What did he do, this Aiglon barely out of the nest? Millimeter steps in the courtyard of the Louvre printing their gray soles on our screens. A slow march, tight in a cloak (whose strangeness was not noted), an air of a concentrated actor, the hieratic face, the stabbing look fixed on a point out of the field, the medal profile, before the bursting of the arms in The hymn to joy, the kiss to the child, the son-in-law, Marianne singing at the top of her lungs The Marseillaise, the choir behind, brothers-in-law and beautiful sisters, the French family for all. A few flags waved in that memorable night when the King's body was offered to France in a grandiose setting.

From Trump to Trump

At Versailles he received the Tsar of all the Russias. Walk slow pace in the courtyard, in front of the large pool. Head to head in the living room, bold talk. Enigmatic smile of the Tartar left in the evening in his Great Russia, and everyone shouting: "Miracle! Apotheosis! ".

He received the big Donald without his cap. He went down the Champs Elysees, in a tank. He laid the wreath on the grave of the unknown soldier with the required gravity. There have been Donald's handshake, supported, frank, virile, broadcast in loop on the screens of the whole world. A historic handshake filmed in slow motion and decrypted. Because a handshake says more than any speech.

There was the speech in English. The Eagle, in fact, speaks very good English: the Wall Street English boasted by the subway posters. We talked about climate. Back in his White House, the Yankee tweeted around the world that he had been treated very well by the winner. The links were rewoven in France and the United States in the name of the fraternity that unites us: revolution, Notre Dame (which will be restored by Amerloques), art of cooking, better than fast food. View of Eiffel Tower, fly boat. Kisses of the first ladies. In his oval lounge, the President did not go back on his disagreement on the climate. The Paris Conference, he does not care.

First kiss with Angela

On the other hand, for Libya, the Eagle is doing a good job. Glissons, mortals.

For Germany, let's not talk about it, or rather if. Barely elected, it was nach Berlin! My first kiss was for you. Renewed honeymoon. Door set. Jacket that crosses and uncrosses. Angela in raspberry pink. Kisses. No foot ballets as with the other. Straight line. Perfect match. We will align with Germany: promised.

In short, the first steps on the "international scene" that must be decisive have been. The speech in English has proved that France intends to be the head of the New Free World. Visits and phone calls everywhere on the planet. On a map of the world, the bright spots were lit to show the cities where the President had telephoned. As in an episode of Maigret with the late Bruno Crémer.

The very serious Washington Post claims that the Eagle had pushed France from the last place to the first on the scale of diplomatic influence: unheard of.

A com 'millimeter

Inside, Macron took a look at a general and said: I'm the boss. And the General shot him his cap ... He made an important law on the moralization of public life and APL etc. The "etc" is important. Journalists say two words and then "etc. " : all is said.

Question com 'precisely: that of the Elysee is millimeter. Control. Poor. No, rare. The instructions are strict: do not talk wrongly. Do not hesitate not to speak at all. Journalists are big on the heart. They made the chorus and now nada.

The Court, now. A former lady of an old party hailed the "coolness" of the deputies. Go for Rungis! In the meantime everyone has taken a vacation. It is preferable.

Low in polls

Do not we say that his course is a little vague? The contradictory projects of the "culture pass" of 500 euros (the French words are missing) and the reduction of 5 euros for the APL. And this "law on ordinances" that lacks visibility ...

So what did he do to be so low in the polls? Even the other was not so low after 90 days. The versatility of the French is evoked: the French exception. One wonders to which statesman one could compare him, the Eagle. An expert found: Mendes France. Indeed, it's all him, Mendes France. How was it not thought earlier?

We talked about revolution. And what a revolution! We had never seen that in France. This renewal, this "refreshing" wave in the National Assembly after the old chairs where we slept. The parties annihilated. No more right, no left, no center. Except for the extreme left, a scruffy agitator, with a loud voice, unpacking his goods. No more parties, you are told. Nothing else besides him.

Where is the crackling minister of yesteryear?

What is seen, however, and said the 50-year-old housewife who loved to dream and had voted for him because he was pretty, moral and everything, just transgressive BCBG: "Where is the minister crunching of yesteryear? The revolver look of velvet? Where is the Messiah of meetings where I pointed my fingers in the air swaying? Give me back my hysteria! The disturbing strangeness of being. Or his insignificance ...

In the end, we still do not know, at the end of these Hundred Symbolic Days, whether things are going well in France or not. With this habit of living with a thermometer under your arm, you can not see if you have fever or not. Anyway, everything changes and it starts again. A real cheetah, this Eagle. What is certain is that if the surf no longer carries the ship, it will no longer be the Eagle but the Albatross. Abyss will reappear red and blue in the white of the foam. Waiting for Avanti!

It was, this weekend, a TV show: the club where experts meet. We were talking about the Hundred Days. Those of Napoleon? Roosevelt? That's the question.