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Along with Syria, France under E. Macron joins a WHO resolution on the health and penitentiary situation of Palestinians.

On May 23, 2017, the WHO General Assembly adopted a resolution  on "Sanitary Conditions in the Occupied Palestinian Territories Including East Jerusalem and the Occupied Syrian Golan."  Resolution adopted by 98 votes for (including that of France), 23 abstentions and 7 against  (61 countries were absent).
This resolution aimed at improving the health conditions of the Palestinian population in Israel is, after all, normal and even laudable for the UN organization in charge of health in the world. The text includes the sanitary conditions of prisoners and detainees. Here again it is a noble step to worry about prison health.
Of course the unspoken is that Israel treats the Palestinian people badly.
Exemplary countries at the initiative of this resolution?
They are thirteen: Algeria, Cuba, Ecuador, Egypt, Kuwait, Libya, Pakistan, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Syria, Tunisia and Venezuela.
Yes, you read correctly: SYRIA! Which, as everyone knows, attaches particular importance to the health of its population:
  • Aleppo population besieged, deprived of any humanitarian aid;
  • 400 attacks since March 2011 against medical facilities (including children's hospital) resulting in the death of many patients and 768 medical staff.
  • Use of chemical weapons against civilian populations.
    On the other hand and contrary to the great compassion of the Syrian authorities, the insensitive Israel has welcomed and treated in its hospitals more than 2,600 Syrians since 2013!
    As for the special care that the Syrian regime provides for its prison population, it resulted in the death of at least 17,723 in detention as a result of torture and ill-treatment between March 2011 and December 2015.
    As for the prison conditions in some countries that are upset by the situation of the Palestinians, they should sweep in front of their door. Terrible conditions of detention in Venezuela, Cruel, inhuman or degrading punishment in Saudi Arabia, abuse of prisoners with iron bars in Pakistan.
    With regard to Palestine (Palestinian Authority and Gaza), torture and ill-treatment of detainees are commonplace!
    Israel: eternal scapegoat
    Israel is neither a paradise nor this land where "milk and honey" flow, but from there to accuse it of all the evils of the planet, there is a step that the United happily crosses with the complicity the worst authoritarian regimes.

Inequalities and discrimination are not exclusive to Israel, they are often found in many countries, but only Israel is systematically singled out.


Indeed disparities exist but how big are they?  Israeli Arabs face more inequalities compared to Israeli Jews with regard to:

  • To work. "Israeli Arabs have labor market participation and lower employment rates than Jews, which has a negative impact on their economic well-being. The differences are not very high among men - 65.6% participation among Arab men compared to 70.8% among Jewish men and 59.3% compared to 66.3% for employment - but they widen in women - 22% of participation in Arab women against 68.2% for Jewish women and 18.6% compared with 63.1% for employment. "(OECD, 2009).
    This situation is comparable to that prevailing in the Arab States where employment rates are respectively 26% for women and 77.1% for men. (Human Development Report, UNDP).
  • At school. The average number of years of schooling is 10.2 for Arabs and 13 for Jews. Despite this gap, the average duration of schooling for Israeli Arabs is far above the Arab average of 5.9 (HDR, 2011). This length of schooling is 8.6 years in Jordan, 6.4 in Egypt, 5.7 in Syria and 7.9 in Lebanon.
  • To health. Life expectancy is 75.3 years for Arab men against 79.3 for Jews. For women this is 78.8 years for Arabs and 82.6 for Jews. (OECD, 2007). Arabs, however, live longer in Israel  only in neighboring Arab countries: 73 years for men and 74 years for women in Jordan and  69 for men and 74 for women in Egypt. (WHO, 2011). As for the infant mortality rate (2007), it is 7.7 ‰ among Arabs and 4.4 ‰ among Jews. The infant mortality rate is 13.6% in Jordan and 17.6% in Egypt.


How can we understand that France is following in the footsteps of the Syrian regime guilty of the worst abuses against its people, just when President Macron affirms his firmness against Bashar El Assad?

It is certainly too early to judge. Let us hope that the acts will follow the just and firm declarations of intent of the President of the Republic.

But it is clear that for Israel, there is always "nothing new under the sun" French.

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