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FOCUS - Some ideas have value in any context and for anyone. Le Figaro compiled ten quotes, between 550 BC and 2000, which you can take inspiration from to start the year under good hospices.

They flourish on the web and social networks. They are used to shine in society during a discussion with colleagues or friends. They also support our comments and support our arguments ... Inspiring quotes are on the rise! At the end of the year, the Flammarion editions have identified 1001 of them to compose a collection whose thickness could be measured with any dictionary, filled with these sentences pronounced over the centuries by thinkers, writers , philosophers, leaders, sportsmen, and other personalities who build our society.

However, we must handle the quotes with caution, and make sure that they come from the spirit of the one we lend them. Julius Caesar, Voltaire, Bill Gates ... Many personalities have their "fake" quotes - say "apocryphal" - on the web. To begin 2018, Le Figaro You have concocted ten inspiring quotes to ponder!

• "Fortune smiles to the daring" (Ennius, 200 BC). The original formula is «Audaces fortuna juvat» in Latin. Virgil took up these words in his work "Aeneid". Since then, she has been used in many works and is part of the circle of "safe bet" inspirational quotes. Some families and organizations have even made their motto!

• "Be loyal to yourself" (William Shakespeare, Hamlet). Is there really a need to add a text explanation? This quote speaks for itself. An individual must never, ever, commit acts that are uncomfortable, both morally and physically. It is also reminiscent of the quote - legendary, too - "know yourself".

• "I prefer to burst of passion than to burst out of boredom" (Emile Zola, To the happiness of the ladies). In the book of Zola, Octave Mouret declares that since we must all die, it is better to act with passion than to wait without doing anything an ineluctable end ... You are bored and you do nothing to change that? This quote should normally make you think!

• "All those who wander are not lost" (John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings). This quote is the second verse of a poem that begins with "All that is gold does not shine" and appears in The Fellowship of the Ring. In other words, the habit is not always the monk, nothing is needed. Beware of appearances and do not judge your neighbor according to these ... It may be against you.

• "You must be the change you want to see in the world" (Mahatma Gandhi, 1930). As a man who has lived all his life through teaching, sharing, and transmission, Gandhi adheres to the idea that fighting for a cause that is dear to us always involves embodying it. To put on the stage. A good way to gauge your own will ...

• "He who knows how to be self-sufficient, without comparing himself or herself to others, will be respected by everyone" (Lao-tzu, 550 BC). Know it: ambition and desire can actually move up the ladder and generate satisfaction ... but it can also be counterproductive. Permanent dissatisfaction makes one unhappy ... He who knows how to be self-sufficient is also the one who knows his own balance.

• "Blessed is he who invented sleep" (Miguel de Cervantes, Don Quixote). " Do you find this quote excessive? Hyperbolic? Exaggerated? Not so much, if we refer to the dramatic effects of lack of sleep on our respective lives ... Science says it: we must not neglect his sleep! However, the trend does not go in this direction, since in the common imagination, someone who sleeps little and does not need sleep is perceived as more "strong" and respectable.

• "Haste is the mother of failure" (Herodotus, 450 BC). Here again, this quotation from the Greek historian Herodotus is against the current: fashion is hardly praised for slowness! On the contrary, in our century of immediacy, merit goes to those who go fast. Until you burn your wings. Or make bad decisions. Slow down. Think.

• "There is only one boss: the customer. He can fire all the staff, from the manager to the employee, by spending his money elsewhere "(Sam Walton, Made in America). Here are some words to relativize the success! The founder of the American Walmart expresses a truth frozen in time, which will never change! Without customers, it's impossible to move forward. They are always the ones who make the success or the failure of a company ... They are kings. And they are always right.

• "For the love of money is a root of all evil" (New Testament, 1 Timothy, 6:10). "He who loves money is not satiated with money," we read again in Ecclesiastes. It is a greed that causes disorders and errors that can have serious consequences ...

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