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                  3 MONTHS AFTER ...

                             DECRYPTION !!


Mrs Sarah Halimi Attal (z "l) Barouh dayane emeth

"" Silence is the frightening weight of emptiness that oblivion has no right to fill and that the memory of the living will always dwell. ""

Simone Veil



Let us recall briefly the history of the Affair: April 4, 2017 - assassination under the abominable conditions of Mrs. Sarah Halimi Attal (z "l)!

So it was April 4th, just 3 months ago!

That night, Mrs. Sarah Halimi ATTAL, a Jewish orthodox woman, doctor, was surprised in her sleep at home! She will be horribly tortured for over an hour. She was 65 years old and lived in a modest building of the XI th district of Paris, rue Vaucouleurs. The murderer, a "radical Islamist" who had repeatedly annoyed and harassed her with anti-Semitic insults during the preceding weeks, had entered the house that night by the balcony and had fierce violence on his victim, causing twenty fractures to the body and face, before the defenestrer, agonizing, the third floor. The story of the violence and acts of barbarity suffered by the victim is simply unbearable to describe and reflects an indescribable anti-Semitic hatred!

Meanwhile, the police (immediately notified) is on the landing. The first crew of three armed men does not intervene. Five minutes later, a second crew arrives which will be followed a quarter of an hour later by a third crew. In fact, we will know later than in the end, they will be 28 policemen on the spot, but they will not intervene for the duration of the calvary of the sexagenarian, until and including the defenestration!

This challenges and shocks more than one citizen, Jewish or non-Jewish, obviously with the exception of Master Buchinger!

To be precise and to be aware of the enormity of the dysfunction, it is important to resume the exact sequence of events as specified by Sammy Ghozlan during the press conference of July 4th:

  • The Police arrived 3 minutes after it was called by the neighboring Malian family, since Kobili TRAORE had passed through the shelter of the latter to access that of Sarah HALIMI.
  • 4:22 am: call from the Malian family
  • 4:25 am: BAC arrives at the scene; she receives the keys sent by the family and at the same time declares she hears cries that she assimilates to Arab prayers.
  • 4:30 am: arrival of the 2nd crew
  • 4 h 48: arrival of the 3rd crew (in the end, they were 28 members of the police force)
  • 5:32 am: defenestration of Mrs. Sarah Halimi Attal

Fifty minutes elapsed between the arrival of the police and the death of Ms. Halimi.

All the while, the neighbors (dozens of people) hear his screams, up to three blocks from the building. They try to intervene but are dissuaded by police forces for security reasons. It will appear, after investigation, that the national media have not been alerted by AFP or the prefecture! As a result, they do not investigate and ignore the abominable assassination!

Worst of all, it is that this terrible tragedy was able to take place in full Paris without anybody being moved, nor does it relate the affair.

Not only were the media silent, but the political, associative and artistic worlds remained silent, with the notable exception of Marine Le Pen, who was moved by the situation during an interview with Le Figaro. !

Even worse, on April 7, three days after the fact, the so-called organized Jewish community prides itself on a statement in which it writes "There is nothing to retain the anti-Semitic character and there is nothing to exclude it. The investigation continues and all avenues are open ... However, we have full confidence in the men and women who are working on this survey ... The survey can not be done on social networks, mixing information from direct witnesses with stories "revisited" by commentators, the mixture of verified and proven information with supposed, imaginary, wanted or denied information creates a confusion that serves the search for truth. "

This statement shocked a large number of Jews and non-Jews who absolutely did not understand the relevance and usefulness of such a communiqué that gave grist for those who wanted to avoid the qualification of anti-Semite at this time. heinous crime!

Thus, after the various antisemitic acts that took place from February to the end of May 2017, and passed in silence, it was necessary to continue the omerta and to refuse to evoke the antisemitic track in investigation Sarah Halimi!

This is how this anti-Semitic crime, no more than many others that occurred during the presidential campaign, there was no question during this period!

Yet our journalists, we have known otherwise more zealous in the "Theo affair", as well as the many artists who had so quickly mobilized on this occasion!

Such organized silence deserves at least an explanation, a deciphering!

It is to break this deafening silence that a Support Committee " Truth and Justice for Sarah Halimi » was formed!

Thus a call of 17 intellectuals, the most talented, could appear in Le Figaro of June 9 in the goal, well-intentioned, to end the OMERTA! With, it must be admitted, a mixed success! But it was, nevertheless, a beginning!

The Support Committee " Truth and Justice for Sarah Halimi » , joined by the Confederation of Jews of France and Friends of Israel, then mobilized to highlight two gloomy points of this case and had as a first will that a fact a point on the 2 main issues raised in that case :

  • why the aggravating circumstance of anti-Semitism was not retained
  • and how to justify the non-intervention, totally incomprehensible and unusual, of the police.

In this context, the Support Committee " Truth and Justice for Sarah Halimi » announces a press conference with Mr. Gilles-William GOLDNADEL, attorney of the ATTAl family, William ATTAL, Brother of the victim and Sammy Ghozlan, president of the BNVCA, to take stock of the judicial situation.

Strangely, it is then, the Sunday 2 of July, that Master Alexandre BUCHINGER, lawyer of the girls of the victim, thinks himself obliged to communicate on the reasons of his non-complaint for "No assistance to person in danger ".

Master GOLDNADEL will give a lengthy account of the reasons for the complaint against the police, on July 4th, during the press conference of the Support Committee "Truth and Justice for Sarah Halimi". He will be supported in his demonstration by the statements of MP Meyer Habib and Sammy Ghozlan.

So much for the facts!


Several malfunctions appear on reading the events described above and that we are trying to decrypt!

  • First of all, why did we witness such a media silence about an abominable crime that this aggression was considered anti-Semitic or not!
  • Then, why did not the Police Prefect and the Public Prosecutor immediately alert AFP and the media, and above all, why did not they communicate as they are used to doing?
  • Why immediately consider the abuser as a psychiatric patient?
  • Why was it long to regard this crime as an anti-Semitic act, even a terrorist attack of an anti-Semitic nature? (The aggravating circumstance of anti-Semitism has still not been retained despite the statements of Gérard Collomb, Minister of the Interior).
  • Why the Jewish community says " organized » Was she so timid and so unresponsive to the dysfunction of the police?
  • Why was Master Buchinger, one of the plaintiffs 'lawyers, so virulent with respect to another plaintiffs' lawyer?
  • Why are the authorities refusing to launch an investigation into the dysfunction of the police, which they did immediately in the Theo case or in the Shaoyo Liu affair?


The media silence is particularly deafening, especially when compared to the battle that followed the Theo and Shaoyo Liu cases that took place a few weeks ago!

How can this be explained by the seriousness of the aggression? Regardless of the antisemitic nature of the case, this aggression was at least a crime of common law particularly villainous!

Neither the prefecture nor the prosecutor issued a communiqué to AFP, the night of the crime!

Even the white march did not cause the slightest media emotion. A white march, itself, spontaneously triggered by the Jewish street deeply moved, shocked and disgusted by what she had just learned. This White March which will take place on April 9 at the foot of the building where Ms. Halimi lived will be punctuated by anti-Semitic jokes and throwing objects at the protesters. This nauseating environment of anti-Semitism alone is enough to demonstrate the anti-Semitic climate that surrounded Ms. Halimi's living environment!

But that day, April 9, almost a week after the heinous crime, the press headlined: "A white march took place in Paris in tribute to the woman of Jewish faith who dropped from the third floor of his building. A 27-year-old neighbor is suspected to have it defenestrated. " Even though everyone knew that the poor lady had been defended by an Islamist neighbor and that he had been arrested in flagrante delicto!

We will learn later that the media really react only after receiving an AFP dispatch that will arrive after the first release of the Support Committee that followed the call of the 17 intellectuals of June 1st on Le Figaro! That's almost two months after the start of the business!

The dubious attitude that emanated from the communiqué of Jewish organizations "said organized" certainly did not help the news agencies to become aware of the seriousness of the situation!

It was not until the press release of the Support Committee " Truth and Justice for Sarah Halimi » so that the press is moved and moves, starting with a first report on TF1 June 28!

As Maître GOLDNADEL rightly says, this assassination is not a community crime, but a French crime"It is even symptomatic of a French evil - even if the Jews are the main victims, they are not the only ones - that is the media apathy inherent to the embarrassment that seizes the intellectual, media, political society. from the moment that the assassin is Islamist. "


Just as serious as the silence of the media, we must note the silence of the authorities. No press release from the Prefect, the Public Prosecutor, the Minister of the Interior and even less the President of the Republic!

On April 30, 2017, at the occasion of the national day of the deportees of France, Emmanuel MACRON, candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, will visit Memorial of the Holocaust and Memorial Martyrs of the Deportation without mentioning the "Sarah Halimi affair" and without this matter being mentioned by its guests! Madame Halimi's home was a few kilometers from the Memorial and no one thought of going to the foot of the building where Mrs. Halimi lived or going to the bedside of the family as François Hollande did for Theo!

The silence of the authorities was accompanied by the muffled and embarrassed murmur of the representatives of the so-called organized Jewish organizations!

The silence of the authorities in this affair, silence that persists to this day, will reason long in the consciousness of the Jewish people of France!


As soon as he arrived on the spot and as soon as the murderer was arrested, the police, followed in this direction by the courts, decided to intern Sarah HALIMI's killer, Kobili TRAORE, instead of sending him away. by the prison cell (he is still in a closed psychiatric center).

However, this accused, although having a heavy judicial past, had no psychiatric history. Certainly, he was particularly exalted, but as are all radical Islamists, especially hateful, and I would say even as are all anti-Semites! In any case, he was hardly any more mad than someone who was girded with an explosive belt before blowing himself up and who, they were entitled to imprisonment in high security detention.

Thus, again, this prejudgment of psychiatrization reveals the desire to avoid criminal discussion. In any case, an expert has been appointed, in the person of Dr. Daniel ZAGURY, whose rigor and fame are well established, and to whom we give our full confidence. We do not want to prejudge its decision, which may, however, be challenged, if any.


As Goldnadel rightly says: "It seems to me that the Islamist who kills to the shout of Allah Akbar an identifiable person as a Jewish nun falls under the" kit "of the Islamist, and that this represents an almost irrefragable indication that his act is anti-Semitic."

Moreover, there is, from now on, the record of Sarah HALIMI's daughter indicating that she had complained that Kobili TRAORE's sister had insulted her with anti-Semitic words, that of Sarah's brother that Kobili TRAORE himself had called her a "dirty Jew".

Without prejudging the decision of the investigating judge, and without wishing to make him a trial of intent, it would not be understood that today, on the basis of testimonies which are on file today and which were not At the beginning of the proceedings, the aggravating circumstance of anti-Semitism was not retained even though the Minister of the Interior, Mr. Gerard Collomb, acknowledged on June 28th, the manifestly anti-Semitic nature of this assassination!


Another worrying issue for the Jewish community, traumatized by the events that have followed each other for 15 years, is the timid, resigned and reserved attitude of the so-called organized Jewish organizations. The leaders of these organizations, after a particularly cautious statement (see above), have resolved to recognize the anti-Semitic nature of this crime and to demand its recognition by the authorities! But they remain paralyzed by a possible questioning of the forces of order, or even underlying political decisions!

These officials not only refuse to file a complaint for non-assistance to a person in danger in accordance with Article 223-6 of the Penal Code, but they press for no one else to do so. However, Article 223-6 of the Penal Code specifies: "Anyone who is able to prevent by his immediate action, without risk to himself or to others, either a crime or an offense against the bodily integrity of the person willfully abstains from doing so is punished by five years of imprisonment and A fine of 75,000 euros will be imposed. The same penalties apply to any person who voluntarily refrains from providing assistance to a person in danger who, without risk to himself or to others, could lend to him either by his personal action or by provoking relief. " This is exactly our case!

Their positioning was unfortunately taken over by Maître Buchinger


Regardless of Maître Buchinger's strange legal argument, her compassionate reflections on the Police and Justice inspire us with some reflections.

First of all, on the judicial argument, Maître Buchinger himself says in his statement that: "If the police forces immediately intervened in the moments that followed their arrival, Sarah HALIMI would still be alive. There was indisputable police malfunction which led to the total inaction of the police forces during the interminable torture of Mrs. Sarah HALIMI. " This is the case of school of non-assistance to person in danger as defined in Article 223-6 of the Penal Code. Act all the more serious because it comes from police forces.

Maître Buchinger forgets that a complaint has for mission to seize an Examining Judge whose only mission is to reveal the truth. In French law, unlike Anglo-Saxon law, the judge instructs the prosecution and the defense, and only a complaint allows a thorough investigation into the circumstances of the malfunctions that led to the death of Ms. Halimi. This duty of truth is due not only to the family, but to the whole nation!

Strange to consider that it is wiser to challenge the Examining Magistrate through Article 82-1 of the Code of Criminal Procedure which provides that civil parties may make "requests for acts of investigating magistrate in charge of the investigation. In a way, it's the right to ask him to do research or to conduct hearings that he has not yet done on his own initiative. This possibility generally applies to a few acts of instruction while Master Buchinger, asking for the interrogation of all police officers (several dozens) and to require the response of each of them to 14 questions, in addition to the interrogation of all the eyewitnesses or others, Maître Buchinger arrogates himself as Master of the instruction! The Judge of Instruction will appreciate! Indeed, Maître Buchinger proclaims: "I made a request for an act to the investigating judge so that all the police officers who were brought to intervene in this case are auditioned and that 14 specific questions are put to them. I have also requested the hearing of all eye and hearing witnesses who have already been heard in advance so that they shed light on the attitude of the police and the context of the intervention. "

He asserts in his compassionate reflections towards the Police and Justice that to have suspicion about these institutions that to ask the opening of an investigation.

But did President François Hollande, Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve or the Ministers of the Interior and Justice, cast suspicion on the police and judicial authorities when they asked for an investigation both in Business Adam Traore, Theo or Shaoyo Liu? Of course not !

It is precisely because we have tremendous respect for the Forces of the Order and the judicial authority that we want all the light to be shed on the terrible dysfunctions of this night of April 4th, so that such dramas do not happen again as we request an investigation of the services.

Know the source of the fault! Understand where the error in the chain of command comes from, whether it comes from police authority or political authority!

Yes it is useful, it is even imperative to know the truth to restore confidence in a community that doubts! Right or wrong, she doubts! And our role is to reassure her!

Yes, this truth we owe it to the Halimi family, we owe it to our institutions and we owe it to the Nation!

No offense to Maître Buchinger, the normal procedure in a democracy is to file a complaint when one is aware of an offense or a crime! It is not only a wish but an obligation, a duty whose omission is criminally reprehensible!

Maître Goldnadel is doing his duty as a citizen and as a lawyer by filing this complaint on behalf of his clients. Complaint that was one of the two demands of the Support Committee!

The emergence of the Truth is essential for the easing of the tensions and the stress which develop within the Jewish community of France!

Richard C. ABITBOL


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17 Partages


  1. Taieb Claudie   11 July 2017 at 19 h 51 min

    This scandal will it end? Do these infected media go to investigate this heinous crime perpetrated by this ignoble individual who deserves only death? I doubt!! Defend we rely only on us as always rest in peace SARAH we think of you

  2. [email protected]   12 July 2017 at 19 h 12 min

    Today this French crime was perpetrated on a Jew, tomorrow it will be on a Christian, that's why it is imperative to denounce it so that all France knows what happened in the country of "Rights of the "man", that all France knows that the most important fundamental principle of our Constitution has been flouted, "Protection of the person", flouted by our "Police" by their "non assistance to person in danger". It is INNOMABLE and IMPARDONNABLE.

    Since Sarah left, I have come to think that if my business at the time (two years ago) had been publicized, maybe Sarah would still be there.
    I know today that if my case could have been denounced, that the gendarmerie had acknowledged the facts, that justice had not closed our eyes, I would have left because I could have forgiven.

    That's why we must not let go, we must go all the way: "NO ASSISTANCE OF THE POLICE TO PERSON IN DANGER."
    There is NO EXCUSE EXCEPT LAUNCH and, in this case, it is even more imperative to denounce it because, no order whatsoever, should prevent the police from intervening.

    Sarah will be at peace only the day when Truth will appear and Justice will be restored.


    Patricia JS Cambay

  3. Patricia J.S. Cambay   12 July 2017 at 21 h 40 min

    Apart from the fact that the murder of Sarah is exclusively anti-Semitic, I will repeat a sentence of my dear and tender husband, "If people drown and I can save only one, I will save the one whose hand is my reach without regard for race, sex or religion. "
    What has our humanity become?

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