Corsica, old people's homes, purchasing power: the government's hot issues

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Édouard Philippe, January 22nd. - Photo credits: ERIC PIERMONT / AFP

The government is not done with homes to extinguish. Several topics give rise to disputes and concerns. For the executive, the urgent thing is to contain these fires in time, before they get worse.

The question of purchasing power

The government is pleased: these days, the French will discover on their payroll an increase in their net salary, linked to the lower contributions decided by the government. However, the message is hit by a series of increases occurring at the same time, in all other areas: increase in the price of the stamp, gas, fuels (mainly diesel), tolls, tickets of contravention decided by some municipalities, and tobacco (a significant increase in taxation is expected in March) ... Finally, pensioners will bear the brunt of the increase of the CSG by 1.7 points. Since they do not receive salaries, they will not be able to take advantage of reductions in contributions in compensation. A social category that may remember this beginning of 2018.

The delays of the Grand Paris Express

The elected officials of the Greater Paris suburbs looked forward to these 200 km of new lines around the capital. But the initial schedule of the mega site will not be respected, has already warned the prime minister, Édouard Philippe. Some sections will open later, because of the additional costs. The Court of Auditors points out, indeed, aConsiderable slippage in the projected cost of the Grand Paris Express project", Referring to a cost of 38.5 billion euros, against an initial target of 25.5 billion. Some elected Parisians, furious (read below), fear that these reports ultimately result in abandonment outright parts of the project, once the Games of 2024 past.

Discussions with Corsican nationalists

High-risk trip, February 6, for the Head of State on the Island of Beauty. Emmanuel Macron goes to Corsica for a tribute to Préfet Érignac, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of his assassination. But this event is likely to unfold in a politically tense atmosphere. Nationalists at the helm of the island since their big victory in the elections of December 2017, call to protest, February 3, before the arrival of Emmanuel Macron. Some of their leaders, like Jean-Guy Talamoni, the president of the Corsican Assembly, have already warned that they will not attend this tribute and propose the holding of a "religious ceremony" for all the victims of "conflict".

If the nationalists first praised the idea of ​​the government to include in the Constitution a "right of differentiation", they now believe that the executive does not go far enough and poses too many "red lines" in the discussions. A showdown that is still in its infancy.

The grumbling of retirement homes

After the prison guards' conflict, that of the staff of Ehpad? Tuesday, nursing homes for dependent elderly people (Ehpad) are mobilizing to denounce the deterioration of working conditions and the degradation of the support of residents, elderly and disabled for many. Employees demand more human and financial resources. For its part, Agnès Buzyn, the Minister of Health, argues that the resources allocated to the Ehpad by the state "have spent ten years from 5 to 10 billion euros per year."

The future of Bure

Scheduled for 2021, will the project of landfill of nuclear waste in Bure, in the Meuse, become the next Notre-Dame-des-Landes, with its new emblematic ZAD? This is in any case the fear of the authorities, in the face of the rise of disputes and the violent action of some opponents. The site has been selected for its geological characteristics and low population. The future center is intended for the storage, 500 meters deep, of radioactive products, during - theoretically - more than 100,000 years.


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8 Partages

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  1. Annie Py
    Annie Py   30 January 2018 at 8 h 02 min

    There's work ! !! He remembers lost time! !!

  2. Annie Py
    Annie Py   30 January 2018 at 8 h 02 min

    There's work ! !! He remembers lost time! !!

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