Céline Pina: "The State must clearly denounce the association Lallab, laboratory of Islamism"

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Céline Pina.

FIGAROVOX / TRIBUNE - In the face of controversy, the Civic Service Agency finally gave up the idea of ​​entrusting young people to the "feminist and anti-racist" association Lallab. For Céline Pina, the state should clearly express the reasons for this refusal: this association defends ideas incompatible with the French Republic.


Former local elected, Céline Pina is essayist and activist. In 2015, she denounced Pontoise's "Muslim Woman" show and recently published Guilty silence (Kero editions, 2016). With Fatiha Boutjalhat, she is the founder of Viv (r) e the Republica secular and republican citizen movement calling for a fight against all totalitarianisms and for the promotion of the indispensable universality of our republican values.


The association "Lallab", which presents itself as "an association whose purpose is to make heard the voices of Muslim women who are at the heart of racist and sexist oppressions," is actually part of these associations that secrete Islamism and which are the respectable facades of the diffusion of their inegalitarian, obscurantist and deadly ideology. Close to the Muslim brothers and the indigenists, this association which advocates an Islamist feminism is opposed to the 2004 law against the veil and does not cease to conspire the white feminism. The adjective "white" here aims to devalue the universal dimension of this fight but it shows above all how much the race is the obsession of all this movement.

For this association, the woman belongs first of all to her community and her only fight is to put her under house arrest. As indicated by the rigorous survey of Mathilde Lambert available on the site Ikhwan Info : "Lallab, laboratory of Islamist feminism", the exemplary woman that Lallab takes as a model, Asma Lamrabet, is a pure product of the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood. In the flagship book of the muse of the association, "Muslim simply", the investigator of Ikhwan Info reveals tasty passages where Asma Lamrabet, a good propagandist, criticizes the hysteria of women and defends the right of the husband to hit his wife. Lallab is also very close to an organizer of the decolonial camp banned whites or activists fighting against the abortion, which does not seem to interfere with the Family Planning which comes in turn to support him, showing in broad daylight what many were suspicious of increasingly curious positions such as the League of Human Rights or the League of Education, the Planning is also the subject of the attention of the Muslim brothers who broadcast there their ideology.

The heart of his fight is the submission of the woman under the orders of fundamentalist injunctions but it goes better by calling it "freedom to wear the veil". The worst thing is that it works ...

Finally, feminist struggle, Lallab's activists reject everything: the right to dispose of his body, sexual freedom, the right to abortion, the refusal to be reduced to a biological function, equality between women and men ... For Lallab, Islamist-inspired feminism is the support for macho, obscurantist and patriarchal injunctions under the cover of defense of liberties: the heart of his fight is the subjugation of women under the influence of fundamentalist injunctions, but it is better for them. calling "freedom to wear the veil". The worst thing is that it works ...

And it is to this association that the Civic Service Agency was preparing to allocate three positions to help it develop its activities. Faced with the outcry raised, the government agency finally retreated.

Designed to promote civic engagement and strengthen national cohesion, the missions of the Civic Service Agency are supposed to be missions related to the general interest. It is doubtful whether an association, which confuses universalism with the domination of the white race, calls itself a feminist while rejecting all the women's struggles for liberation and for whom the pinnacle of assertiveness is servility to the group and the integration of religious prohibitions, being the best example. Indeed, the positions in civic service, paid in part by our taxes, represent a significant aid, both human, financial and moral: to dispose of it also shows that we are a recognized and legitimate interlocutor of the State.

One would not imagine staffing people in civic service with the Indigenous Party of the Republic, which works to awaken "racial hatred", treats the state of racism and French fascists. Nor would it be possible to provide a pharmacy close to the extreme right. That would give them the means to spit on us by providing saliva ourselves. It is the same for Lallab: it can not have the support of a state whose officials undermine the foundations by effectively denying women / men equality and shooting symbolic bullets on our secularism and our Republic.

By dint of refusing to defend our principles, values ​​and ideals, some leaders are funding the activities of those whose only ambition is to destroy who we are.

The Civic Service Agency would have grown by assuming this evidence and being clear about the reasons for its refusal to endow this association with volunteers. It was even his symbolic role to recall that by putting forward race and rejecting universalism, one can not participate in the expression of the general interest, nor do one's work as a citizen. But for that, it would have been necessary for the hour to be courageous. But to see the embarrassment and the hypocrisy of the communication of the Agency: "the announcement was not withdrawn but suspended", "we fear that it allows to replace a salaried job ...", even the embarrassment to invoke the cult nature of the association, we are not immune that people in civic service end up working for this type of association and, instead of working for civil harmony, become active agents of the segregation and separatism that the Muslim brethren seek.

By dint of refusing to defend our principles, values ​​and ideals, some leaders are funding the activities of those whose only ambition is to destroy who we are. The fact that we subsidized them for this is just another proof of the blindness of a part of the elite, blindness that leads them to betray their mission: to protect and make live our republican ideal.

Here we speak of an association whose façade of respectability is there only to allow the first steps towards radicalization to be smooth and even boast of political legitimacy (if elected officials and government agencies subsidize, so that the activity and objectives are recognized). The veiling of women is not anecdotal in the politics of the Muslim brothers, it is at the heart of their matrix: it sign their hold on bodies, heads and territories.

We can therefore wonder about the influence and the success of an association that was barely founded in 2016 sent its activists on TV sets in front of Prime Minister Manuel Valls, was entitled to praise articles of the World, from The cross, receives the prize "Coexister" from the hands of Jean-Louis Bianco, is assigned part of the parliamentary reserve of Esther Benbassa ...

Some useful idiots are turning more and more into active traitors and are not innocent of the extent of Islamist infiltration that this kind of business gives us to see.

It seems that the Islamists have relations at the highest level of the media and the power so that barely created and without a very solid balance sheet, Lallab has been so highlighted: the association even intervened in high schools, which n is not given to everyone. This questions the penetration of the enemies of our Republic at the highest level of influence and entitles us to demand accountability from our political representation. It is also worth noting that some useful idiots are becoming more and more active traitors and are not innocent of the extent of Islamist infiltration that this kind of affair gives us. They must be seen defending the association by accusing the Civic Service Agency of yielding to the oukases of the fachosphere, some journalists collaborating without difficulty in the dissemination of these false information, while the reaction came before everything from the secular and republican sphere. But to silence these lucid and disturbing voices, the trial in fascism has long been effective, why abandon such a martingale?

The Muslim Brotherhood through its allies put tremendous pressure on the Civic Service Agency to make them reconsider their decision. The refusal to grant them personnel in civic service can become a stop to the institutionalization of their subsidiaries if it is the first salvo of the honor found of the Republic. So how long will we continue to be victims of the negligence of our leaders, their refusal to attack the propaganda agencies of political Islam? Fighting against radicalization begins with denying grants and legitimacy to associations that do not respect the spirit of our laws and our constitution and that attack what establishes us as a nation. And it must be done proudly, assume the symbolic burden of this policy by clearly saying the causes of this refusal: that is how we concretely make the principles that make us a people and that we re-arm the republican speech. That's what the Civic Service Agency did not do, that's what we do not want to do too much of our elected officials, that's what a government does not always do, which, to be new, is sadly similar to previous on these issues. But this abandonment of their mission of protection by our representatives makes us targets, a soft underbelly that is not expensive to tackle.




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