Charley Marouani, impresario of Brel, Barbara and Sylvie Vartan, is dead

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Capture d’écran de Charley Marouani, lors de l’émission L’invité de TV5Monde.

Agent of big names of the French song, he died Saturday in Corsica at the age of 90 years.

It is with great sadness that we have just learned of the death of Charley Marouani, impressario of the greatest names of the French song. He was the cousin of our Brother and friend, Albert ANKRI, who introduced me to me during a trip to Paris. Albert ANKRI is also President of the Occitania Region of the Confederation of the Jews of France and the Friends of Israel.

On behalf of ourselves, on behalf of our Board and on behalf of all our members, we extend our sincere condolences and ask him to convey to Charley's family our deepest compassion in these difficult times.

Richard C. ABITBOL - President

Charley Marouani died, Saturday, July 29, in Corsica at the age of 90, announced his family. He has been the agent of great names in French song, from Jacques Brel to Barbara via Sylvie Vartan and Gilbert Bécaud. "Until today, he continued to to work with Michel Boujenah, Enrico Macias ... », said his family.

"An artist must sing, to write, to interpret. He must not take care of the little external worries ", affirmed the one who was also the agent of an impressive list of singers: Claude Nougaro, Henri SalvadorJoe Dassin, Salvatore Adamo, Serge Reggiani, Julien Clerc and Richard Anthony.

"Impresario, for me it does not matter say. It's a contact with the artists, it's the human side that interests me, the rest is business "he confided in a radio interview Swiss in 2012.

He started with a beginner named Jacques Brel

Born in 1926 in Sousse, France Tunisia, where he lived until he was 18, Charley Marouani started as a photographer in Nice before getting return at Paris for exercise the profession of agent, with his uncle.

"He will begin this job with a beginner named Jacques Brel, whom he will accompany throughout his career and with whom he will forge lasting bonds of friendship", emphasize his relatives.

"It was the chance of my life, we have met like that every 10,000 years ", he said. He will remain close to the singer of The Waltz a thousand times until his death in 1978 and will accompany him to his last home in the Marquesas Islands.

In his autobiography (A life behind the scenes at Fayard, 2012), he recounted how close he became, over the years, to the artists he cared for: Jacques Brel and Barbara tried him to offer an apartment, Henri Salvador wanted to introduce him to pétanque ...

Coming from a large family with many representatives in the show and music, Charley Marouani was the brother of the producer Gilbert Marouani, musical publisher in the 1960s and 1970s of many artists including Johnny Hallyday and Michel Polnareff, who died there just a year. He had been knighted the Legion of Honor in 2009.

It was " a monument. I lost someone who is very dear to me. He was very demanding but with a lot of tenderness. We had to listen to him "reacted singer Enrico Macias, "Annihilated".

Charley Marouani "Knew everything about this job" and was "Of great honesty", he said, evoking " the last " impresario of this temper.


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