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De Villepin: hate inheritance


De Villepin:    la haine en héritage !


This morning at Bourdin (BFM-TV), Galouzeau De Villepin believed good to spit, again his venom on Israel and the Americans.

Four years ago, during the Gaza war called " Surgery Protective border ", Sir De Villepin had already unpacked all his hatred towards Israel and the United States in a hate pamphlet published in "Le Figaro" and, he repeats today with constancy, using the same words in a hateful logorrhea, but this time on a TV set.

We had answered him then in an editorial titled " De Villepin: hate inheritance ! " which you will find reproduced below.

This editorial, we could have written today, and we would not have needed to change a single word as the character is constant in his hatred.

The only difference today is the fact that he is attacking President Trump by name, which he did not dare to do with Obama, being one of those who weaken America and so who comfort the little De Villepin.

Moreover, today, he puts the United States in the camp of our enemies and proposes that France unite with Putin and China against our allies forever!

I let you read, below, this editorial of August 7, 2014 which applies totally to De Villepin 2018 !!!

De Villepin: hate inheritance ! August 7, 2014 .... after

The silence would be indecent after the ignominious and hateful pamphlet of Galouzeau De Villepin published Thursday morning in Le Figaro. This newspaper, by publishing it, has become complicit with anti-Israeli, not to say anti-Semitic gossip, which is why we are asking for the right of reply that we set out below.

Before returning to the substance, we must, to make things clearer, put into perspective this sad pamphlet worthy of the "Free Word "as well as his author and for that, we must remember who is Galouzeau De Villepin. Because his presentation alone should be enough to annihilate any significance to his remarks.

Galouzeau De Villepin, laureate of the famous Voltaire promotion of the ENA, is described by his former comrades as a person arrogant, unfriendly despite his name (Galouzeau means "life and soul train" in old French) and uncomfortable, or even "detestable"His comrades find him distant, haughty, even odious, even contemptuous, considering the other members of the promo "as underwater". Dominique already displays genuine Gaullist convictions and as his master of thought has respect and admiration only for himself. 

So much for the psychological description of the character.

Her political career, meanwhile, really begins with Jacques Chirac. Indeed, immediately elected President of the Republic in May 1995, Chirac appoints him secretary general of the presidency of the Republic where he will surf on his failures. He animates at the Palais de l'Elysée a legal cell (nicknamed " the black cabinet " in reference to the Black Cabinet of the time of the monarchy), charged with following and stifling current political and financial affairs, related to the RPR and the Paris City Hall. This gives great moral support to what he will say later, especially in the pamphlet incriminated!

In 1997, in order to put an end to the right's infighting, he had the idea " great" to propose to the President of the Republic to dissolve the National Assembly, assuring the latter that it will have an even more comfortable and dedicated majority! But, these legislative elections, as everyone knows, lead to a stinging defeat: this was the first great defeat of the Villepinist thought! From then on, Bernadette Chirac, who does not wear it in his heart, will nickname him, with justice,  " Nero " , a qualifier that will stick to her skin until today.

Failure being paid, in 2002, Jacques Chirac, re-elected, appointed him Minister of Foreign Affairs, which will allow him to distinguish himself during his famous speech of the February 14, 2003, before the United Nations Security Council, a speech that will allow him to highlight all its " Gaullian hatred " of America and to display with virulence (the " anti-american primary " will say with brio) his opposition to the intervention in Iraq desired by the United States. To continue in this direction, he will declare later, in September 2004, that the expression of " war on terror ", advocated by US President George HW Bush, was " unfit ". Cas always,future will make him lie.

In early July 2003, il organizes a secret operation of liberation of Ingrid Betancourt, which will prove a baking fiasco and for which France will have to present its excuses: second big fiasco of the urban politics. It is worth remembering that Dominique de Villepin often acts for personal reasons; in fact, he had remained intimately linked with the Betancourt sisters since his student days.

Grand Democrat and great strategist, as everyone knows, he participates and imposed the Kléber Agreements, in order to find a " peaceful solution " to the civil war of Côte d'Ivoire: agreement imposed under the pressure of the French armed forces and which will be very difficult to apply. This will end with a bombardment of " Ivorian civilians" by the French aviation: third fiasco of the Villepinist thought.

In March 2004, Jacques Chirac appointed Dominique de Villepin to the Ministry of the Interior, which propels him as a strategist for the referendum on the European Constitution with the success that we know: fourth fiasco of the urbanism.

To reward him for all his failures, Chirac appoints him, in May 2005, Prime Minister. Post where he will demonstrate " all its splendor and his competence » It front of "incidents" suburbs or, more precisely, in the face of insurrectional riots: 10,000 cars burned in less than two weeks, many public institutions burned, schools destroyed ... Dominique de Villepin then decreed the state of emergency to allow the prefects to decree the curfew and he asks, fatally, the French Council Fatwa to issue a fatwa against the rioters so that they put an end to their abuses that put France to fire and blood!

Farewell republican values, goodbye secularism, farewell authority of the state, this is the  fifth monumental fiasco of the Villepinist thought.

Finally, another bright idea, Dominique De Villepin, who always thinks he knows what the people want (people whose existence he knows only through his reading and to which he has never been confronted in an electoral contest), decides to launch a contract for young people, the famous first job contract (CPE), furiously rejected by those concerned and which will spark such important demonstrations and student strikes that Jacques Chirac will be obliged tointervene to claim the non-application of the law, yet promulgated. What will be worth to Dominique De Villepin to be, again, strongly criticized by the press, the whole of the left, the UDF and a part of the UMP: the man who wants the echo of the people n has never been so far from the people!

After multiple attempts to calm the protest, Dominique De Villepin is forced to announce therepeal CPE despite its validation by the Constitutional Council : sixth fiasco of the urbanism.

After his resignation in May 2007 and in disenchantment with the new President, De Villepin becomes a lawyer at the Paris Bar on file (degree in law, graduated from the IEP of Paris, enarch, high public official) thanks to a recommendation of two members of the Bar and his legal career in administration. he take the oathe January 9, 2008.

However, Dominique De Villepin, still convinced to have a " national destiny "announces, on March 25, 2010, the creation of a political movement which will be born on June 19, 2010 under the name of Solidarity Republic which will prove a new fiasco, the seventh, of urbanist thought.

Still convinced of his national destiny, he ran as a candidate for the presidential election. Unfortunately for him, the polls only credit him with 1 to 2% of voting intentions, which forces him to give up: eighth fiasco of urbanism.

One day, Raymond Barre told me, speaking of high officials: Richard, in France, the more we fail, the higher we go! "; De Villepin is the most scathing proof of it! He has always been wrong, he has always failed in everything he undertakes and yet he has always been rewarded for his failures by both Chirac and the media that continue to give him credit.

Today, lawyer, Dominique de Villepin develops his privileged links  with Qatar, links he had already knotted when he was head of state. And this is how the law firm he heads counts as the main client the Qatari emirate. De Villepin becomes responsible for one of the sovereign wealth funds of the emirate, Qatar Luxury Group, personal investment fund of Sheikha Mozah, wife of the Emir and endowed with 100 billion dollars. 

From then on, De Villepin became the zealous servant of his Qatari employer.

Which, you will understand easily, explains the tone of the dish written by De Villepin, courtier of the Emir of Qatar, himself to support the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.

We can assume that this article was commissioned by his client: the Emir of Qatar!

So why should we still hear someone who has always been mistaken? Why let this flood of hatred pour into the columns of Figaro? Why leave those who call themselves experts and who have always mistaken invading our screens and our press from their erroneous analyzes? I am afraid that the answers that I could give to these questions will not let the old demons who have darkened the skies of our Republic in the recent past!

This long exposition on the author's profile was necessary for a better approach of the incriminated document and to understand the ideological and venal semantics underlying the author's inspiration.

Let us return to the exegesis of some elements of this text in the light of what we have just explained.

The problem with De Villepin is that he never understood what France's duty was really, which he confused with the hatred of our allies (American, English, Israeli, ...) and therefore , is positioned in the worthy heritage of Gaullism "pure and hard" whose hatred is the ideological pillar. Also when he writes that he defends "a France that is unwaveringly attached to the existence and security of Israel", he lies to make his statements seem so balanced when he fails to recall that he himself declared "that Israel was only a parenthesis of history, and that this country was about to disappear. " (About 2001, reported by Jean-Marie Colombani in 2002). Thus De Villepin integrates in his analysis the annihilation of Israel.

If he is right to say that Israel " can not forget the rights and duties that are conferred on Israel as a constituted State.He forgets to recall that the first duty of a constituted State is to ensure the safety of its fellow citizens. And if we want to talk about rights, then we must remember that Israel had the right to suspend the delivery of water, electricity and food to those who were waging a merciless war against it, and yet Israel has not succumbed to this facility to preserve its ethics and continue to fulfill its humanitarian duty. It is in this context that Israel has built a field hospital to meet the needs of those it fights elsewhere; hospital that was mortared by Hamas. What other country in the world would behave this way? Can you quote one, Mr De Villepin?

When you write:" It is time to measure the impasse of a France aligned and so sure of the use of force ... .By bad conscience, by misunderstood interest, by submission to the voice of the strongest, the voice of France is silent ...". What France are you talking about? Of the one in whose name you acted with FranceAfrique? Of the one that bombed civilians in Côte d'Ivoire in the image of the most misguided colonialism? Of the one who went to bed before the rioters of November 2005? Of the one who attacked the Kanaks of Ouvéa with flamethrowers for miserable electoral reasons? Or who sold what she could from our national heritage in Qatar?

When a dignified and responsible President recalls that an Allied State "has the right to defend himself " that makes sense and does not appear " unnatural " only to a devious and lost spirit! Are you one of those who advocate cowardice and submission rather than fighting to defend and preserve its values ​​and people? Are you one of those who advocate national abandonment? I thought, however, that you were a follower of Free France rather than one that went to bed.

As for "... the one that made General de Gaulle speak in the aftermath of the Six-Day War ..."it was the one that denied France's responsibility in the tragedy that struck French Judaism in 1940; it was the one that wanted to anesthetize France by making it believe that collaboration had never existed; was the one that denied the contribution of the French Jews to the national heritage for two millennia, the one that sheltered Papon under the ores of the Republic, the one that protected Touvier, the one who gave orders to the DRH CEA to no longer hire Jews in her ranks, one who dared to rely on the most misguided antisemitic clichés such as "elite people, self-confident and domineering", "Jews who had stayed what they had been all time ... a people of money and media " , "Jews subjected to the double allegiance " !

It was especially the one who dared to raise "the lead catcher " on the remains of an anti-Semitism that remained in our country, which forced him to put himself to sleep since the liberation of the camps, preventing the proliferation of words, insults and anti-Semitic attacks on our territory?

This is Monsieur De Villepin your nostalgia, the France you are calling for and which emerges so well from your unworthy remarks!

So you are wishing for France to feed in 1967, for the second time in two decades, "his jews" on the altar of sacrifice for the benefit of illusory profits!

The France that you are calling for is therefore that of the nostalgic of Maurras and the wandering Jew.

To this end, and to refresh your memory, I quote the words of General De Gaulle of March 5, 1959, reported by Alain Peyrefitte: "It's very good that there are yellow French, black French, French brown. They show that France is open to all races and has a universal vocation. But on the condition that they remain a small minority. Otherwise, France would no longer be France. We are still above all a white European people, of Greek and Latin culture and of Christian religion. Do not tell stories! Muslims, did you go to see them? Did you watch them with their turbans and djellabas? You see that they are not French. Those who advocate integration have hummingbird brains, even if they are very knowledgeable. Try to incorporate oil and vinegar. Shake the bottle. After a while, they will separate again. The Arabs are Arabs, the French are French. Do you believe that the French body can absorb ten millions of Muslims, who will be twenty millions tomorrow, and forty tomorrow? If we did the integration, if all the Arabs and Berbers of Algeria were considered French, how will you prevent them from coming to live in France, when the standard of living is so much higher? My village would not be called Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises, but Colombey-les-Deux-Mosques ... ".

These remarks if they were held today by Jean-Marie Le Pen would have earned him a widespread outcry, trials by the hundreds, and a wave of hundreds of thousands of people in the streets of Paris!

So that's the France you're calling for.

This is the hatred of your inheritance, an undivided hatred and unilaterally distributed to Israel and its people because they had the audacity to defend themselves and to transgress the dictates of those who would keep the Jews in dimness.

No, Mr. De Villepin, you do not have the monopoly of compassion with the Palestinian people, compassion that seems to you more venal than natural.

We, for one, are those who are truly interested in the Palestinian people and their future; we are fighting to protect it from Islamist totalitarianism, so that it can learn without being obscured by the ideology of hatred, so that every Palestinian can choose his way of life or his sexual orientation, so that every Palestinian can to flourish and open up to knowledge and culture. The real blockade is the one of spirit and freedom, the one imposed by Hamas on its people.

Yes, only the obsession with peace will enable Palestinians to live in peace in their state and in respect for others.

And if there is terror in the Palestinian territories, it is on the side of Hamas and the jihadists that it must be sought.

As for International Justice, if it existed it would be known. Neither in Africa, nor in Rwanda, nor in the Congo, nor in Libya, nor in Syria, nor in Iraq, nor in Ukraine, nor in any other conflict, the international community could not extinguish these homes much more deadly than that of Gaza.

And in whose name Statute of the Jewish State " would you forbid Israel what is right for any other state on the planet?

I will not answer any further your other fallacious arguments and shameless lies that you decline in your nauseating and phantasmagorical narration. This is unnecessary because in this description you are only fulfilling the contract that binds you to your client, Emir Tamim Ben Hamad Al Thani but, by grace, do not pretend to act in the name of great principles which are foreign to you.

The fragrance of honor you seem to delight is only the stench that tastes to stewards at the "Cbreakthrough haise "rogue courtiers who, blinded by the thirst for power and pompous titles, end up confusing the honor of serving with nauseating servility.


Richard C. ABITBOL


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