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By Jacques-Olivier Martin

Neither right nor left ... In attacking the contracts helped, the famous future jobs and other unique contracts for young people, Emmanuel Macron wants to break with his predecessors. Jacques Chirac, Nicolas Sarkozy or François Hollande ... all used without moderation these contracts subsidized by public money - more than 3 billion in 2016 - to try to reduce unemployment. With the success that we know ... France has 3.5 million unemployed, and 24% of under 25 are enrolled in employment center.

A beautiful mess, denounced for decades in every report published on the subject, and perfectly summarized by our Minister of Labor, Muriel Pénicaud: "One, the contracts are expensive for the nation; two, they are not effective in the fight against unemployment; and three, they are not a springboard for professional integration. "Everything is said, but everything remains to be done. It is not enough to denounce an absurd policy of expensive creation of fictitious jobs to solve the problem of unemployment and especially young people in France. We must above all act and not be cold in the eyes.

To recover the billions lost in artificial jobs and devote them to other more useful policies, or simply reduce deficits, the executive will face criticism. That of the left - it has already manifested itself on the subject in the Assembly - that of associations and local communities who appreciate this subsidized workforce, and perhaps even the anger of young people. Let us wish that the right, by demagogy, does not join its voice to the chorus of the mourners: this reform, it should have done it for a long time.

To create real sustainable jobs, the government needs to put in place an environment that encourages businesses to hire. By attacking of course the reform of the Labor Code to free companies of the straitjacket that stifles them, but also by reducing the cost of labor, promoting investment, improving training ...

The task is certainly difficult, but the moment is conducive to action. Growth is restarting and business confidence is back. Back off forbidden!

Source: ©  Le Figaro Premium - Editorial: "Sweep"

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