worth swallowing a purge!

In fact, if the partisan origin of these new deputies is not very important in itself, the political counterpoise (waltz labels) of them is much more! For, even if sincerity and fidelity were ignored, even if it could be considered that there had been deception on the merchandise, mercy had been implied except that the merchandise was damaged and that the promises were deliberately biased or worse they were, perhaps, only manipulation!

From this point of view, we were not disappointed!

  • In pledge of more power for the parliament, we had incompetent claws! The change was thus summarized by the replacement of rather competent socialists (Malek Boutih, Manuel Valls, ...) by completely incompetent socialists (the elected representatives of En Marche are almost all socialist apparatchiks!)
  • As a token of respect, and second chance, we had contempt for those who did not succeed and those who "are nothing"
  • As a pledge of parliamentary democracy, we had the disappearance of the voice of the opposition with its complicity it should be remembered. Opposition far from the height of the situation where personal interests mingle with incompetence. The second knives and right and left are finally gathered in a career promotion both unwarranted qu'inespérée (for them)!
  • As a pledge of equality, we had an OPA of the haves on all the wheels of the State and this, to the detriment of the poorest
  • As a guarantee of secularism, we have been forbidden to denounce radical Islamism and Omerta on the true nature of terrorism that we suffer
  • In pledge of new diplomacy, we had the acceptance of the dictatorships (Iran, Venezuela, Syria, ...) under the pretext of realpolitic
  • As a pledge against anti-Semitism and racism, we had the wanderings of the Sarah Halimi affair and the indignity of Patrick Drouet's circular, director of the DDPP of the Hauts-de-Seine, on the guilt "genetic "Muslims and Jews.

If this new presidency is more akin to despotism than to participatory democracy, there is still hope that this will be enlightened despotism!

At the moment, a great debate has begun about whether to communicate by talking about reforms or transformations!

Now, the one who found the right words to express the societal transition that we are going through, was Valéry Giscard d'Estaing: change in continuity!

The change in continuity is simply called adaptation!

Adaptation of our society to a changing environment, not just a technological change but also an economic, social, societal and therefore political change!

There is still time to change course! This is still possible and it is even necessary before this behavior impresses the personality of the president and this, permanently!

It was fatal to both Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande!

However, Emmanuel Macron is a smart man because he has the first quality implied by intelligence: adaptability!

He can therefore see in time the drift that strikes his governance and correct it to change all the failures and wanderings mentioned above!

His interview at Point shows that it is not impossible!



Richard C. ABITBOL

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